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Full text of "A Selection from hymns authorized by the General Convention of 1871"

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a GC: 


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OF 1871. 

t e.fcTL ceo 

g men and maidens, old men and children, praise the name 
of the Lord.*' 

the people praise thee. O God: Yea, let all the peop'e 
praise tb< 


Pmhtbd by Amzi PiERSON & Co. 

19 vt 14 Beaver Street. 





A few more years shall roll 28 11 

Abide with me ; fast falls the eventide 335 85 

Alleluia, not as orphans. 541 160 

Alleluia, risen Lord 616 250 

Alleluia, song of sweetness 430 108 

All glory, laud and honour 72 24 

All naif the power of Jesus' name 424 104 

All praise to Thee, my God, this night 333 -4 

All ye who seek for sure relief 378 96 

Almighty Father, bless the Word 166 51 

Angels, roll the rock away 101 31 

Arm these Thy soldiers, mighty Lord 242 70 

Around the throne of God a band 622 259 

Art thou weary, art thou languid 514 139 

As with gladness men of old 45 17 

At the cross her station keeping. 55S 174 

Awake my soul, stretch every nerve 476 121 

Awake, and sing the song 463 117 

Begin, my soul, th' exalted lav 419 102 

Behold the Lamb of God * 80 27 

Bread of heaven, on Thee we feed 209 62 

Bread of the world, in mercy broken 207 62 

Breast the wave, Christian 472 120 

Brief life is here our portion 491 128 

Brightest and best of the sons of the 

morning 37 15 

Brightly gleams our banner 625 262 

Bowed low in supplication 593 221 

Children of the heavenly King 5S5 213 

Christian, dost thou see them 68 22 

Christ is gone up ; yet ere He passed 579 207 

Christ is made the sure foundation 282 72 



Christ is our corner-stone 279 76 

Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove 13L 40 

Come hither, ye faithful 25 10 

Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire 575 198 

Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove. 128 38 

Come let us adore Him ; come bow at His 

feet 521 140 

Come, O Creator, Spirit 5b3 211 

Come see the place where Jesus lay 102 31 

Come sing with holy gladness 624 261 

Come, Thou Almighty King 428 107 

Come ye faithful, raise the anthem 533 152 

Come ye faithful, raise the strain 564 181 

Come, ye sinners, poor and needy 381 96 

Creator, Spirit, by Whose aid 129 39 

Crown Him with many crowns 116 37 

Dayspring of eternity 561 177 

Day of judgment, day of wonder 48L 122 

Day of wrath, xlay of mourning 483 123 

Eternal Father, I adore 598 227 

Fair waved the golden corn 623 260 

Father, Lord of heaven above 603 233 

Father of heaven, Whose love profound... 142 43 

Father, on Thy heavenly throne 601 231 

Fierce the battle rages 5 \2 178 

For all the saints, who from their labours 

rest 187 55 

For thee, O dear, dear country 492 129 

Forty days and forty nights 49 18 

Forward! be our watchword 547 162 

From Greenland's icy mountains 283 78 

Glo r ious things of Thee are spoken.. 190 57 



Glory be 1 to Jesus 74 25 

God, that madest earth and heaven 3U 00 

(rod the Father, God the Son 554 169 

God the Father, throned on high 500 228 

God the Father, God the Son. .7. 602 232 

God the Father, God the Word 604 236 

God the Father, God the Son 606 238 

God shall charge His angel legions 460 110 

God hath two families of love 581 208 

Go forward. Christian soldier 584 212 

Guide rue, O Thou Great Jehovah 505 134 

Hail the day that sees Him rise 114 35 

Hail to the Lord's anointed 34 14 

Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding 607 240 

Hark ! the glad sound, the Saviour comes 600 242 

Hark! the herald angels sing. 17 7 

Hark! the song of jubilee 42 16 

Hark! the sound ol holy voices 180 56 

Hark ! the sound of the fight hath gone 

forth 596 224 

Hark! the voice of love and mercy 88 20 

Hark ! what mean those holy voices 20 8 

Hark ! hark my soul, angelic songs are 

swelling 485 125 

He is risen ! He is risen 107 33 

Hidden Saviour, Great High Priest 566 1S3 

Holy! holy! holy! Lord God Almighty.. 138 41 

Holy, holy, holy, Lord 140 42 

Holy, holy, holy Lord 505 22:} 

Holy Father, Great Creator 145 45 

Holy offerings, rich and rare 570 188 

How bright these glorious spirits shine . . 177 54 

Hosannas to the living Lord 4 4 

I love Thy kingdom, Lord 101 58 

I love ^o hear the story 610 254 


I heard the voice of Jesus say 528 147 

I need Thee, precious Jesu 527 146 

In the Christian's home in glory 551 167 

In loud exalted strains * 152 46 

In the hour of trial 443 113 

In token that thou shalt not fear 214 63 

Inspirer and Hearer of prayer 339 88 

It is my sweetest comfort, Lord 578 206 

Jesus Christ is risen to-day 99 30 

Jesus, jentlest Saviour 571 189 

Jesuslives; no longer now 104 32 

Jesus, Lover of my soul 393 100 

Jesus, Master, King of Glory 613 246 

Jesu, meek and gentle 225 65 

Jesu, my Lord, my God, my All 529 148 

Jesus, my Saviour, look on me 394 ICO 

Jesus, my Strength, my Hope 434 111 

Jesus, name of wondrous love 33 13 

Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 284 79 

Jesus, still lead od 552 167 

Jesus, the very thought of Thee 455 114 

Jesus, the very thought is sweet 612 245 

Jesus, Thou hast willed it 549 164 

Jerusalem, my happy home 496 132 

Jerusalem the golden 493 130 

Just as I am — without one plea 391 98 

Laud, O Sion, Thy salvation 588 216 

Lead, kindly light, amid the encircling 

gloom 512 138 

Lead us, heavenly father, lead us 506 135 

Light's abode, celestial Salem 535 154 

Lo ! He comes with clouds descending 1 3 

Lo! the Angels' food is given 589 218 

Look! ye Saints, the sight is glorious 115 36 

Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing 165 51 

VI 1 


Lord, forever at Thy side 466 118 

Lord, in this Thy mercy's day 63 20 

Lord, in all we offer Thee. 668 186 

Lord, my heart's desire 614 247 

Lord of mercy and of might 605 237 

Lord of the worlds above 157 46 

Lord, Thy word abideth 537 157 

Love Divine, all love excelling 456 115 

My faithlooks up to Thee 237 68 

My God, my Father, while I stray 256 72 

Nearer, my God, to Thee 507 135 

Now, my soul, thy voice upraising 75 26 

Now, my tongue, the mystery telling. 590 218 

Now thank we all our God 303 81 

O come and mourn with me awhile 576 200 

O come, O come, Emmanuel 13 6 

O day of rest and gladness 160 48 

O faithful cross ! 6 noblest tree 577 204 

O happy band of pilgrims 615 248 

O Holy Ghost, Thou God of peace 580 208 

O Jesu, Thou art standing 10 5 

O Lord of heaven and earth and sea 567 184 

O Love, Who formed'st me to wear 531 150 

O sacred Head, once wounded 87 28 

O saving Victim opening wide 591 220 

O Paradise, O Paradise 509 136 

O Word of God Incarnate 362 92 

Of Thy love some gracious token 560 176 

Oft in danger, oft in woe 477 121 

Once in royal David's city 618 253 

One sole baptismal sign 197 59 

On our way rejoicing £63 179 

On the resurrection morning 597 225 

Onward, Christian soldiers ... 232 ^6 



Praise, my soul, the King of heaven 532 151 

Praise, O praise our God and King 305 88 

Rejoice, the Lord is King 534 153 

Rejoice, ye pure in heart 626 264 

Rock of Ages, cleft for me 392 90 

Round the Lord in glory seated 431 109 

Safe home, safe home in port 262 75 

Salvation, O the Joyful sound 369 93 

Saviour, again to Thy dear name we raise. 169 51 

Saviour, blessed Saviour 526 144 

Saviour, like a shepherd lead us 229 65 

Saviour, source of every blessing 370 94 

Saviour, through the desert lead us 553 168 

Saviour, when in dust to Thee 53 19 

Siviour, Who Thy flock art feeding 213 62 

Shout the glad tidings, exultingly sing 23 9 

Sinful, sighing to be blest 592 220 

Sing Alleluia forth in duteous praise 432 110 

Sing, ye faithful, sing with gladness 550 165 

Softly now the light of day 310 89 

Soldiers of Christ, arise 216 64 

Songs of praise the angels sang 422 103 

Songs of Thankfulness and praise 536 155 

Spirit blest, Who art adored 600 229 

Son of my soul, Thou Saviour dear 336 86 

Sweet Saviour, bless us ere we go 338 87 

Take up thy cross, the Saviour said 538 158 

The advent of our King 608 241 

The Church's one foundation 202 60 

The day is past and over 341 89 

The King of Love my Shepherd is 464 117 

The roseate hues of early dawn 539 158 

The Son of God goes forth to war 176 52 

The strain upraise of joy and praise . 425 105 



The sun is sinking fast 345 91 

The voice that breathed o'er Eden 617 251 

The wealth of earth, of sky, of sea 542 161 

The world is very evil 490 127 

Thee we adore, hidden Saviour, Thee... 540 159 

Thee will I love, my strength, my tower... 461 116 

There is a blessed home 317 83 

There's a Friend for Little children 621 257 

There is a green hill far away 620 256 

There is an everlasting h ■me. ... 559 175 

They whose course on earth id o'er 682 209 

Thine forever, God of Love 238 69 

This is the day of light 159 47 

Thou art the way, to Thee alone 501 133 

Through the day" Thy love hath spared us. 516 140 

Through the love of God our Saviour 556 172 

Thy Life was given for me 569 186 

Thy way, not mine, O Lord. 254 72 

To Him who for our sins wa9 slain 109 34 

To the name of our salvation 530 148 

To our Redeemer's glorious name 372 

To Thy temple I repair 163 50 

Trim the lamp, its light is fading 565 182 

Weary of earth, and laden with my sin.... 67 21 

We ejive immortal praise 143 44 

We give Thee but Thine own 299 80 

We love the place, O God 587 215 

We march, we march to victory 548 163 

Whate'er my God ordains is right 257 73 

What star is this which beams so bright.... 611 244 

When the day of toil is done 557 173 

When morning gilds the skies 586 213 

When our heads are bowed with woe 252 71 

When the world is brightest 594 2 k 42 

While shepherds watched their flocks by 

night... 610 243 


Who are these in bright array 494: 131 

Wilt Thou not, my Shepherd true 555 171 

Ye boundless realms of joy 411 101 


* Behold, He cometh with clouds, arid every eye shall 
see Him." 

1 Lo, He comes, with clouds descending, 

Once for favour d sinners slain ; 

Thousand thousand saints attending 

Swell the triumph of His train; 

God appears on earth to reign. 

Every eye shall now behold Him, 
Eobed in dreadful majesty; 

Those who set at nought and sold Him, 
Pierced and naiM Him to the tree, 

Deeply wailing. 
Shall the true Messiah see. 

Every island, sea, and mountain, 
Heaven and earth, shall flee away: 

All who hate Him must, confounded, 
Hear the trump proclaim the day ; 

Come to judgment, 
Come to judgment, come away. 

Now redemption, long expected, 

See in solemn pomp appear : 
All His saints, by men rejected, 

Xow shall meet Him in the air : 
Alleluia ! 

See the day of God appear. 

Yea, Amen ; let all adore Thee, 
High on Thine eternal throne ; 

Saviour, take the power and glory ; 
Claim the kingdom for Thine own. 

come quickly ! 
Alleluia ! Come, Lord, come ! Amen. 

" Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord ; 
Hosanna in the highest.'" 

4 Hosaxxa to the living Lord! 
Hosanna to the incarnate Word ! 
To Christ, Creator, Saviour, King, 
Let earth, let heaven, Hosanna sing. 

Hosanna, Lord! Hosanna in the highest! 

Hosanna, Lord! Thine angels cry; 
Hosanna, Lord ! Thy saints reply ; 
Above, beneath us, and around. 
The dead and living swell the sound ; 

Hosanna, Lord! Hosanna in the highest I 

Saviour, with protecting care, 
Return to this Thy house of prayer : 

Assembled in Thy sacred name, 
Where we Thy parting promise claim: 

Hosanna, Lord! Hosanna in the highest! 

But, ehiefest, in our cleansed breast, 
Eternal ! bid Thy Spirit rest ; 
And make our secret soul to be 
A temple pure, and worthy Thee. 

Hosanna, Lord ! Hosanna in the highest ! 

So in the last and dreadful day, 
When earth and heaven shall melt away, 
Thy flock, redeemed from sinful stain, 
Shall swell the sound of praise again. 

Hosanna, Lord ! Hosanna in the highest ! 


M Behold, I stand at the door and kiwck." 

10 Jesu, Thou art standing 

Outside the fast-closed door, 
In lowly patience waiting 

To pass the threshold o'er : 
We bear the name of Christians, 

His name and sign we bear: 
shame, thrice shame upon us, 

To keep Him standing there. 

Jesu, Thou art knocking: 
And lo ! that Hand is scarr'd : 

And thorns Thy Brow encircle, 
And tears Thy Face have marred: 


love that passe tli knowledge, 

So patiently to wait ! 
sin that hath no equal. 

So fast to bar the gate ! 

Jesu, Thou art pleading 

In accents meek and low, 
" I died for you, My children, 

And w T ill ye treat Me so ?" 
Lord, with shame and sorrow 

We open now the door: 
Dear Saviour, enter, enter, 

And leave us nevermore. Amen. 

11 Tlie Redeemer shall come to Zion." 

13 come, come, Emmanuel, 

And ransom captive Israel ; 

That mourns in lonely exile here, 

Until the Son of God appear. 

Eejoice ! Eejoice ! Emmanuel 
Shall come to thee, Israel ! 

come, Thou Rod of Jesse, free 
Thine own from Satan's tyranny; 
Erom depths of hell Thy people save, 
And give them victory o'er the grave. 
Eejoice ! etc. 

come, Thou Day-Spring, come and cheer 
Our spirits by Thine Advent here; 

Disperse the gloomy clouds of night. 
And death's dark shadows put to flight 
Rejoice! etc. 

come. Thou Key of David, come.. 
And open wide our heavenly home ; 
Make safe the way that leads on high, 
And close the path to misery. 
Rejoice! etc. 

come, come. Thou Lord of might ! 
Who to Thy tribes, on Sinai's height, 
In ancient times didst give the law. 
In cloud, and majesty, and awe. 
Rejoice! etc. Amen. 

" Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good- 
'. toward men." 

17 Hark! the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King : 
Peace on earth, and mercy mild, 
God and sinners reconciled ! 
Joyful, all ye nations, rise. 
Join the triumph of the skies : 
With the angelic host proclaim. 
Christ is born in Bethlehem ! 

Hark! the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King. 

Christ, by highest heaven adored, 
Christ, the everlasting Lord, 

Late in time behold Him come, 

Offspring of the Virgin's worn)). 

Veiled in flesh the Godhead see ! 

Hail the Incarnate Deity ! 

Pleased as Man with man to dwell, 

Jesus, our Emmanuel. 

Hark ! the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King. 

Hail, the heaven-born Prince of Peace! 
Hail, the Sun of Righteousness ! 
Light and life to all He brings, 
Risen with healing in His wings. 
Mild He lays His glory by, 
Born that man no more may die, 
Born to raise the sons of earth, 
Born to give them second birth. 
Hark ! the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King. Amen. 

" And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of 
the heavenly host, praising God.'' 1 

20 Hark ! what mean those holy voices 
Sweetly sounding through the skies ? 
Lo ! the angelic host rejoices, 

Heavenly Alleluias rise. Alleluia 

Listen to the wondrous story, 

Which they chant in hymns of joy — 

* Glory in the highest, glory! 

Glory be to God most high ! Alleluia. 


" Peace on earth, good-will from heaven, 

Beaching far as man is found; 
Souls redeemed and sins forgiven, 

Loud our golden harps shall sound. 


" Christ is born ; the great Anointed ! 

Heaven and earth His praises sing! 
receive Whom God appointed 

For your Prophet, Priest, and King! 


"Hasten, mortals, to adore Him; 

Learn His name to magnify, 
Till in heaven ye sing before Him, 

Glory be to God most high !" Alleluia. 


" Behold I bring you good tiding* of great joy." 


23 Shout the glad tidings, exultingly sing; 
Jerusalem triumphs, Messiah is King ! 

Sion, the marvellous story be telling, 

The Son of the Highest, how lowly His 
birth ! 
The brightest archangel in glory excelling, 
He stoops to redeem thee, He reigns upon 
earth : 



Shout the glad tidings, exultingly sing; 
Jerusalem triumphs, Messiah is King ! 

Tell how He cometh; from nation to nation, 
The heart-cheering news let the earth echo 
round : 
How free to the faithful He offers salvation, 
How His people with joy everlasting are 
crown'd : 


Shout the glad tidings, exultingly sing; 
Jerusalem triumphs, Messiah is King! 

Mortals, your homage be gratefully bringing, 

And sweet let the gladsome Hosanna arise ; 
Ye angels, the full Alleluia be singing ; 

© " © © ~ 

One chorus resound through the earth and 
the skies : 


Shout the glad tidings, exultingly sing ; 
Jerusalem triumphs, Messiah is King! 


"Let us now go even unto Bethleheyn" 

25 Come hither, ye faithful, 
Triumphantly sing! 
Come, see in the manger 
The angels' dread King! 


To Bethlehem hasten 
With joyful accord! 

come ye, come hither 
To worship the Lord I 


True Son of the Father, 
He comes from the sk: Jj 

To be born of a Virgin 
He doth not despise. 

To Bethlehem hasten:, etc. 

Hark, bark to the angels ! 

All singing in heaven, 
"To God in the high 

All glory be given P 

"To Bethlehem hasten, etc. 

To thee. then. J 
This day of Thy birth, 

Be glory and honor 

Through heaven and earth ; 
True Godhead Incarnate ! 

Omnipotent Word! 
come, let us hasten 

To worship the Lord ! Amen. 

M The Hmt 

28 A few more years shall roll, 
A few more Beasona come. 

And we shall be with those that rest 
Asleep within the tomb: 


Then, my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that great day ; 
wash me in Thy precious blood, 
And take my sins away. 

A few more suns shall set 
O'er these dark hills of time, 

And Ave shall be where suns are not, 
A far serener clime : 
Then, my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that blest day ; 

wash me in Thy precious blood, 
And take my sins away. 

A few more storms shall beat 
On this wild rocky shore, 

And we shall be where tempests cease, 
And surges swell no more : 
Then, my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that calm day ; 

wash me in Thy precious blood, 
And take my sins away. 

A few more struggles here, 
A few more partings o'er, 

A few more toils, a few more tears, 
And we shall weep no more : 
Then, my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that bright day ; 

wash me in Thy precious blood, 
And take my sins away. 


Tis but a little while 
And He shall come again, 

Who died that we might live. Who lives 
That we with Him may reign : 
Then, my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that glad day ; 

wash me in Thy precious blood, 
And take my sins away. Amen. 

14 Xoht other name it given i nder heaven whereby ice 

33 Jesus ! Name of wondrous love ! 
Xame all other names above ! 
Unto which must every kn^e 
Bow in deep humility. 

Jesus'. Xame decreed of old-: 
To the maiden-mother told, 
Kneeling in her lowly cell, 
By the angel Gabriel. 

Jesus ! Xame of priceless worth 
To the fallen sons of earth, 
For the promise that it gave — 
;; Jesus shall His people save/' 

3118 ! Xame of mercy mild, 
Given to the holy Child, 
When the cup of human woe 
First He tasted here below. 

Jesus! only Xame that's given, 
Under all the mighty heaven, 


Whereby man, to sin enslaved, 
Bursts his fetters, and is saved. 

Jesus! Name of wondrous love! 
Human Name of God above ; 
Pleading only this we flee, 
Helpless, our God, to Thee. Amen. 

"All the earth shall be filled with His majesty.*' 

34 Hail to the Lord's Anointed, 

Great David's greater Son ! 
Hail, in the time appointed, 

His reign on earth begun ! 
He comes to break oppression, 

To set the captive free : 
To take away transgression, 

And rule in equity. 

He comes with succour speedy 

To those who suffer wrong, 
To help the poor and needy, 

And bid the weak be strong; 
To give them songs for sighing, 

Their darkness turn to light, 
Whose souls, condemned and dying, 

Were precious in His sight. 

He shall descend like showers 

Upon the fruitful earth ; 
And love and joy, like flowers, 

Spring in His path to birth : 


Before Him, on the mountains, 
Shall peace, the herald, go; 

And righteousness, in fountains, 
From hill to valley flow. 

To Him shall prayer unceasing, 

And daily vows ascend; 
His kingdom still increasing, 

A kingdom without end : 
The tide of time shall never 

His covenant remove ; 
His name shall stand forever ; 

That name to us is Love. Amen. 

"We have seen His star in the East" 

37 Brightest and best of the sons of the 
Dawn on our darkness, and lend us thine 
aid : 
Star of the East, the horizon adorning, 
Guide where our infant Redeemer is laid. 

Cold on His cradle the dew-drops are shining, 
Low lies His head with the beasts of the 
stall ; 

An eels adore Him in slumber reclining, 
Maker and Monarch and Saviour of al 1 

Say, dhall we yield Him, in costly devotion, 
Odors of Eclom, and offerings divine, 


Gems of the mountain, and pearls of the 
Myrrh from the forest, and gold from the 

Vainly we offer each ample oblation, 

Vainly with gifts would His favour secure; 

Richer by far is the heart's adoration, 

Dearer to God are the prayers of the poor. 

Brightest and best of the sons of the morning, 
Dawn on our darkness, and lend us thine 
Star of the East, the horizon adorning, 
Guide where our infant Redeemer is laid. 


" TJie Lord God Omnipotent reigneth." 

42 Hark! the song of jubilee, 

Loud as mighty thunders roar ; 
Or the fulness of the sea. 

When it breaks upon the shore. 
Alleluia! for the Lord 

God Omnipotent shall reign; 
Alleluia ! let the word 

Echo round the earth and main. 

Alleluia ! hark ! the sound, 
From the centre to the skies. 

Wakes above, beneath, around, 
All creation's harmonies : 


See JEHOVAH'S banners furled ; 

Sheathed His sword ; He speaks, — 'tis 
And the kingdoms of this world 

Are the kingdoms of His Son. 

He shall reign from pole to pole 

With illimitable sway : 
He shall reign, when, like a scroll, 

Yonder heavens have pass'd away; 
Then the end ; beneath His rod, 

Man's last enemy shall fall ; 
Alleluia! Christ in God, 

God in Christ, is all in all. Amen. 

" When they saw the star they rejoiced with exceeding 
great joy." 

45 As with gladness men of old 
Did the guiding star behold ; 
As with joy they hailed its light, 
Leading onward, beaming bright ; 
So, most gracious Lord, may we 
Evermore be led to Thee. 

As with joyful steps they sped 

To that lowly manger-bed ; 

There to bend the knee before 

Him Whom heaven and earth adore ; 

So may we with willing feet 

Ever seek the mercy-seat. 


As they offered gifts most rare 
At that manger rude and bare ; 
So may we with holy joy, 
Pure and free from sin's alloy, 
All our costliest treasures bring, 
Christ ! to Thee our heavenly King. 

Holy Jesus ! every day 
Keep us in the narrow way: 
And when earthly things are past, 
Bring our ransomed souls at last 
Where they need no star to guide, 
Where no clouds Thy glory hide. 

In the heavenly country bright, 
Need they no created light ; 
Thou its Light,. its Joy, its Crown, 
Thou its Sun which goes not down, 
There forever may we sing 
Alleluias to our King. Amen. 

" And Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, 
being forty days tempted of the devil. And in those 
days He did eat nothing." 

49 Forty days and forty nights 

Thou wast fasting in the wild; 
Forty days and forty nights 
Tempted, and yet undefiled. 

Shall not we Thy sorrow share, 
And from earthly joys abstain, 


Fa-ting with unceasing prayer, 
Glad with Thee to suffer pain ? 

And if Satan, vexing sore, 
Flesh or spirit should assail, 

Thou, his Vanquisher before, 
Grant we may not faint or fail. 

So shall we have peace divine ; 

Holier gladness ours shall be ; 
Round us, too, shall angels shine, 

Such as minister'd to Thee. 

Keep, keep us, Saviour dear, 
Ever constant by Thy side ; 
That with Thee we may appear 

At th' eternal Eastertide. Amen. 

In that He Himself hath suffered being tempted, He u 
able to succour them that are tempted." 

53 Saviour, when in dust to Thee, 
Low we bow th' adoring knee ; 
When, repentant, to the skies 
Scarce we lift our streaming eyes ; 
O by all Thy pains and woe, 
Suffer d once for man below, 
Bending from Thy throne on high, 
Hear our solemn litany. 

By Thy birth and early years, 
By Thy human griefs and fears, 


By Thy fasting and distress 
In the lonely wilderness, 
By Thy victory in the hour 
Of the subtle tempter's power; 
Jesus, look with pitying eye ; 
Hear our solemn litany. 

By Thine hour of dark despair, 
By Thine agony of prayer, 
By the purple robe of scorn, 
By Thy wounds, Thy crown of thorn ; 
By Thy cross, Thy pangs, and cries, 
By Thy perfect sacrifice ; 
Jesus, look with pitying eye; 
Hear our solemn litany. 

By Thy deep expiring groan, 
By the seal'd sepulchral stone, 
By Thy triumph o'er the grave, 
By Thy power from death to save ; 
Mighty God, ascended Lord, 
To Thy throne in heaven restored, 
Prince and Saviour, hear our cry, 
Hear our solemn litany. Amen. 

" My soul fleeth unto the LordP 

63 Lord, in this Thy mercy's day, 
Ere the time shall pass away, 
On our knees we fall and pray. 


Holy Jesu, grant us tears, 
Fill'iis with heart-searching fears, 
Ere the hour of doom appears. 

Lord, on us Thy Spirit pour, 
Kneeling lowly at the door, 
Ere it close for evermore. 

By Thy night of agony, 
By Thy supplicating cry. 
By Thy willingness to die, 

By Thy tears of bitter woe 

For Jerusalem below, 

Let us not Thy love forego. 

Judge and Saviour of our race, 
When we see Thee face to face, 
Grant us 'neath Thy wings a place. 


" In Wlwm we have redemption through His blood, the 
forgiveness of sins." 

67 Weary of earth, and laden with my sin, 
I look at heaven and long to enter in, 
But there no evil thing may find a home : 
And yet I hear a voice that bids me " Come." 

So rile I am, how dare I hope to stand 
In the pure glory of that holy land ? 
Before the whiteness of that Throne appear ? 
Yet there are Hands stretched out to draw me 


The while I fain would tread the heavenly 

' way, 
Evil is ever with me, day by day ; 
Yet on mine ears the gracious tidings fall, 
u Kepent, confess, thou shalt be loosed from 
• all." 

It is the voice of Jesus that I hear, 

His are the Hands stretched out to draw me 

And His the Blood that can for all atone, 
And set me faultless there before the Throne. 

'Twas He Who found me on the deathly wild. 
And made me heir of heaven, the Fathers 

And day by day, whereby my soul may live, 
Gives me His grace of pardon, and will give. 

Yea, thou wilt answer for me, righteous Lord : 
Thine all the merits, mine the great reward ; 
Thine the sharp thorns, and mine the golden 

Mine the life won, and Thine the life laid 

down. Amen. 

"Whom resist, steadfast in the faith" 

68 Christian, dost thou see them 
On the holy ground, 
How the troops of Midian 
Prowl and prowl around? 


Christian, up and smite them, 
Counting gain but loss ; 

Smite them by the merit 

Of the holy Cross. 
Christian, dost thou feel them, 

How they work within, 
Striving, tempting, luring, 

Goading into sin ? 
Christian, never tremble ; 

Never be down-cast; 
Smite them by the virtue 

Of the Lenten fast. 

Christian, dost thou hear them, 

How they speak thee fair ? 
" Always fast and vigil ? 

Always watch and prayer f 
Christian, answer boldly, 

M While I breathe I pray :" 
Peace shall follow battle, 

Xight shall end in day. 

" Well I know thy trouble, 

My servant true ; 
Thou art very weary, 

1 was weary too ; 

But that toil shall make thee 

Some day all Mine own, 
And the end of sorrow 

Shall be near My Throne." Amen. 


u Out of the mouth of babes and sucklir^* Thou hast 
perfected praise" 

72 All glory, laud, and honour, 
To Thee, Redeemer, King ! 
To Whom the lips of children 
Made sweet Hosannas ring. 

Thou art the King of Israel, 

Thou David's royal Son, 
Who in the Lord's name comest, 

The King and Blessed One. 

All glory, etc. 

The company of angels 

Are praising Thee on high ; 

And mortal men, and all things 
Created, make reply. 

All glory, etc. 

The people of the Hebrews 
With palms before Thee went: 

Our praise and prayer and antheim 
Before Thee we present. 

All glory, etc. 

To Thee before Thy Passion 

They sang their hymns of praise : 

To Thee, now high exalted, 
Our melody we raise. 

All glory, etc. 

Thou didst accept their praises ; 
Accept the prayers we bring, 


Who in all good delight est. 
Thou good and gracious King. 

All glory, etc. Amen. 

44 The precious blood of Christ." 

74 Glory be to Jesus, 

Who in bitter pains 
Poured for me the life-blood 

From His sacred veins ! 
Grace and life eternal 

In that blood I rind ; 
Blest be His compassion 

Infinitely kind ! 

Blest through endless ages 

Be the precious stream. 
Which from endless torments 

Did the world redeem ! 
Abel's blood for vengeance 

Pleaded to the skies ; 
But the Blood of Jesus 

For our pardon cries. 

Oft as earth exulting 

Wafts its praise on high. 
Angel-hosts, rejoicing. 

Make their glad reply. 
Lift ye then your voices : 

Swell the mighty flood ; 
Louder still and louder, 

Praise the precious Blood. Amen. 


"He was wounded for our transgressions." 

75 Now, my soul, thy voice upraising, 
Tell, in sweet and mournful strain, 

How the Crucified, enduring 

Grief, and wounds, and dying pain, 

"Freely of His love was offered, 
Sinless was for sinners slain. 

Scourged with unrelenting fury 
For the sins which we deplore, 

By His livid stripes He heals us, 
Eaising us to fall no more ; 

All our bruises gently soothing, 
Binding up the bleeding sore. 

See ! His Hands and Feet are fastened ; 

So He makes His people free : 
Not a wound whence blood is flowing 

But a fount of grace shall be ; 
Yea, the very nails which nail Him 

Nail us also to the tree. 

Through His Heart the spear is piercing, 
Though His foes have seen Him die ; 

Blood and water thence are streaming 
In a tide of mystery, 

Water from our guilt to cleanse us, 
Blood to win us crowns on high. 

Jesu, may these precious fountains 
Drink to thirsting souls afford ; 


Let them be our cup and healing, 
And at length our full reward; 

So a ransomed world shall ever 

Praise Thee, its redeeming Lord. Amen. 

" Behold the Lpmb of God, which takeih away the nn> 

of the icorld" 

80 Behold the Lamb of God ! 
Thou for sinners slain, 
Let it not be in vain 

That Thou hast died; 
Thee for my Saviour let me take, 
My only refuge let me make 
Thy pierced side. 

Behold the Lamb of God! 

Into the sacred flood 

Of Thy most precious blood 

My soul 1 cast : 
Wash me and make me clean within, 
And keep me pure from every sin, 

Till life be past. 

Behold the Lamb of God ! 
All hail, Incarnate Word, 
Thou everlasting Lord, 

Saviour most blest ; 
Fill us with love that never faints, 
Grant us, with all Thy blessed saints, 

Eternal rest. 


Behold the Lamb of God! 
Worthy is He alone, 
That sitteth on the throne 

Of God above ; 
One with the Ancient of all days, 
One with the Comforter in praise, 

All Light and Love. Amen. 

"Who loved me and gave Himself for me" 

87 sacred Head, once wounded, 

With grief and shame bowed down. 
Now scornfully surrounded 

With thorns, thine only crown. 
sacred Head, what glory, 

What bliss till now was Thine ! 
Yes, though despised and gory, 

I joy to call Thee mine. 

What Thou, my Lord, hast suffered, 

Was all for sinners' gain : 
Mine, mine w r as the transgression, 

But Thine the deadly pain. 
Lo, here I fall, my Saviour : 

'Tis I deserve Thy place ; 
Look on me with Thy favour, 

Vouchsafe to me Thy grace. 

The joy can ne'er be spoken, 

Above all joys beside, 
When in Thy body broken 

I thus with safety hide. 


Lord of my life, desiring 

Thy glory now to see, 
Beside Thy Cross expiring, 

I'd breathe my soul to Thee. 

What language shall I borrow 

To thank Thee, dearest friend, 
For this Thy dying sorrow, 

Thy pity without end ? 
make me Thine for ever; 

And should I fainting be, 
Lord, let me never, never 

Outlive my love for Thee. 

Be near me when I'm dying, 

show Thy Cross to me : 
And to my succour Hying, 

Come, Lord, and set me free. 
These eyes, new faith receiving. 

From Jesus shall not move ; 
For he who dies believing, 

Dies safely through Thy Love. 


u It is finished." 

88 Hark ! the voice of love and mercy 

Sounds aloud from Calvary ; 

See, it rends the rocks asunder, 

Shakes the earth, and veils the sky ! 

" It is finished !" 
Hear the dying Saviour cry. 


"It is finished !" what pleasure 
Do the precious words afford ! 

Heavenly blessings, without measure, 
Flow to us from Christ the Lord. 

"It is finished !" 
Saints the dying words record. 

Finished all the types and shadows 

Of the ceremonial law ; 
Finished all that God had promised: 

Death and hell no more shall awe* 
"It is finished!" 

Saints from hence your comfort draw. 

Tune your harps anew, ye Seraphs; 

Strike them to Emmanuel's Name; 
All on earth, and all in heaven, 

Join the triumph to proclaim. 
Alleluia ! 

Glory to the bleeding Lamb ! Amen. 

" He is not here; He is risen." 

99 Jesus Christ is risen to-day, Alleluia! 
Our triumphant holy day. Alleluia ! 
Who did once upon the Cross, Alleluia ! 
Suffer to redeem our loss, Alleluia ! 

Hymns of praise then let us sing Alleluia! 
Unto Christ, our heavenly King, Alleluia ! 
Who endured the Cross and grave, Alleluia! 
Sinners to redeem and save. Alleluia ! 


But the pains which He endured Alleluia! 
Our salvation hath procured; Alleluia! 
Now above the*sky He's King, Alleluia! 
Where the angels ever sing, Alleluia! Amen. 

" Xow it Christ risen from tlie dead." 

101 Angels, roll the rock away ! 

Death, yield up the mighty Prey! 
See, the Saviour quits the tomb, 
Glowing with immortal bloom. 

Alleluia! Alleluia! 
Christ the Lord is risen to-day. 

Shout, ye Seraphs ; angels, raise 
Your eternal song of praise ; 
Let the earth's remotest bound 
Echo to the blissful sound. 

Alleluia! Alleluia ! 
Christ the Lord is risen to-day. 

Holy Father, Holy Son, 
Holy Spirit, Three in One, 
Glory as of old to Thee, 
Xow and evermore, shall be. 

Alleluia! Alleluia! 
Christ the Lord is risen to-day. Amen. 

" The First-begotten of the dead." 

102 Come see the place where Jesus lay, 
And hear angelic watchers sav, 
a He lives, Who once was slain : 


Why seek the living 'midst the dead ? 
Remember how the Saviour said 
That He would rise again/ 

O joyful sound! glorious hour, 
When by His own Almighty power 

He rose, and left the grave ! 
Now let our songs His triumph tell, 
Who burst the bands of death and hell,. 

And ever lives to save. 

The First-begotten of the dead, 
For as He rose, our glorious Head, 

Immortal life to bring ; 
What though the saints like Him shall die, 
They share their Leader's victory, 

And triumph with their King. 

No more they tremble at the grave, 
For Jesus will their spirits save, 

And raise their slumbering dust: 
risen Lord, in Thee we live, 
To Thee our ransom'd souls we give, 

To Thee our bodies trust. Amen. 

" 1 xm He that liveth, and was dead; and behold, I am 
alive forever, Amen; and have the keys of hell and 
of death." 

104 Jesus lives: no longer now 

Can thy terrors, Death, appal us ; 


Jesus lives : by this we know 

Thou, grave, canst not enthral us. 


Jesus lives : henceforth is death 

But the gate of life immortal ; 
This shall calm our trembling breath, 

When we pass its gloomy portal. 


Jesus lives : for us He died : 

Then, alone to Jesus living, 
Pure in heart may we abide, 

Glory to our Saviour giving. Alleluia! 

Jesus lives :"onr hearts know well 
Xought from us His love shall sever ; 

Life, nor deatn, nor powers of hell 

Tear us from His keeping ever. Alleluia! 

Jesus lives: to Him the Throne 

Over all the world is given : 
May we go where He is gone, 

Rest and reign with Him in heaven. 

Alleluia! Amer. 

" The Lord is risen indeed'' 

107 He is risen! He is risen! 
Tell it with a joyful voice, 
He has burst His three days' prison, 
Let the whole wide earth rejoice; 


Death is vanquished, man is 
Christ has won the victory. 

Tell it to the sinners, weeping 
Over deeds in darkness done, 

Weary fast and vigil keeping ; 
Brightly breaks their Easter sun ; 

Christ has borne our sins away, 

Christ has eonquer'd hell to-day. 

He is risen ! He is risen ! 

He has opened heaven's gate ; 
We are loosed from sin's dark prison, 

Eisen to a holier state, 
Where a brightening Easter beam 
On our longing eyes shall stream. Amen. 

u Now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the 
first-fruits of them that slept. 7 ' 

109 To Him Who for our sins Avas slain, 
To Him for all His dying pain, 

Sing we Alleluia ! 
To Him the Lamb our Sacrifice, 
Who gave His soul oar ransom-price, 

Sing we Alleluia! 

To Him Who died that we might die 
To sin, and live with Him on high, 

Sing we Alleluia! 
To Him Who rose that we might rise, . 
And reign with Him beyond the skies, 

Sing we Alleluia! 


To Him Who now for us doth plead, 
And helpeth us in all our need, 

Sing we Alleluia I 
To Him Who doth prepare on high 
Our home in immortality. 

Sing we Alleluia! 

To Him be glory evermore: 

Ye heavenly hosts, your Lord adore; 

Sing we Alleluia ! 
To Father. Son, and Holy Ghost, 
Our God most great, our joy, our boast. 
Sing we Alleluia ! Amen. 

" Thou art gone up on high." 

114 Hail the day that sees Him rise, 
Ravish M from our wishful eyes; 
Christ, awhile to mortals given, 
Re-ascends His native Heaven. 

There the glorious triumph waits: 
Lift your heads, eternal gates ; 
Wide unfold the radiant scene, 
Take the King of Glory in. 

Him though highest Heaven receives, 
Still He loves the earth He leaves : 
Though returning to His Throne, 
Still He calls mankind His own. 

See, He lifts His hands above : 
See, He shows the prints of love ; 


Hark, His gracious lips bestow — 
Blessings on His Church below. 

Still for us He intercedes; 
His prevailing death He pleads ; 
Xear Himself prepares our place, 
He the first-fruits of our race. 

Lord, though parted from our sight, 
High above yon azure height, 
Grant our hearts may thither rise, 
Following Thee beyond the skies. 


" By His own blood He entered in once into the holy 

115 Look, ye saints ; the sight is glorious; 
See the "Man of sorrows" now; 
From the fight returned victorious, 
Every knee to Him shall bow ; 
Crown Him ! Crown Him ! 
Crowns become the Victor's brow. 

Crown the Saviour, angels crown Him ; 

Rich the trophies Jesus brings ; 
On the seat of power enthrone Him, 

While the vault of heaven rings ; 
Crown Him ! Crown Him ! 

Crown the Saviour King of kings. 

dinners in derison crowned Him, 
Mocking thus the Saviour's claim ; 



Saints and angels crowd around Him, 
Own His title, praise His name : 
Crown Him! Crown Him! 
Spread abroad the Victors fame ! 

Hark ! those bursts of acclamation ! 

Hark ! those loud triumphant chords ! 
Jesus takes the highest station; 

what joy the sight affords ! 
Crown Him ! Crown Him ! 

Kiii£ of kinsrs. and Lord of lords. Amen. 

" And on His Head icere many crowns" 

116 Crowx Him with many crowns, 

The Lamb upon His throne ; 
Hark! how the heavenly anthem drowns 

All music but its own! 

Awake, my soul, and sing 

Of Him Who died for thee ; 
And hail Him as thy matchless King 

Through all eternity. 

Crown Him the Virgin's Son! 

The God Incarnate born, 
Whose arm those crimson trophies won 

Which now His Brow adorn. 

Fruit of the mystic Eose, 

True Branch of Jesse's Stern, 
The Root whence mercv ever flows, — 

The Babe of Bethlehem ! 


Crown Him the Lord of Love ! 

Behold His Hands and Side, — 
Those Wounds, yet visible above, 

In beauty glorified : 

No angel in the sky 

Can fully bear that sight, 
But downward bends his burning eye 

At mysteries so bright. 

Crown Him the Lord of Peace ! 
Whose power a sceptre sways 

In heaven and earth, that wars may cease, 
And all be prayer and praise- 
Hi s reign shall know no end ; 
And round His pierced Feet 

Fair flowers of Paradise extend 
Their fragrance ever sweet. 

Crown Him the Lord of heaven ! 

One with the Father known, — 
And the blest Spirit, through Him given 

From yonder Triune throne! 

All hail, Eedeemer, hail ! 

For Thou hast died for me : 
Thy praise and glory shall not fail 

Throughout eternity. Amen. 

mi The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the 
Holy Ghost." 

128 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
With all" Thy quickening powers ; 


Kindle a flame of sacred love 
In these cold hearts of ours. 

See how we grovel here below, 
Fond of these earthly toys: 

Our souls, how heavily they go, 
To reach eternal joys. 

In vain we tune our lifeless songs, 

In vain we strive to rise: 
Hosannas languish on our tongues, 

And our devotion dies. 

Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
With all Thy quickening powers; 

Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love, 
And that shall kindle ours. Amen. 

" The Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters." 

129 Creator Spirit, by Whose aid 

The world's foundations first were laid, 
Come, visit every humble mind; 
Come, pour Thy joys on human kind ; 
From sin and sorrow set us free, 
And make thy temples worthy Thee. 

source of uncreated light, 
The Father's promised Paraclete, 
Thrice holy fount, thrice holy fire, 
Our hearts with heavenly love inspire ; 
Come, and Thy sacred Unction bring 
To sanctify us while we sing. 


Plenteous of grace, descend from high, 
Rich in Thy seven-fold energy ; 
Make us eternal truth receive, 
And practise all that we believe ; 
Give us Thyself, that we may see 
The Father and the Son by Thee. 

Immortal honour, endless fame, 

Attend th' Almighty Father's Name ; 

The Saviour Son be glorified, 

Who for lost man's redemption died ; 

And equal adoration be, 

Eternal Paraclete, to Thee. Amen. 

44 As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the 
sons of God." 

131 Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
With light and comfort from above; 
Be Thou our Guardian, Thou our Guide, 
O'er every thought and step preside. 

The light of truth to us display, 

And make us know and choose Thy way ; 

Plant holy fear in every heart, 

That we from Thee may ne'er depart. 

Lead us to Christ, the living way, 
jJor let us from His precepts stray; 
Lead us to holiness, the road 
That we must take to dwell with God. 


Lead us to heaven, that we may share 

Fulness of joy for ever there: 

Lead us to God, our final rest, 

To be with Him for ever blest. Amen. 

14 They rest not day and night, saying, Holy, Holy, II<> : ;/, 
Lord God Almighty, Which was, and is, and is to 


138 Holy, Holy, Holy ! Lord God Almighty! 

Early in the morning our song shall rise to 
Holy, Holy, Holy! merciful and mighty! 
God in Three Persons, Blessed Trinity ! 

Holy, Holy, Holy! All the saints adore Thee, 

Casting down their golden crowns around 

the glassy sea ; 

Cherubim and Seraphim falling down before 


Which wert, and art, and evermore shalt be. 

Holv, Holv, Holy ! though the darkness hide 
Though the eye of sinful man Thy glory 
may not see, 
Onlv Thou art Holy; there is none beside 
Perfect in power, in love, and purity. 

Holy, Holy, Holy ! Lord God Almighty ! 
All Thy works shall praise Thy Name, in 
earth, and sky, and sea : 


Holy, Holy, Holy ! merciful and mighty ! 
God in Three Persons, Blessed Trinity ' 


M From everlasting to everlasting TSlou art God.'' 

140 Holy. Holy. Holy, Lord 

God of hosts, eternal King, 
By the heavens and earth adored; 

Angels and archangels sing, 
Chanting everlastingly 
To the blessed Trinity. 

Thousands, tens of thousands, stand, 
Spirits blest, before Thy Throne, 

Speeding thence at Thy command: 
And when Thy command is done, 

Sino-ins: everlastin°'lv 

To the blessed Trinity. 

Cherubim and Seraphim 

Veil their faces with their wings ; 
Eyes of angels are too dim 

To behold the King of kings, 

While they sing eternally 
To the blessed Trinity. 

Thee, apostles, prophets, Thee, 
Thee, the noble martyr band, 

Praise with solemn jubilee; 
Thee, the Church in every land ; 


Singing everlastingly 
Tq the blessed Trinity. 

Alleluia ! Lord, to Thee, 
Father. Son, and Holy Gi; 

Three in One, and One in Three, 
Join we with the heavenly \n - 

Singing everlastingly 

To the'blessed Trinity. Amen. 

' The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of 
God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with 
you all." 

142 Father of heaven, Whose love profound 
A ransom for our souls hath found. 
Before Thy throne we sinners bend: 
To us Thy pardoning love extend. 

Almighty Son. incarnate Word, 
Our Prophet, Priest, Redeemer, Lord. 
Before Thy throne we sinners bend ; 
To us Thv saving snrace extend. 

Eternal Spirit, by Whose breath 
The soul is raised from sin and death. 
Before Thy throne we sinners bend: 
To us Thy quickening power extend. 

Jehovah, — Father, Spirit. Son,— 
Mysterious Godhead, Three in One ! 
Before Thy throne we sinners bend ; 
Grace, pardon, life, to lis extend. Amen. 


r Of Him and through Him and to Him an all things • 
to Whom be glory forever. Amen/' 

143 We give immortal praise 

To God the Father's love. 
For all our comforts here, 
And better hopes above : 
He sent His own Eternal Son 
To die for sins that man had done. 

To God the Son belongs 

Immortal glory too, 
Who bought us with His Blood 
From everlasting woe: 
And now He lives, and now He reigns, 
And sees the fruit of all His pains. 

To God, the Spirit's name, 
Immortal worship give, 
Whose new-creating power 
Makes the dead sinner live : 
His work completes the great design, 
And fills the sou] with joy divine. 

Almighty God, to Thee 

Be endless honours done ; 
The undivided Three, 
And the mysterious One ; 
Where reason fails with all her powers, 
There faith prevails, and love adores. 

Am an. 


Sing unto the Lord, and praise His Name." 

145 Holy Father, great Creator. 

Source of mercy, love, and peace. 
Look upon the Mediator, 

Clothe us with His righteousness : 
Heavenly Father, 
Through the Saviour hear and bless. 

Holy Jesus. Lord of glory, 
Whom angelic hosts proclaim. 

While we hear Thy wondrous story, 
Meet and worship in Thy Name, 
Dear Redeemer, 

In our hearts Thy peace proclaim. 

Holy Spirit, Sanctifier, 

Come with unction from above. 

Raise our hearts to raptures higher. 
Fill them with the Saviour s love ! 
Source of comfort. 

Cheer us with the Saviour s love. 

God the Lord, through every nation 
Let Thy wondrous mercies shine! 
In the song of Thy salvation 
Every tongue and race combine ! 
Great" Jehovah, 
Form our hearts and make them Thine. 



" The Lord is in this place." 

152 In loud exalted strains. 

The King of Glory praise; 
O'er heaven and earth He reigns. 

Through everlasting days ; 
But Sion, with His presence blest, 
Is His delight. His chosen rest. 
King of Glory, come ; 

And with Thy favour crown 
Tins temple as Thy Home, 

This people as Thy own; 
Beneath this roof vouchsafe to show 
How God can dwell with men below. 

Xow let Thine ear attend 

Our supplicating cries : 
Xow let our praise ascend, 

Accepted, to the skies: 
Now let Thy Gospel's joyful sound 
Spread its celestial influence round. 
Here may the listening throng 

Imbibe Thy truth and love ; 
Here Christians join the song 

Of Seraphim above : 
Till all who humbly seek Thy face 
Eejoice in Thy abounding grace. Amen. 

" My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of 
the Lord" 

157 Lord of the worlds above, 

How pleasant and how fair 


The dwellings of Thy love, 
Thy earthly temples are! 

To Thine abode 
My heart aspires 

With warm d< 
To sec my I rod. 

happy souls, that pray 

Where God appoints to hear ! 

happy men, that pay 
Their constant service there! 

They praise Thee still : 
And happy they 

That love the way 
To Sion's hill. 

They go from strength to strength 
Through this dark vale <A' tears. 

Till each arrives at length. 
Till each in heaven appears 

glorious seat; 
When God our King 

Shall thither bring 
Our willing feet. 

God is our sun and shield, 
Our light and our defence : 

With gifts His hands are filFd, 
We draw our blessings thence: 

Thrice happy he, 
OGod of hosts, 

Whose spirit trusts 
Alone in Thee. 


" / tool in the Spirit on the Lords day. Y; 

159 This is the day of light : 

Let there be light to-day; 


Day-Spring, rise upon our night. 
And chase its gloom away. 

This is tie day of rest : 

Our failing strength renew; 

On weary brain and troubled breast 
Shed Thou Thy fresh'ning dew. 

This is the day of peace : 

Thy peace our spirits fill ; 
Bid Thou the blasts of discord cease, 

The waves of strife be still. 

This is the day of prayer : 

Let earth to heaven draw near : 

Lift up our hearts to seek Thee there ; 
Come down to meet us here, 

This is the first of days: 

Send forth Thy quickening Breath, 
And wake dead souls to love and praise, 

Vanquisher of death ! Amen. 

" The Lard's day" 

160 day of rest and gladness, 

day of joy and light, 
balni of care and sadness. 

Most beautiful, most bright; 
On thee, the high and lowly, 

Through ages join'd in tune. 
Sing, Holy, Holv, Holy, 

To the great 6od Triune. 


On thee, at the creation, 

The light first had its birth; 
On thee, for our salvation. 

Christ rose from depths of earth ; 
On thee, our Lord victorious 

The Spirit sent from heaven, 
And thus on thee, most gloria 

A triple light waa given. 

Thou art a port protected 

From storms that round us rise; 
A garden intersected 

With streams of Paradise ; 
Thou art a cooling fountain 

In life's dry, dreary sand : 
From thee, like Pisgalvs mountain, 

We view our promised land. 

To-day on weary nations 

The heavenly manna falls; 
To holy convocations 

The silver trumpet calls. 
Where Gospel light is glowing 

With pure and radiant beams, 
And living water flowing 

With soul-refreshing streams. 

New graces ever gaining 
From this our day of rest. 

We reach the rest remaining 
To spirits of the blest ; 


To Holy Ghost be praises, 

To Father, and to Son ; 
The Church her voice upraises 

To Thee, blest Three in One. Amen. 

" Lord, I have loved the habitation of Thy house." 

163 To Thy temple I repair ; 
Lord, I love to worship there: 
While Thy glorious praise is sung. 
Touch my lips, unloose my tongue. 

While the prayers of saints ascend 
God of love, to mine attend; 
Hear me, for Thy Spirit pleads; 
Hear, for Jesus interci 

While I hearken to Thy law. 

Fill my soul with humble awe. 
Till Thy Gospel bring to me 
Life and immortality. 

While Thy ministers proclaim 
Peace and pardon in Thy Xanie. 
Through their voice, by faith, may I 
Hear Thee speaking from the sky. 

From Thy house when I return. 
May my heart within me burn ; 
And at evening let me sav. 
* I have walk- d with God to-day/' 



■ While 11 ■ ■■ d from I 

165 Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing, 

Pill our hearts with joy and pei 
Let as each. Thy love possessing. 
Triumph in redeeming grace; 

fresh us, 
Travelling through this wilderness. 

Thanks we give, and ad ration, 

' For Thy ( "-pel's joyful sound; 
May the fruit of Thy salvation 
In our hearts and lives abound : 

May Thy presence 
With us evermore be found. Amen. 

u Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto 
my path." 

166 Almighty Father, bless the word. 
Which through Thy grace we now have heard ; 
may Thy precious seed take root, 

Spring up, and bear abundant fruit. 

We praise Thee for the means of grace, 
Thus in Thy courts to seek Thy face: 
Grant, Lord, that we who worship here 
May all, at last, in heaven appear. Amen. 

u The Lord shall give His people the blessing of peace" 

169 Saviour, again to Thy dear Xame we 

With one accord our parting hymn of piaise; 


We stand to bless Thee ere our worship cease, 
Then, lowly kneeling, wait Thy word of peace. 

Grant us Thy peace upon our homeward way ; 
With Thee began, with Thee shall end the 

day ; 
Guard Thou the lips from sin, the hearts from 

That in this house have called upon Thy 


Grant us Thy peace, Lord, through the com- 
ing night, 

Turn Thou for us its darkness into light ; 

From harm and danger keep Thy children 

For dark and light are both alike to Thee. 

Grant us Thy peace throughout our earthly 

Our balm in sorrow, and our stay in strife ; 
Then, when Thy voice shall bid our conflict 

Call us, O Lord, to Thine eternal peace. Amen. 

"The armies in Heaven followed Him." 

176 The Son of God goes forth to war, 
A kingly crown to gain ; 
His blood-red banner streams afar : 
Who follows in His train ? 


Who best can drink His cup of woe, 

And triumph over pain, 
Who patient hears His Cross below — 

He follows in His train. 

The martyr first, whose eagle eve 

Could pierce beyond the grave. 
Who saw His Master in the sky. 

And call'd on Him to save: 
Like Him, with pardon on His tongue. 

In midst of mortal pain, 
He pray'd for them that did the wrong: 

Who follows in His train i 

A glorious band, the chosen few, 

On whom the Spirit came : 
Twelve valiant saints, their hope they knew. 

And mock'd the cross and flame : 
They met the tyrant's brandished steel, 

The lion's gory mane ; 
They bow'd their neck the death to feel : 

Who follows in their train I 

A noble army, men and boys. 

The matron and the maid. 
Around the Saviour's throne rejoice. 

In robes of light array'd : 
They climb'd the dizzy steep of Heaven 

Through peril, toil, and pain : 
God ! to us may grace be given 

To follow in their train ! Amen. 


" These are they which came out of great tribulation, 
and 7iave washed their robes, and made them white 
in the Blood of the Lamb. 11 

177 How bright these glorious spirits shine 

Whence all their white array ? 
How came they to the blissful seats 

Of everlasting day? 
Lo, these are they from sufferings great, 

Who came to realms of light: 
And in the blooo 1 of Christ have washed 

Those robes which shine so bright. 

Now with triumphal palms they stand 

Before the throne on high, 
And serve the God they love amidst 

The glories of the sky. 
His presence fills each heart with joy, 

Tunes every mouth to sing; 
By day, by night, the sacred courts 

With glad Hosannas ring. 

The Lamb which reigns upon the throne 

Shall o'er them still preside ; 
Feed them with nourishment divine, 

And all their footsteps guide. 
'Mong pastures green He'll lead His flock, 

Where living streams appear ; 
And God the Lord from every eye 

Shall wipe off every tear. Amen. 


'■ Wt art wmpaued about with so great a cloud of 

187 FOB all the saints, who from their labours 

Who Thee by faith before the world con: 
Thy name. Jesu. be forever bless'd. Alleluia. 

Thou wast their rock, their fortress, and their 

might : 
Thou, Lord, their Captain in the well-fought 

fight : 
Thou, in the darkness drear, the Light of light. 


may Thy soldiers, faithful, true, and bold. 
Fight as the saints who nobly fought of old. 
And win. with them, the victor's crown oi' _ 


blest Communion, fellowship divine! 
ebly struggle, they in glory shine : 
5Tet all are one in Thee, for all are Thine. 


And when the strife is fierce, the warfare long. 

Is <>n the ear the distant triumph-soi 
And hearts are brave again, and arm- are 
>ng. Alleluia. 

The golden evening brightens in the west; 

d to faithful warriors comes the rest : 
is the calm of Paradise the blefi 



But lo ! there breaks a yet more glorious day ; 
The saints triumphant rise in bright array ; 
The King of glory passes on His way. 


From earth's wide bounds, from ocean's far- 
thest coast. 

Through gates of pearl streams in the count- 
less host. 
Singing to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

Alleluia. Amen. 

41 After this I beheld, and lo, a great multitude, which no 
man could number, of all nations and kindred and 
people and tongues, stood before the throne, and before 
the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their 

189 Hark! the sound of holy voices. 

Chanting o'er the crystal sea, 
Alleluia, Alleluia, 

Alleluia, Lord, to Thee: 
Multitude, which none can number, 

Like the stars in glory stands. 
Clothed in white apparel, holding 

Palms of victory in their hands. 

Patriarch, and holy Prophet, 

Who prepared the way of Christ, 

King, Apostle. Saint, Confessor, 
Martyr and Evangelist, 

Saintly maiden, godly matron, 

Widows who have watched to prayer, 


Joined in holy concert, singing 
To the Lord of all. are there. 

They have come from tribulation. 

And have wash'd their rubes in blood, 
Wash'd them in the blood of Jesus : 

Tried they were, and firm they stood : 
Mock'd, imprisoned, stoned, tormenl 

Sawn asunder, slain with sword. 
They have conquer'd death and Satan 

Ijv the might of Christ the Lord. 

Marching with Thy cross their banner. 

They have triumphed following 
Thee, "the Captain of salvation. 

Thee, their Saviour and their King, 
Gladly. Lord, with Thee they suffered : 

Gladly, Lord, with Thee they died; 
And by death to life immortal 

They were born and glorified. 

Now they reign in heavenly glory, 

Xow they walk in golden light, 
Xow they drink, as from a river, 

Holy bliss and infinite : 
Love and peace they taste forever. 

And all truth and knowledge see 
In the beatific vision 

Of the blessed Trinity. Amen. 

u Glorious things are spoken of thee, city of God.'" 

190 Glorious things of thee are spoken, 
Zion. citv of our God: 


He, whose word cannot be broken, 
Fornrd thee for His own abode ; 

On the Eock of Ages founded, 
What can shake thy sure repose ? 

With salvation's walls surrounded, 
Thou may'st smile at all thy foes. 

See the streams of living waters, 

Springing from eternal love, 
Well supply thy sons and daughters, 

And all fear of want remove ; 
Who can faint, while such a river 

Ever flows their thirst t ? assuage? 
Grace, which like the Lord, the giver, 

Never fails from age to age. 

Round each habitation hovering, 

See the cloud and fire appear, 
Fur a glory and a covering, 

Showing that the Lord is near. 
Blest inhabitants of Zion, 

Waslfd in the Redeemers blood! 
Jesus. Whom their souls rely on, 

Makes them kings and priests to God. 


" pray for the peace of Jerusalem : they shall prosper 
that love thee.'" 

191 I love Thy kingdom, Lord. 
The house of Thine abode, 
The Church our blest Redeemer saved 
With His own precious Blood. 


I love Thy Church. God; 
Her walls before Thee stand, 

Pear as the apple of Thine 

And graven on Thy hand. 

For her my tears shall fall; 

For her my prayers ascend; 
To her my cares and toils be given, 

Till toils and cares shall end. 

Beyond my highest joy 

i prize her heavenly ways, 
Her sweet communion, solemn vows, 
Her hymns of love and praise. 

Jesus, Thou Friend divine, 

Our Saviour and our King. 
Thy hand from every snare and foe 

Shall great deliverance bring. 

Sure as Thy truth shall last, 

To Sion shall be given 
The brightest glories earth can yield, 

And brighter bliss of heaven. Amen. 

11 That they all may be ojie." 

197 Oke sole baptismal sign. 

One Lord, below, above, 
One faith, one hope divine. 

One only watchword — Love: 
From different temples though it rise, 
One song ascendeth to the skies. 


Our sacrifice is one, 

One Priest before the throne. 
The slain, the risen Son. 

Redeemer, Lord alone ! 
And sighs from contrite hearts that spring 
Our chief, our choicest offering. 

Head of Thy Church beneath. 

The Catholic, the true, 
On all her members breathe, 

Her broken frame renew ! 
Then shall Thy perfect will be done, 
When Christians love and live as one. 


u Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone" 

202 The Church's one foundation 

Is Jesus Christ her Lord ; 
She is His new creation 

By water and the word: 
From heaven He came and sought her 

To be His holy bride ; 
With His own Blood He bought her, 

And for her life He died. 

Elect from every nation, 

Yet one o'er all the earth, 
Her charter of salvation 

One Lord, one faith, one birth ; 
One holy name she blesses, 

Partakes one holy food, 


And to one hope she presses, 
With every grace endued. 

Though with a scornful wonder, 

Men see her sore opprest. 
By schisms rent asunder, 

By heresies distrest ; 
Yet saints their watch are keeping, 

Their cry goes up, u How long ? n 
And soon the night of weeping 

Shall be the morn of song. 

'Mid toil and tribulation. 

And tumult of her war, 
She waits the consummation 

Of peace for evermore ; 

Till with the vision glorious 
Her longing eyes are blest, 

And the great Church victorious 
Shall be the Church at rest. 

Yet she on earth hath union 

With God the Three in One, 
And mystic sweet communion 

With those whose rest is won : 
happy ones and holy ! 

Lord, give us grace that we 
Like them, the meek and lowly, 

On hidi may dwell with Thee. Amen. 


^ Jesus said unto them, I am the Bread of Life!* 

207 Bread of the world, in mercy broken, 
Wine of the soul, in mercy shed, 
By Whom the words of life were spoken. 
And in Whose death our sins are dead ; 

Look on the heart by sorrow broken, 
Look on the tears by sinners shed; 

And be Thy feast to us the token 
That by Thy grace our souls are fed. 


11 Whoso eateth My Flesh a?ui drinketh My Blood hath 
eternal life." 

209 Bread of Heaven, on Thee we feed, 
For Thy Flesh is meat indeed : 
Ever may our souls be fed 
With this true and living Bread ; 
"Day by day with strength supplied, 
Through the life of Him Who died. 

Vine of heaven, Thy Blood supplies 

This blest cup of sacrifice ; 

Lord. Thy Wounds our healing give, 

To Thy Cross we look and live : 

Jesus, may we ever be 

Grafted, rooted, built in Thee. Amen. 

" JRe took them up in His arms, put His hands upon 
them, and blessed them." 

213 Saviour, Who Thy flock art feeding, 
With the shepherd's kindest care, 


All the feeble gently leading, 

While the lambs Thy are; 

Now, these little ones receiving. 

Fold them in Thy gracious arm ; 
There, we know. Thy Word believing. 

Only there secure from harm. 

Never from thy pasture roving. 
Let them be the lion's prey : 

Let Thy tenderness, so loving, 

Keep them all life's dangerous way. 

Then, within Thy fold eternal. 

Let them find a resting-pla ; 
Peed in pastures ever vernal. 

Drink the rivers of Thy grace. Amen. 

" That he may please ILim Who hath chosen Jam to be a 

214 Ix token that thou shalt not fear 
Christ crucified to own, 
We print the cross upon thee here, 
And stamp thee His alone. 

In token that thou shalt not blush 

To glory in His Name, 
We blazon here upon thy front, 

His glory and His shame. 

In token that thou shalt not flinch 
Christ's quarrel to maintain, 


But 'neath His banner manfully 
Firm at tliy post remain ; 

In token that thou too shalt tread 

The path He travell'd by, 
Endure the cross, despise the shame, 

And sit thee down on high ; 

Thus outwardly and visibly 

We seal thee for His own : 
And may the brow that wears His cross 

Hereafter share His crown. Amen. 

u Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might/ 

2 1 6 Soldiers of Christ arise, 
And put your armour on; 
Strong in the strength which God supplies 
Through His eternal Son. 

Strong in the Lord of hosts, 

And in His mighty power ; 
Who in the strength of Jesus trusts, 

Is more than conqueror. 

Stand then in His great might, 
With all His strength endued ; 

And take, to arm you for the fight ? 
The panoply of God ; 

That having all things done, 

And all your conflicts past, 
Ye may behold your victory won. 

And stand complete at last. Amen. 


children, keep yourselves from id/Ax" 

225 JesUj meek and gentle, 
Son of God most nigh, 
Pitying, loving Saviour, 
Hear Thy children's cry. 

Pardon our offences, 

Loose our captive chains, 

Break down every idol 
Which our soul detains. 

Give us holy freedom, 
Fill our hearts with love ; 

Draw us, holy Jesu, 
To the realms above. 

Lead us on our journey, 

Be Thyself the way 
Through terrestrial darkness 

To celestial day. 

Jesu, meek and gentle, 

Son of God most high, 
Pitying, loving Saviour, 

Hear Thy children's cry. Amen. 

n He shall feed His flock like a shepherd ; He shall gather 
the lambs with His arm, and carry them in His bosom." 

229 Saviour, like a shepherd lead us, 
Much we need Thy tender care ; 
In Thy pleasant pastures feed us ; 


For our use Thy folds prepare : 

Blessed Jesus! 
Thou has bought us, Thine we are. 

Thou hast promised to receive us. 
Poor and sinful though we be ; 

Thou hast mercy to relieve us; 

Grace to cleanse, and power to free : 

Blessed Jesus ! 
Let us early turn to Thee. 

Early let us seek Thy favour, 

Early let us learn Thy will ; 
Do Thou, Lord, our only Saviour, 

With Thy love our bosoms fill : 
Blessed Jesus ! 

Thou hast loved us, — love us still. Amen. 

l Bi strong and of a good cmirage. . . And the Lord, lie 
it is that doth go before thee'' 

232 Onward, Christian soldiers, 

Marching as to war. 

With the Cross of Jesus 

Going on before. 
Christ the Royal Master 
Leads against the foe ; 
Forward into battle, 
See, His banners go. 

Onward, Christian soldiers, 

Marching as to war. 
With the Cross of Jesus 
Going on before. 


At the sign of triumph 
:rs host doth flee; 
On. then. Christian soldiers, 

On to victory. 
Sell's foundations quiver 
At the shout of praifi ; 
- tiers, lift your voic 3, 
Loud your anthems raise. 
Onward, etc. 

Like a mighty army 

Moves the Church of God; 
Brothers, we are treading 

Where the saints have trod; 
We are not divided, 

All one body we, 
One in hupe and doctrine, 

One in charity. 
Onward, etc. 

Crowns and thrones may perish, 

Kingdoms rise and wane. 
But the Church of Jtsus 
Constant will remain; 
3 of hell can never 
linst that Church prevail; 
We have Christ's own promise, 
And that cannot fail. 
Onward, etc. 

Onward, then, ye people, 
Join our happy throng, 


Blend with ours your voices 

In the triumph -song ; 
Glory, laud, and honour, 
Unto Christ the King ; 
This through countless ages 
Men and Angels sing. 

Onward, Christian soldiers, 

Marching as to war, 
With the cross of Jesus 
Going on before. Amen. 

fk My grace is sufficient for thee" 

237 My faith looks up to Thee, 
Thou Lamb of Calvary, 

Saviour divine! 
Now hear me while I pray : 
Take all my guilt away ; 
let me from this dav 

Be wholly Thine. 

May Thy rich grace impart 
Strength to my fainting heart, 

My zeal inspire ; 
As Thou hast died for me, 
may my love to Thee 
Pure, warm, and changeless be, 

A living fire. 

While life's dark maze I tread, 
And griefs around me spread, 
Be Thou my guide ; 


Bid darkness turn to day ; 
Wipe sorrow's tears away, 
Nor lei me ever stray 
Prom Thee aside. 

When ends life's transient dream, 
When death's cold, sullen stream 

Shall o'er me roll, 
Blest Saviour, then in love. 
Fear and distrust remove; 
bear me safe above. 

A ransom'd soul. Amen. 

'" And they shall be Mine, with the Lord of hosts, in that 
day when I make up Myjex 

238 Thine forever:— God of love, 

Hear us from Thy throne above; 
Thine forever may we be. 
Here and in eternity. 

Thine forever :— Lord of life, 
Shield us through our earthlv strife: 
Thou the Life, the Truth, the Way. 
Guide us to the realms of day. 

Thine forever : — how bless'd 
They who find in Thee their r- 
Saviour. Guardian, Heavenly Friend, 
defend us to the end. 


Thine forever : — Saviour, keep 
These thy frail and trembling sheep; 
Safe alone beneath Thy care. 
Let us all Thy goodness share. 

Thine forever: — Thou our guide. 

All our wants by Thee supplied. 
All our sins by Thee forgiven. 
Lead us. Lord, from earth to heaven. 


"Put on the whole armour of God." 

242 Arm these Thy soldiers, mighty Lord. 
With shield of faith and Spirit's .-word ; 
Forth to the battle may they go, 

And boldly fight against the : 
With banner of the cross unfuiTd. 
And by it overcome the world ; 
And bo at last receive from Th 
The palm and crown of victory. 

Come, ever-blessed Spirit, come. 

And make Thy servants' hearts Thy home ; 
May each a living teniple be. 
Hallow'd forever. Lord, to Th< 
Enrich that temple's holy shrine 
With sevenfold gifts of grace divine : 
With wisdom, light, and knowledge bless. 
Strength, counsel, fear, and godliness. 



" 8wrdy He hath harm tarried our 


252 When our heads are bowed with w 
When our bitter tears o'erflow. 
When we mourn the lost, the dear, 
Jesu, Sou of Mary, hear. 

Thou our throbbing flesh hast worn, 
Thou oar mortal griefs hast borne, 
Thou hast Bhed the human tear; 
.1 «u, Son of Mary. hear. 

When the solemn death-bell tolls 
For our own departing souls. 
When our final doom is near, 
Jesu, Son of Mary. hear. 

Thou hast bowed the dying head. 
Thou the blood of life hast shed, 
Thou hast filled a mortal bier ; 
Jesu, Son of Mary, hear. 

When the heart is sad within 
With the thought of all its sin. 
When the spirit shrinks with fear, 
Jesu, Son of Mary. hear. 

Thou the shame, the grief, hast known, 
Though the sins were not Thine own ; 
Thou hast deigned their load to bear : 
Jesu, Son of Mary, hear. Amen. 

" Make Thy way straight before my face? 

254 Thy way, not mine, Lord, 

However dark it be : 
Lead me by Thine own band. 

Choose out the path for me. 
Smooth let it be or rough, 

It will be still the best; 
Winding or straight, it leads 

Right onward to Thy rest. 

I dare not choose my lot ; 

I would not. if I might ; 
Choose Thou for me, my God ; 

So shall I walk aright. 
Take Thou my cup, and it 

With joy or sorrow fill. 
As best to Thee may seem ; 

Choose Thou my good and ill. 
Choose Thou for me my friends, 

My sickness or my health ; 
Choose Thou my cares for me, 

My poverty or wealth. 
Not mine, not mine the choice, 

In things or great or small ; 
Be Thou my guide, my strength, 

My wisdom and, my all. Anieu. 

<k Thy will be doner 

256 My God, my Father, while I stray 
Far from my home, on life's rough way, 


teach me from mv heart to >av. 

- Thy will be done." 

'Though dark my path, and sad my lot, 
L ; me be still and murmur not. 
Or breathe the prayer divinely taught, 
•• Thy will be done." 

What though in lonely grief I sigh 
For friends beloved no longer nigh. 
Submissive still would I reply, 
" Thy will be done.* 

If Thou shouldst call me to resign 
What most I prize — it ne'er was mine, 

1 onlv yield Thee what is Thine — 

u Thy will be done.''* 

Let but my fainting heart be blest 
With Thy sweet Spirit for its guest, 
My God, to Thee I leave the rest ; 

- Thy will be done." 

Renew my will from day to day. 
Blend it with Thine, and take away 
All that now makes it hard to say, 

- Thy will be done." Amen. 

M My meditation of Him shall be sweet." 

257 Whate'er my God ordains is right ; 
His will is ever just; 
Howe'er He orders now my cause, 

I will be still and trust. 


He is my God ; 

Though dark my road, 
He holds me that I shall not fall, 
Wherefore to Him I leave it all. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right ; 

He never will deceive ; 
He leads me by the proper path, 
And so to Him I cleave, 
And take content 
What He hath sent ; 
His hand can turn my griefs away, 
And patiently I wait His day. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right; 

Though I the cup must drink 
That bitter seems to my faint heart, 
I will not fear nor shrink ; 
Tears pass away 
With dawn of day; 
Sweet comfort yet shall fill my heart. 
And pain and sorrow all depart. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right ; 

My Light, my Life is He, 
Who cannot will me ought but good ; 
I trust him utterly ; 
For well I know, 
In joy or woe, 
We soon shall see, as sunlight clear, 
How faithful was our Guardian here. 


Whatever my God ordains is right ; 

Here will I rake my stand. 
Though Borrow, need, or deatli make earth 
For me a desert land. 

My Father's care 

Is round me there. 
He holds me that I shall not fall: 
And so to Him I leave it all. Amen. 

We brought nothing into ihu world, and it is certain 
we can carry nothing out:' 

262 Sate Home, safe Home in port ! 
Bent cordage, shattered deck, 
Torn sails, provision short. 
And only not a wreck : 
But the joy upon the shore. 
To tell our voyage perils o'er ! 

The prize, the prize secure ! » 

The warrior nearly fell : 
Bare all he could enaure, 
And bare not always well: 
But he may smile at troubles gone 
Who sets the victor-garland on! 

Xo more the foe can harm : 

Xo more of leaguer'd camp. 
And cry of night alarm. 
And need of ready lamp : 
And yet how nearly had he fail'd. — 
How nearly had that foe prevailed! 


The lamb is in the fold 

In perfect safety penn ? d; 
The Hon once had hold, 

And thought to make an end ; 
But One came by with wounded side, 
And for the sheep the Shepherd died. 


" Tlie Lord said unto him, I have hallowed this house to 
put My Name tlwre forever, and Mine eyes and Mine 
heart shall be there perpetually." 

279 Christ is our corner-stone, 
On Him alone we build: 
With His true saints alone 

The courts of heaven are filled : 
On His great love 
Our hopes we place 
Of present grace 
4 And joys above. 

then with hymns of praise 

These hallowed courts shall ring, 
Our voices we will raise 
_ The Three in One to sing ; 
And thus proclaim 
In joyful song 
Both loud and long 
That glorious Name. 

Here, gracious God, do Thou 
For evermore draw nigh; 


Accept each faithful vow. 

And mark each suppliant sigh: 
In copious shower 
On all who pray 
Each holy day 
Thy blessings pour. 

Here may we gain from heaven 
The grace which we implore ; 
And may that grace, once given. 
Be with as evermore. 
Until that day 
When all the blest 
To endless rest 
Are called away. Amen. 

" Behold ', I lay in Sion a chief corner-stone, elect, 

282 Christ is made the sure foundation, 
Christ the head and corner-stone, 

Chosen of the Lord, and precious. 
Binding all the Church in one, 

Holy Sion's help forever. 
And her confidence alone. 

All that dedicated city. 

Dearly loved of God on high, 
In exultant jubilation 

Pours perpetual melody ; 
God the One in Three adoring 

In glad hymns eternally. 


To this temple, where we call Thee, 
Come, Lord of hosts, to-day : 

With Thy wonted loving-kindness, 
Hear Thy servants as they pray; 

And Thy fullest benediction 
Shed within its walls alway. 

Here vouchsafe to all Thy servants 
What they ask of Thee to gain, 

What they gain from Thee for evei 
With the blessed to retain, 

And hereafter in Thy glory 
Evermore with Thee to reign. 

Praise and honour to the Father, 
Praise and honour to the Son, 

Praise and honour to. the Spirit, 
Ever Three, and ever One, 

One in might, and One in glory, 
While eternal ages run. Amen. 

" Come over and help us" 

283 Feom Greenland's icy mountains, 

From India's coral strand, 
Where Afric's sunny fountains 

Poll down their golden sand ; 
From many an ancient river, 

From many a palmy plain, 
They call us to deliver 

Tneir land from errors chain. 


What though the spicy breezes 

Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle; 
Though every prospect pleases, 

And only man is vile : 
In vain with lavish kindness 

The gifts of God are strown ; 
The heathen in his blindness 

Bows down to wood and stone. 

Shall we, whose souls are lighted 

With wisdom from on high ; 
Shall we to men benighted 

The lamp of life deny ? 
Salvation ! Oh, Salvation ! 

The joyful sound proclaim, 
Till each remotest nation 

Has learnt Messiah's Name. 

Waft, waft, ye winds, His story, 

And you, ye waters, roll, 
Till, like a sea of glory, 

It spreads from pole to pole : 
Till o'er our ransonvd nature 

The Lamb for sinners slain, 
Eedeemer, King, Creator, 

In bliss returns to reign. Amen. 

;i He shall have dominion from sea to sea.*' 

284 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 
Does his successive journeys run; 


His kingdom stretch from shore to shore, 
Till moons shall wax and wane no more. 

To Him shall endless prayer be made, 
And praises throng to crown His Head ; 
His name like sweet perfume shall rise 
With every morning sacrifice. 

People and realms of every tongue 
Dwell on His love with sweetest song ; 
And infant voices shall proclaim 
Their early blessings on His name. 

Blessings abound where'er He reigns ; 
The prisoner leaps to loose his chains, 
The weary find eternal rest, 
And all the sons of want are blest. 

Let every creature rise and bring 
Peculiar honours to our King ; 
Angels descend with songs again, 
And earth repeat the loud Amen. Amen. 

u As every man hath received the gift, even so minister 
the same one to another" 

299 We give Thee but Thine own 
Whate'er the gift may be : 
All that we have is Thine alone, 
A trust, Lord, from Thee. 

May we Thy bounties thus 
As stewards true receive, 


And gladly, as Thou blessest us, 

To Thee our first-fruits give. Amen. 

' clap yr>ur hands together, all ye people : sing unto 
God xcith the voice of melody." 

303 Now thank we all our God, 

With heart and hands and voices, 

Who wondrous things hath done,, 
In Whom His world rejoices: 
Who from our mothers arms 
Hath bless'd us on our way 
With countless gifts of love. 
And still is ours to-day. 

may this bounteous God 
Through all our life be near us. 

With ever joyful hearts 
And blessed peace to cheer us ; 
And keep us in His grace, 

And guide us when perplex'd, 
And free us from all ills 
In this world and the next. 

All praise and thanks to God 
The Father now be given, 

The Son, and Him Who reigiu 
With Them in highest heaven, 
The One eternal God. 

Whom earth and heaven adore, 
For thus it was, is now, 

And shall be evermore. Amen. 


11 Wlw giveth food to all flesh; for His mercy endureth 
J or exer." 

305 Praise, praise our God and King ! 
Hymns of adoration sing ; 
For His mercies still endure, 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

Praise Him that He made the sun 
Day by day his course to run ; 
For, etc. 

And the silver moon by night, 
Shining with her gentle light ; 
For, etc. 

Praise Him that he gave the rain 
To mature the swelling grain ; 
For, etc. 

And hath bid the fruitful field 
Crops of precious increase yield ; 
For, etc. 

Praise Him for our harvest-store. 
He hath fill'd the garner-floor ; 
For, etc. 

And for richer food than this, 
Pledge of everlasting bliss ; 
For, etc. 

Glory to our bounteous King ! 
Glory let creation sing ! 


Glory to the Father, Son, 
An(T blest Spirit, Three in One. 


1 TJiere remaineth titer ef ore a rest for the people of God." 

317 There is a blessed home 

Beyond this land of woe, 
Where trials never come, 

Nor tears of sorrow flow ; 
Where faith is lost in sight, 

And patient hope is crowird, 
And everlasting light 

Its glory throws around. 

There is a land of peace, 

Good Angels know it well ; 
Glad songs that never cease 

Within its portals swell ; 
Around its glorious throne 

Ten thousand saints adore 
Christ, with the Father One, 

And Spirit, evermore. 

joy all joys beyond, 

To. see the Lamb Who died, 
And count each sacred wound 

In hands and feet and side ; 
To give to Him the praise 

Of every triumph won, 
And sins: through endless days 

The great things He hath done. 


Look up, ye saints of God, 

Nor fear to tread below 
The path your Saviour trod 

Of daily toil and woe ; 
Wait but a little while 

In uncomplaining love, 
His own most gracious smile 

Shall welcome you above. Amen. 

" Under His wings shalt thou trust," 

333 All praise to Thee, my God, this night, 
For all the blessings of the light : 
Keep me, keep me, King of kings, 
Beneath Thine own Almighty Wings. 

Forgive me, Lord, for Thy dear Son, 
The ill that I this day have done; 
That with the world, myself, and Thee, 
I, ere I sleep, at peace may be. 

Teach me to live, th&t I may dread 
The grave as little as my bed ; 
To die, that this vile body may 
Eise glorious at the awful day. 

may my soul on Thee repose, 
And with sweet sleep mine eyelids close : 
Sleep, that may me more vigorous make 
To serve my God, when I awake. 

When in the night I sleepless lie, 

My soul with heavenly thoughts supply: 


Let no ill dreams disturb my rest, 
N o powers of darkness me molest. 

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow; 
Praise Him, all creatures here below; 
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host; 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen. 

"Abide with us ; for the day is fur spent." 

335 Abide with me : fast falls the eventide ; 
The darkness deepens ; Lord, with me abide : 
When other helpers fail, and comforts flee, 
Help of the helpless, abide with me. 

Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day; 
Earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass away, 
Change and decay in all around I see ; 

Thou Who changest not, abide with me. 

1 need Thy presence every passing hour ; 
What but Thy grace can foil the tempter's 

power ? 
Who, like Thyself, my guide and stay can be? 
Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with 


I fear no foe, with Thee at hand to bless : 
Ills have no w T eight, and tears no bitterness. 
Where is death's sting ? where, grave, thy vic- 
tory ? 
I triumph still, if Thou abide with me. 


Hold Thou Thy Cross before ruy closing eyes : 
Shine through the gloom, and point me to" the 

Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's yam 

shadows flee ; 
In life, in death, Lord, abide with me. 

(i Thy sun shall no more go doicn." 

336 Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear, 
It is not night, if Thou be near; 
may no earth-born cloud arise 
To hide Thee from Thy servant's eyes. 

When the soft dews of kindly sleep 
My weary eyelids gently steep, 
Be my last thought, how sweet to rest 
Forever on my Saviour's breast. 

Abide with me from morn till eve. 
For without Thee I cannot live; 
Abide with me when night is nigh, 
For without Thee I dare not die. 

If some poor wandering child of Thine 
Have spurn'd to-day the voice divine, 
Now, Lord, the gracious work begin; 
Let him no more lie down in sin. 

Watch by the sick ; enrich the poor 
With blessings from Thy boundless store ; 
Be every mourners sleep to-night, 
Like infant slumbers, pure and light 


Come near and bless us when we wake, 
Ere through the world our way we take. 
Till in the ocean of Thy love 
We lose ourselves in Heaven above. Amen. 

11 The Lord is my light" 

338 Sweet Saviour, bless us ere we go : 
Thy word into our minds instil ; 

And make our lukewarm hearts to glow 
With lowly love and fervent will. 

Through life's long day and death's dark night, 

gentle Jesu, be our Light. 

The day is gone, its hours have run. 

And Thou hast taken count of all. 
The scanty triumphs grace hath won, 

The broken vow, the frequent fall. 
Through, etc. 

Grant us, dear Lord, from evil ways 

True absolution and release : 
And bless us. more than in past days, 

With purity and inward peace. 
Through, etc. 

Labour is sweet, for thou hast toil'd ; 

And care is light, for thou hast cared: 
Ah ! never let our works be soil'd 

With strife, or by deceit ensnared. 
Through, etc. 


For all we love, the poor, the sad, 

The sinful, unto Thee we call ; 
let Thy mercy make us glad ; 

Thou art our Jesus, and our all. 
Through, etc. 

Sweet Saviour, bless us ; night is come ; 

Through night and darkness near us be; 
Good angels watch about our home, 

And we are one day nearer thee. 
Through, etc. Amen. 

" Darkness and light to TJiee are both alike. 11 

339 Ixspirer and hearer of prayer, 

Thou shepherd and guardian of Thine, 
My all to Thy covenant care 
I, sleeping or waking, resign. 

If Thou art my shield and my sun, 
The night is no darkness to me ; 

And, fast as my minutes roll on, 
They bring me but nearer to Thee. 

A sovereign protector I have, 

Un seen, yet forever at hand ; 
Unchangeably faithful to save, 

Almighty to rule and command. 

His smiles and His comforts abound, 
His grace, as the dew, shall descend ; 

And walls of salvation surround 

The soul He delights to defend. Amen. 


"M the lifting up of my hands be an evening sacrifice* 

340 Softly now the light of day 
Fades upon my sight away : 
Free from care, from labour free. 
Lord, I would commune with Thee: 

Thou, Whose all-pervading eye 
Nought escapes, without, within. 

Pardon each infirmity, 
Open fault, and secret sin. 

Soon, for me, the light of day 
Shall forever pass away ; 
Then, from sin and sorrow free. 
Take me. Lord, to dwell with Thee : 

Thou Who, sinless, yet hast known 

All of man's infirmity: 
Then, from Thine eternal Throne, 

Jesus, look with pitying eye. Amen. 

" Thou, Lord, only makest me die ell in safety" 

341 The day is past and over : 
All thanks, Lord, to Thee! 

I pray Thee that offenceless 

The hours of dark may be. 
Jesu, keep me in Thy sight. 
And guard me through the coming mght! 

The joys of day are over: 
I lift my heart to Thee ; 


And call on Thee that sinless 

The hours of gloom may be. 
Jesu, make their darkness light, 
And guard me through the coming night ! 

The toils of day are over ; 

I raise the hymn to Thee, 
And ask that free from peril 

The hours of fear may be : 
Jesu, keep me in Thy sight, 
And guard me through the coming night. 

Lighten mine eyes, Saviour, 

Or sleep in death shall I, 
And he, my wakeful tempter, 

Triumphantly shall cry, 
"Against him I have now prevailed: 
Eejoice ! the child of God has failed/' 

Be Thou my soul's Preserver, 

God! for Thou dost know 
How many are the perils 

Through which I have to go. 
loving Jesu, hear my call, 
And guard and save me from them all! 


" He shall give His angels charge over thee" 

344 God, that madest earth and heaven, 
Darkness and light ; 
Who the day for toil hast given, 
For rest the night : 


May Thine Angel-guards defend us, 
Slumber sweet Thy mercy send us, 
Holy dreams and hopes attend us, 
This livelong night 

Guard us waking, guard us sleeping, 

And, when we die, 
May we in Thy mighty keeping, 

All peaceful lie : 
When the last dread call shall wake us, 
Do not Thou, our God, forsake us, 
But to reign in glory take us 

With Thee on high. Amen. 

Whether ice wake or sleep, ice should lice together with 

345 The sun is sinking fast, 
The daylight dies; 
Let love awake, and pay 
Her evening sacrifice. 

As Christ upon the cross 

His head inclined, 
And to His Father's Hands 

Hi3 parcing soul resign'd; 

So now herself my soul 

Would wholly give 

Into His sacred charge, 

t In W 7 hom all spirits live ; 

So now beneath His eye 
Would calmly rest, 


Without a wish or thought 
Abiding in the breast ; 

Save that His will be done, 

Whate'er betide ; 
Dead to herself, and dead 

In Him to all beside. 

Thus would I live: yet now 

Not I, but He, 
In all His power and love, 

Henceforth alive in me. 

One Saored Trinity, 

One Lord Divine, 
May I be ever His, 

And He for ever mine. Amen. 

u Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto 
my path." 

362 word of God Incarnate, 

"Wisdom from on high, 
Truth unchanged, unchanging, 

Light of our dark sky ! 
We praise Thee for the radiance 

That from the ballow'd page, 
A lantern to our footsteps, 

Shines on from age to age. • 

The Church from her dear Mastei 
Eeceived the gift divine, 


And still that light she lifteth 
O'er all the earth to shine. 

It is the golden casket 

Where gems of truth are storeu, 
It is the heaven-drawn picture 

Of Christ the living Word. 

It floateth like a banner 

Before God's host unfuiTd; 
It shineth like a beacon 

Above the darkling world; 
It is the chart and compass 

That o'er life's surging sea, 
Mid mists, and rocks, and quicksands, 

Still guide, Christ, to Thee. 

make Thy Church, dear Saviour, 

A lamp of bnrnish'd gold, 
To bear before the nations 

Thy true light as of old; 
teach Thy wandering pilgrims 

By this their path to trace, 
Till, clouds and darkness ended, 

Thev see Thee face to face. Amen. 

" My heart shall rejoice in Thy salvation? 

369 Salvation, the joyful sound! 
Tis pleasure to our ears, 
A sovereign balm for every wound, 
A cordial for our fears. 


Glory, honour, praise, and powe * 
Be unto the Lamb forever ! 
Jesus Christ is our Kedeem^x ; 
Alleluia ! praise the Lord. 

Buried in sorrow and in sin, 

At helFs dark door we lay ; 
But Ave arise, by grace divine, 

To see a heavenly day. 
Glory, honour, etc. 

Salvation ! let the echo fly 

The spacious earth around, 
While all the armies of the sky 

Conspire to raise the sound. 
Glory, honour, etc. Amen. 

** Every day will I give thanks unto Thee, and praisa 
Thy Name for ever and ever. 1 ' 

370 Saviour, source of every blessing, 
Tune my heart to grateful lays: 
Streams of mercy, never ceasing, 
Call for ceaseless songs of praise. 

Teach me some melodious measure, 
Sung by raptured saints above ; 

Fill my soul with sacred pleasure, 
While I sing redeeming love. 

Thou didst seek me when a stranger, 
Wandering from the fold of God ; 

Thou to save my soul from danger, 
Didst redeem me with Thy blood. 


By Thy Hand restored, defended, 
Safe "through life thus far I've come; 

Safe, Lord, when life is ended, 

Bring rne to my heavenly home. Amen. 

" Greater love hath no man than thi*, that a man lay 
down his life for Ids friends." 

372 To our Redeemers glorious Xame 
Awake the sacred song; 
may His Love, immortal flame ! 
Tune every heart and tongue. 

His love, what mortal thought can reach, 

What mortal tongue display ! 
Imagination's utmost stretch 

In wonder dies away. 

He left His radiant Throne on high, 
Left the bright realms of bliss, 

And came to earth to bleed and die : 
Was ever love like this? 

Dear Lord, while we adoring pay 

Our humble thanks to Thee, 
May every heart with rapture say, 

" The Saviour died for me/' 

may the sweet, the blissful theme. 

Fill every heart and tongue ; 
Till strangers love Thy charming Xame, 

And join the sacred song. Amen. 


" Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, 
and I will give you rest." 

378 All ye who seek for sure relief 
In trouble and distress, 
Whatever sorrow vex the mind, 
Or guilt the soul oppress : 

Jesus who gave Himself for you, 

Upon the cross to die, 
Opens to you his sacred Heart : 

to that Heart draw nigh. 

Ye hear how kindly He invites; 

Ye hear His Words so blest : 
fi All ve that labour come to Me, 

Ancl I will give you rest/' 

Jesu, joy of saints on high, 

Thou hope of sinners here, 
Attracted by those loving words, 

To Thee I lift my prayer. 

Wash Thou my wounds in that dear Blood 
Which forth from Thee doth flow ; 

Xew grace, new hope inspire ; a new 
And better heart bestow. Amen. 
" Him that cometh unto Me, I will in no icise cast out." 

381 Come, ye sinners, poor and needy, 

Weak and wounded, sick and sore : 
Jesus ready stands to save you, 

And His Heart with love runs o'er : 


lit- is able, 
He is willing : doubt no mure. 

Come, ye needy, come and welcome, 
God's free bounty glorify; 

True belief and true repentance, 
Every grace that brings you nigh, 

Without money, 
Come to Jesus Christ and buy. 

Come, ye weary, heavy-laden, 
Lost and ruin'd by the fall, 

If you tarry till you're better, 
You will never come at all: 

Not the righteous, 
Sinners Jesus came to call. 

Agonizing in the garden, 

Your Eedeemer prostrate lies ; 

On the bloody tree behold Him ! 
Hear Him cry, before He dies, 

-It is finished ! " 
Sinners, will not this suffice ? 

Lo ! tV Incarnate God. ascending, 
Pleads the merit of His Blood ; 

Venture on Him — venture wholly, 
Let no other trust intrude ; 

Xone but Jesus 
Can do helpless sinners good. 

Saints and angels, joiird in concert, 
Sing th e praises of the Lamb ; 


VThile the blissful courts of heaven 
Sweetly echo with His JSame ; 

"Alleluia ! 
Sinners here may sing the same. 

M To whom shaU we go but unto Thee." 

391 Just as I am, — without one plea, 
But that Thy Blood was shed for me, 
And that Thou bidd'st me come to Thee, 
Lamb of God, I come. 

Just as I am, — and waiting not 
To rid my soul of one dark blot, 
To Thee, Whose Blood can cleanse each spot, 
Lamb of God, I come. 

Just as I am, — though toss'd about 
With many a conflict, many a doubt, 
Fightings and fears within, without, 
Lamb of God, I come. 

Just as I am, — poor, wretched, blind — 
Sight, riches, healing of the mind, 
Yea, all I need, in Thee to find, 
Lamb of God, I come. 

Just as I am, — Thou wilt receive, 
Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve; 
Because Thy promise I believe, 
Lamb of God, I come. 


Just as I am, — Thy love unknown 
Has broken every barrier down ; 
Now to be Thine, yea, Thine alone, 
Lamb of'God, I come. 

Just as I am, — of that free love 

The breadth, length, depth, and height to 

Here for a season, then above — 

Lamb of God, I come. Amen. 
" TTtat rock was Christ. 11 

392 Rock of ages! cleft for me, 
Let me hide myself in Thee ; 
Let the water and the blood, 
From Thy side, a healing flood, 
Be of sin the double cure, 
Save from wrath, and make me pure. 

Should my tears for ever flow, 
Should my zeal no languor know, 
This for sin could not atone, 
Thou must save, and Thou alone; 
In my hand no price I bring, 
Simply to Thy cross I cling. 

While I draw this fleeting breath, 
When mine eyelids close in death. 
When I rise to worlds unknown, 
And behold Thee on Thy throne,- 
Eock of ages ! cleft for me, 
Let me hide mvself in Thee I Amen- 


" I flee unto Thee to hide me" 

393 Jesu, lover of my soul, 

Let me to Thy bosom fly. 
While the nearer waters roll. 

While the tempest still is high : 
Hide me, my Saviour, hide, 

Till the storm of life be past ; 
Safe into the haven guide, 

receive my soul at last. 

Other refuge have I none. 

Hangs my helpless soul on Thee : 
Leave, ah ! leave me not alone. 

Still support and comfort me : 
All my trust on Thee is stay'd ; 

All my help from Thee I bring; 
Cover my defenceless head 

With the shadow of Thy wing. 

Plenteous grace with Thee is found, 

Grace to cover all my sin ; 
Let the healing streams abound. 

Make and keep me pure within: 
Thou of life the fountain art. 

Freely let me take of Thee: 
Spring Thou up within my heart, 

Eise to all eternity. Amen. 

"Wlwm have I in Heaven but Thee." 

394 Jesus, my Saviour ! look on me, 
For I am weary and opprest ; 


I come to cast myself on Thee : 
Thou art my Eesr. 

Look down on me. for I am weak. 

I feel the toilsome journey's length; 
Thine aid omnipotent I seek: 
Thou art my Strength. 

I am bewilder d on my way. 

Dark and tempestuous is the night; 
send Thou forth some cheering ray 
Thou art my Light. 

When Satan flings his fiery darts. 

I look to Thee : my terrors cease ; 
Thy cross a hiding-place imparts: 
Thou art my Peace. 

Standing alone on Jordan's brink. 
In that tremendous latest strife. 
Thou wilt not suffer me to sink: 
Thou art my Life. 

Thou wilt my every want supply. 
E'en to the end whatever befall : 
Through life, in death, eternally. 
Thou art my All. Amen. 

11 praise the Lord of lie avert." 

411 Ye boundless realms of joy. 
Exalt your Maker's fame. 


His praise your song employ 
Abave the starry frame : 
Your voices raise. 
Ye cherubim 
And seraphim, 
To sing His praise. 

Thou moon, that rul'st the night. 
And sun, that guid'st the day, 
Ye glittering stars of light, 
To Him your homage pay : 
His praise declare, 
Ye heavens above, 
And clouds that move 
In liquid air. 

Let them adore the Lord, 

And praise His holy Xarne, 
By Whose almighty Word 
They all from nothing came ; 
"And all shall last 
From changes free ; 
His firm decree 

Stands ever fast. Amen. 

"Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord,' 

419 Begin, my soul, th' exalted lay ; 
Let each enraptured thought obey, 
And praise th/ Almighty's name: 


Lei heaven and earth, and seas and skies. 

In one melodious concert rise, 
To swell th' inspiring theme. 

Ye angels, catch the thrilling sound, 
While all tlr adoring thrones around 

His boundless mercy sing; 
Let every listening saint above 
Wake all the tuneful soul of love, 

And touch the sweetest string. 

Whate'er this living world contains. 
That wings the air or treads the plains, 

United praise bestow : 
Ye tenants of the ocean wide. 
Proclaim Him through the mighty tide. 

And in the deeps below. 

Let man, by nobler passions sway'd. 
The feeling heart, the judging head. 

In heavenly praise employ : 
Spread His tremendous name around. 
Till heav'Vs broad arch rings back the sound, 

The general burst of joy. Amen. 

M The morning stars sang together, and all the sons of 
God sh ou ted for joy." 

422 SONGS of praise the angels sang ; 
Heaven with Alleluias rang, 
When JEHOVAH'S work begun, 
When He spake and it was done. 



Songs of praise awoke the morn, 
When the Prince of Peace was born ; 
Songs of praise arose, when He 
Captive led captivity. 

Heaven and earth must pass away ; 
Songs of praise shall crown that day : 
God will make new heavens and earth ; 
Songs of praise shall hail their birth. 

And shall man alone be dumb 
Till that glorious kingdom come ? 
No ; the Church delights to raise 
Psalms, and hymns, and songs of praise. 

Saints below, with heart and voice, 
Still in songs of praise rejoice ; 
Learning here, by faith and love, 
Songs of praise to sing above. 

Borne upon their latest breath, 
Songs of praise shall conquer death ; 
Then, amidst eternal joy, 
Songs of praise their powers employ. 

424 All hail the power of Jesu's name ! 
Let angels prostrate fall ; 
Bring forth the royal diadem, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 


Crown Him, ye Martyrs of our God, 
Who from His altar call : 

Extol the Stem of Jessu's rod. 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

Hail Him. the Heir of David's line, 
Whom David. Lord did call; 

The God incarnate ! Man divine ! 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

Ye seed of Israel's chosen race, 

Ye ransomed of the fall. 
Hail Him who saves you by His grace. 

And crown Him Lord of all. 

Sinners, whose love can ne'er forget 
The wormwood and the gall, 

Go, spread your trophies at His feet, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

Let every kindred, every tribe, 

On this terrestrial ball. 
To Him all majesty ascribe, 

And crown Him Lord of all. Amen. 

44 All Thy works praise Thee, Lord" 

425 The strain upraise of joy and praise, 

To the glory of their King 
Shall the ransom'd people sing. Alleluia! 

And the choirs that dwell on high 
Shall re-echo through the sky, " Alleluia: 


They in the rest of Paradise who dwell 
The blessed ones with joy the chorus swell, 

Alleluia ! 
Tr e planets beaming on their heavenly way, 
The shining constellation, join and say, 

Alleluia ! 

Ye clouds that onward sweep, 

Ye winds on pinions light, 
Ye thunders, echoing loud and deep, 

Ye lightnings, wildly bright, 
In sweet consent unite your Alleluia! 

Ye floods and ocean billows, 
Ye" storms and winter suow, 

Ye days of cloudless beauty, 
Hoar frost and summer glow : 

Ye groves that wave in spring, 

And glorious forests, sing Alleluia J 

First let the birds, with painted plumage gay, 
Exalt their great Creators praise, and say, 

Then let the beasts of earth, with varying 

Join in creation's hymn, and crv again, 


Here let the mountains thunder forth sonor- 
ous, Alleluia ! 
There let the valleys sing in gentler chorus, 

Alleluia ! 


Thou jubilant abyss of ocean, cry. Alleluia! 
Ye truer- of earth and continent: s, reply, 


T<> God, who all creation made, 

The frequent hymn be duly paid: Alleluia! 

This is the strain, the eternal strain, the Lord 
Almighty loi Alleluia ! 

This is the song, the heavenly song, that Christ 
the King, approves : Alleluia ! 

Wherefore we sing, both heart and voice awak- 
ing, Alleluia ! 

And children's voices echo, answer making, 


Xow from all men be outpoured 
Alleluia to the Lord ; 
With Alleluia evermore 
The Son and Spirit we adore. 
Praise be done to the Three in One, 

Alleluia ! Alleluia ! Alleluia ! Amen. 

"Edit/, Holy, Holy." 

428 Come, Thou Almighty King, 
Help us Thy name to sing, 

Help us to praise! 
Father all glorious, 
O'er all victorious, 
Come and reign over us, 

Ancient of day.-. 


Come, Thou Incarnate Word 
Gird on Thy mighty sword ; 

Our prayer attend ; 
Come, and Thy people bless ; 
Come, give Thy word success ; 
Spirit of holiness, 

On us descend! 

Come, holy Comforter, 
Thy sacred witness bear, 

In this glad hour : 
Thou, Who almighty art, 
Xow rule in every heart, 
And ne'er from us depart, 

Spirit of power. 

To Thee, great One in Three, 
The highest praises be, 

Hence evermore ; 
Thy sovereign majesty 
May we in glory see, 
And to eternity 

Love and adore. Amen. 

"And again they mid, Alleluia." 

430 Alleluia, song of sweetness, 
Voice of joy that cannot die , 

Alleluia is the anthem 

Ever dear to choirs on high ; 

In the house of God abiding, 
Thus they sing eternally. 


Alleluia thou resoundest, 

True Jerusalem arid free ; 
Alleluia joyful Mother, 

All thy children sing with thee ; 
But by Babylon's sad waters 

Mourning exiles now are we. 

Alleluia cannot always 

Be our song while here below ; 

Alleluia our transgressions 
Make us for a while forego : 

For the solemn time is coming 
When our tears for sin must flow. 

Therefore in our hymns we pray Thee, 

Grant us, Blessed Trinity, 
At the last to keep Thine Easter 

In our Home beyond the sky ; 
There to Thee forever singing 

Alleluia joyfully. Amen. 

u One cried unto another, and said, Holy, Holy, Holy" 

431 Round the Lord in glory seated 

Cherubim and Seraphim 
Fill'd His temple, and repeated 

Each to each the alternate hymn. 
" Lord, Thy glory fills the Heaven, 

Earth is with Thy fulness stored; 
Unto Thee be glory given, 

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord!" 


Heaven is still with glory ringing, 
Earth takes up the angels 9 cry, 
" Holy, Holy, Holy," singing, 

" Lord of hosts, the Lord most High." 
With His Seraph train before Him, 

With His Holy Church below, 
Thus conspire we to adore Him, 

Bid we thus our anthem flow : 

" Lord, Thy glory fills the Heaven, 

Earth is with Thy fulness stored; 
Unto Thee be glory given, 

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord." 
Thus Thy glorious Name confessing, 

We adopt Thv angels' cry, 
" Holy, Holy, Holy," blessing 

Thee, the Lord of hosts most High. 


. " And all her streets shall say, Alleluia." 

432 SiKG Alleluia forth in duteous praise, 
citizens of heaven ; and sweetly raise 
An endless Alleluia. 

Ye next, who stand before the Eternal Light, 
In hymning choirs re-echo to the height 
An endless Alleluia. 

The Holy City shall take up your strain, 
And with glad songs resounding wake again 
An endless Alleluia. 


In blissful antiphons ye thus rejoice 
To render to the Lord with thankful voice 
An endless Alleluia. 

Ye who have gained at length your palms in 

Victorious ones, your chant shall still be this, 
An endless Alleluia. 

There, in one grand acclaim, for ever ring 
The strains which tell the honour of vour 


An endless Alleluia. 

This is the rest for weary ones brought back, 
This is the food and drink which none shall 

An endless Alleluia. 

While Thee, by Whom were all things made, 

we praise 
For ever, and tell out in sweetest lays 
An endless Alleluia. 

Almighty Christ, to Thee our voices sing 
Glory for evermore ; to Thee we bring 

An endless Alleluia. Amen. 

" Put on the whole armour of God.'' 1 

434 Jesus, my strength, my hope, 
On Thee I cast my care, 
With humble confidence look up. 
And know Thou hearst my prayer: 


Give me on Thee to wait, 
Till I can all things do — 
On Thee, almighty to create, 
Almighty to renew. 

Give me a sober mind, 

A self-renouncing will, 
That tramples down and casts behind 

The baits of pleasing ill : 

A soul inured to pain, 

To hardship, grief, and loss ; 
Ready to take up and sustain 

The consecrated cross. 

Give me a godly fear, 
- A quick, discerning eye, 
That looks to Thee when sin is near, 

And sees the tempter fly ; 

A spirit still prepared, 

And arnfd with jealous care, 
For ever standing on its guard, 

And watching unto prayer. 

Give me a true regard, 

A single, steady aim, 
Unmoved by threatening or reward, 

To Thee and Thy great Name ; 

Give me a heart to pray, 

To pray and never cease, 
Never to murmur at Thy stay, 

Or wish my sufferings less. 


I rest upon Thy word, 

The promise is for me ; 
My succour and salvation. Lord, 

Shall surely come from Thee ; 

But let me still abide, 

Nor from my hope remove. 
Till Thou my patient spirit guide 

Into Thy perfect love. Amen. 

" / hare prayed for ihtt that thy faith fail not." 

443 In the hour of trial, 

Jesas, plead for me; 
Lest by base denial 

I depart from Thee ; 
When Thou Bee'st me waver, 

With a look recall, 
Nor for fear or favour 

Suffer me to fall. 

With forbidden pleasures 

Would this vain world charm ; 
Or its sordid treasures 

Spread to work me harm ; 
Bring to my remembrance 

Saa Gethsemane, 
Or, in darker semblance, 

Crosa-crown'd Calvary. 

Should Thy mercy send me 

Sorrow, toil, and woe ; 
Or should pain attend me 

On my path below ; 


Grant that I may never 

Fail Thy hand to see ; 
Grant that I may ever 

Cast my care on Thee. 

When my last hour cometh, 

Fraught with strife and pain, 
When my dust returneth 

To the dust again ; 
On Thy truth relying, 

Through that mortal strife, 
Jesus, take me, dying, 

To eternal life. Amen. 

" That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith } 

455 Jesu, the very thought of Thee 
With sweetness fills the breast 
But sweeter far Thy face to see, 
And in Thy presence rest. 

~No voice can sing, no heart can frame, 

Nor can the memory find, 
A sweeter sound than Jesu's name, 

The Saviour of mankind. 

hope of every contrite heart, 

joy of all the meek, 
To those who fall, how kind Thou art! 

How good to Those who seek I 

Jesu, our only joy be Thou, 
As thou our prize wilt be ; 


In Thee be all our glory now, 
And through eternity. Amen. 

44 The lore of God icliich is in Christ Jesus our Lord" 

456 Love divine, all love excelling, 

Joy of heaven, to earth come down! 
Fix in as, Thy humble dwelling, 

All Thy faithful mercies crown. 
Jesu, thou art all compassion, 

Pure, unbounded love Thou art; 
Visit us with Thy salvation, 

Enter every trembling heart. 

Breathe, breathe Thy loving Spirit 

Into every troubled breast ! 
Let us all in Thee inherit, 

Let us find Thy promised rest ; 
Take away the love of sinning, 

Alpha and Omega be, — 
End of faith, as its beginning, 

Set our hearts at liberty. 

Come, Almighty to deliver, 

Let us all Thy grace receive ; 
Suddenly return, and never, 

Xever more Thy temples leave. 
Thee we would be always blessing; 

Serve Thee as thy hosts above ; 
Pray, and praise Thee without ceasing : 

Glory in Thy perfect love. 


Finish then Thy new creation, 

Pure and spotless let us be : 
Let us see Thy great salvation, 

Perfectly restored in Thee. 
Changed from glory into glory, 

Till in heaven we take our place : 
Till we cast our crowns before Thee, 

Lost in wonder, love, and praise. 


"I icitt fove Thee, Lord my strength." 

461 Thee will I love, my strength, my tower, 
Thee will I love, my joy, my crown ; 

Thee will I love with all my power, 
In all my works, and Thee alone : 

Thee will I love, till sacred fire 

Fill my whole soul with pure desire. 

I thank thee, uncreated Sun, 

That Thy bright beams on me have shined: 
I thank Thee, who hast overthrown 

My foes, and healed my wounded mind ; 
I thank Thee, whose enlivening voice 
Bids my freed heart in Thee rejoice. 

Uphold me in the doubtful race, 

Nor suffer me again to stray ; 
Strengthen my feet, t with steady pac# 

Still to press forward in Thy way ; 
That all my powers, with all their might, 
In Thy sole glory may unite. 


Thee will I love, inv joy, my crown : 
Thee will I love, my Lord, my God ! 

Thee will I love, beneath Thy frown 
Or smile, Thy sceptre or Thy rod; 

What though my flesh and heart decay ? 

Thee shall I love in endless day. Amen. 

u They sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and 
the song of the Lamb." 

463 Awake, and sing the song 

Of Moses and the Lamb ; 
Wake every heart and every tongue, 
To praise the Saviour's name. 

Sing of His dying love ; 

Sing of His rising power ; 
Sing how He intercedes above 

For those whose sins He bore. 

Sing on your heavenly way. 

Ye ransonrd sinners, sing ; 
Sing on, rejoicing every day 
In Christ the eternal King. 

Soon shall ye hear Him say, 
" Ye blessed children, come ! " 

Soon will He call you hence away, 

And take His wanderers home. Amen. 

11 TJie Lord is my Shepherd. 11 

464 The King of Love my Shepherd is, 
Whose goodness failetti never; 


I nothing lack if I am His, 
And He is mine forever. 

Where streams of living water flow 
My ransom'd soul He leadeth, 

And, where the verdant pastures grow, 
With food celestial feedeth. 

Perverse and foolish, oft I stray 'd, 
But yet in love He sought me, 

And on His shoulder gently laid, 
And home, rejoicing, brought me. 

In death's dark vale I fear no ill 
With Thee, dear Lord, beside me ; 

Thy rod and staff my comfort still, 
Thy cross before to guide me. 

Thou spreadst a table in my sight, 
Thy unction grace bestowetb, 

And the transport of delight 
With which my cup o'erfloweth ! 

And so, through all the length of days, 
Thy goodness faileth never ; 

Good Shepherd, may I sing Thy praise 
Within Thv house forever ! Amen. 

" Father, I will that tlieywlwm Thou hast given Me U 
with Me where I amP 

466 Lord, forever at Thy side 

Let my place and portion be . 


Strip rne of the robe of pride, 
Clothe me with humility. 

Meekly May mv soul receive 
All Thy Spirit hath reveal'd ; 

Thou hast spoken — I believe, 
Though the oracle be seal'd. 

Humble as a little child 

Weaned from the mother's breast, 
By no subtleties beguiled, 

On Thy faithful word I rest. 

Israel! now and evermore 
In the Lord JEHOVAH trust'; 

Him, in all His ways, adore, 

Wise, and wonderful, and just Amen. 

"He shall give Ms angels charge over thee." 

469 God shall charge His angel legions 
Watch and ward o'er thee to keep ; 

Though thou walk through hostile regions. 
Though in desert wilds thou sleep. 

On the lion vainly roaring, 

On his young, thy foot shall tread ; 

And, the dragon's den exploring, 

Thou shalt bruise the serpent's head. 

Since, with pure and firm affection, 
Thou on God hast set thy love, 


With the wings of His protection 
He will shield thee from above. 

Thou shalt call on Him in trouble, 

He will hearken, He will save ; 
Here for grief reward thee double, 

Crown with life beyond the grave. Amen. 

"Be of good clieer : it is I: be not afraid." 

472 Breast the wave, Christian, 

When it is strongest ; 
Watch for day, Christian, 

When the night's longest ; 
Onward and onward still 

Be thine endeavour ; 
The rest that remaineth 

Will be forever. 

Fight the fight, Christian, 

Jesus is o'er thee ; 
Eun the race, Christian, 

Heaven is before thee ; 
He who hath promised 

Faltereth never ; 
He who hath loved so well, 

Loveth forever. 

Lift thine eye, Christian, 

Just as it closeth ; 
Eaise thy heart, Christian, 

Ere it reposeth ; 


Thee from the l<>ve of Christ 

Nothing shall sever ; 
And, when thy work is done, 

Praise Him forever. Amen. 

" I press toward the mark for the prize of the high 
calling of God." 

476 Awake, mv soul, stretch every nerve. 
And press with vigour on ; 

A heavenly race demands thy zeal, 
And an immortal crown. 

A cloud of witnesses around 

Hold thee in full survey ; 
Forget the steps already trod, 

And onward urge thy way. 

'Tis God's all-animating voice 

That calls the from on high, 
Tis His own Hand presents the prize 

To thine uplifted eye. 

Then wake, my soul, stretch every nerve, 

And press with vigour on ; 
A heavenly race demands thy zeal, 

And an immortal crown. Amen. 

''Speak unto the Children of Israel that they go forward: 

477 Oft in danger, oft in woe, 
Onward, Christians, onward go . 


Bear the toil, maintain the strife, 
Strengthen'd with the Bread of Life, 

Onward, Christians, onward go, 
Join the war, and face the foe : 
Will ye flee in danger's hour ? 
Know ye not your Captain's power ? 

Let your drooping hearts be glad : 
March in heavenly armour clad : 
Fight, nor think the battle long, 
Soon shall victory wake your song. 

Let not sorrow dim your eye, 

Soon shall every tear be dry ; 

Let no fear your course impede, 

Great your strength, if great your need. 

Onward then to glory move, 
More than conquerors ye shall prove ; 
Though opposed by many a foe, 
Christian soldiers, onward go. Amen. 

'All that are in the graves shall hear His voice, and shall 
come forth." 

48 I Day of judgment, day of wonders ! 

Hark ! the trumpet's awful sound, 

Louder than a thousand thunders, 

Shakes, the vast creation round ! 

How the summons 

Will the sinner's heart confound ! 


See the Judge our nature wearing. 

Clothed in majesty divine! 
You who long for His appearing. 

Then shall sa$ This God is mine : 

Gracious Saviour, 
Own me in that day for Thine ! 

At His call the dead awaken. 
Rise to life from earth and sea: 

All the powers of nature, shaken 
By His looks, prepare to flee : 

Careless sinner ! 
What will then become of thee ? 

But to those who have confessed. 
Loved, and served the Lord below. 

He will say. Come near, ye blessed. 
Take the kingdom I bestow : 

You forever 
Shall My love and glory know. Amen. 

4i Die Lord grant him that he may find mercy of the 
Lord in that day." 

483 Day of wrath ! 0, day of mourning! 
See fulfill'd the prophets' warning, 
Heaven and earth in ashes burning! 

what fear man's bosom rendeth, 
When from heaven the Judge descendeth. 
On Whose sentence all dependeth ! 

Wondrous sound the trumpet flingeth : 
Through earth's sepulchres it ringeth ; 
All before the Throne it bringetk. 


Death is struck, and nature quaking. 

All creation is awaking, 

To its Judge an answer making. 

Lo ! the Book exactly worded, 
Wherein all hath been recorded : 
Thence shall judgment be awarded. 

When the Judge His seat attaineth, 
And each hidden deed arraigneth, 
Nothing unavenged remaineth. 

What shall I, frail man, be pleading ? 
Who for me be interceding, 
When the just are mercy needing? 

King of Majesty tremendous, 
Who dost free salvation send us, 
Fount of pity ! then befriend us ! 

Think, good Jesu, my salvation 
Cost Thy wondrous Incarnation ; 
Leave me not to reprobation ! 

Faint and weary Thou hast sought me, 
On the Cross of suffering bought me. 
Shall such grace be vainly brought me ? 

Eighteous Judge ! for sin's pollution 
Grant Thy gift of absolution, 
Ere that day of retribution. 

Guilty, now I pour my moaning, 
All my shame with anguish owning ; 
Spare, God, Thy suppliant groaning. 


Thou the sinful woman savedst ; 
Thou the dying thief forgavest ; 
And to me a hope vouchsafest. 

Worthless are my prayers and sighing, 
Yet, good Lord, in grace complying, 
Rescue me from fires undying! 

With thy favoured sheep place me ! 
Nor among the goats abase me ; 
But to Thy right hand upraise me. 

While the wicked are confounded, 
Doomed to flames of woe unbounded, 
Call me, with Thy saints surrounded. 

Low I kneel with heart-submission, 
See, like ashes, my contrition ; 
Help me in my last condition. 

Ah ! that day of tears and mourning ! 
From the dust of earth returning, 
Man for judgment must prepare him ; 

Spare, God, in mercy spare him ! 

Lord, all pitying, Jesu blest, 

Grant us Thine eternal rest. Amen. 

" The night is far spent, the day is at hand." 

485 Hark ! hark, my soul ; Angelic songs 
are swelling 
O'er earth's green fields, and ocean's wave- 
beat shore : 


How sweet the truth those blessed strains are 
Of that new life when sin shall be no more. 
Angels of Jesus, 

Angels of light, 
Singing to welcome 

The pilgrims of the night. 

Onward we go, for still we hear them singing, 
u Come, weary souls, for Jesus bids you 
come ;" 
And, through the dark its echoes sweetly 
The music of the Gospel leads us home. 
Angels, etc. 

Far, far away, like bells at evening pealing, 

The voice of Jesus sounds o'er land and sea, 
And laden souls by thousands meekly stealing, 
Kind Shepherd, turn their weary steps to 

Angels, etc. 

Rest comes at length, though life be long and 
The day must dawn, and darksome night 
be past ; 
Faith's journey ends in welcome to the weary, 
And heaven, the heart's true home, will 
come at last. 

Angels, etc. 


Angels, sing on ! your faithful watches keep- 
Sing us sweet fragments of the songs above ; 

Till morning's joy shall end the night of 
And life's long shadows break in cloudless 
love. Angels, etc. Amen. 

M Work your icork betimes, and in His time He irill give 
you your reward." 

490 The world is very evil, 

The times are waxing late, 
Be sober and keep vigil, 

The Judge is at the gate ; 
The Judge who comes in mercy, 

The Judge who comes with might, 
Who comes to end the evil, 

Who comes to crown the right. 

Arise, arise, good Christian, 

Let right to wrong succeed ; 
Let penitential sorrow 

To heavenly gladness lead, 
To light that has no evening, 

That knows nor moon nor sun, 
The light so new and golden, 

The light that is but one. 

Home of fadeless splendour, 
Of flowers that fear no thorn, 

Where they shall dwell as children 
Who here as exiles mourn ; 


'Midst power that knows no limit, 
Where wisdom has no bound, 

The beatific vision 

Shall glad the saints around. 

happy, holy portion, 

Kefection for the blest, 
True vision of true beauty. 

True cure of the distrest ; 
Strive, man, to win that glory : 

Toil, man, to gain that light ; 
Send hope before to grasp it, 

Till hope be lost in sight. 

sweet and blessed country. 

The Home of God's elect! 
sweet and blessed country 

That eager hearts expect ! 
Jesu, in mercy bring us 

To that dear land of rest ; 
Who art, with God the Father, 

And Spirit, ever blest. Amen. 

Here have ice no continuing city, but tee seek one ic 

491 Brief life is here our portion, 
Brief sorrow, short-lived care : 

The life that knows no ending, 
The tearless life is there. 

happy retribution ! 
Short toil, eternal rest ; 


For mortals and for sinners 

A mansion with the blest. 

And now we fight the battle-, 

But then shall wear the crown 
Of full and everlasting 

And passionless renown. 
Bur He whom now we trust in 

Shall then be seen and known : 
And they that know and see Him 

Shall have Him for their own. 

The morning shall awaken, 

The shadows shall decay. 
And each true-hearted servant 

Shall shine as doth the day. 
There God, our King and Portion, 

In fulness of His grace, 
Shall we behold for ever, 

And worship face to face. 

[4th verse same as oth verse Hymn 490.] 
" He that overcometh shall inherit all things." 

492 For thee, dear, dear Country, 

Mine eyes their vigils keep; 
For very love, beholding 

Thy happy name, they weep. 
The mention of Thy glory 

Is unction to the breast, 
And medicine in sickness, 

And love, and life, and rest. 


one, only Mansion ; 

Paradise of Joy ! 
Where tears are ever banished, 

And smiles have no alloy ; 
The Lamb is all thy splendour, 

The Crucified thy praise ; 
His laud and benediction 

Thy ransomed people raise. 

With jasper glow thy bulwarks, 

Thy streets with emeralds blaze ; 
The sardius and the topaz 

Unite in thee their rays ; 
Thine ageless walls are bonded 

With amethyst unpriced ; 
The saints build up its fabric, 

And the corner-stone is Christ. 

Thou hast no shore, fair ocean ! 

Thou hast no time, bright clay ! 
Dear fountain of refreshment 

To pilgrims far away ! 
Upon the Rock of Ages 

They raise thy holy tower ; 
Thine is the victor's laurel, 

And thine the golden dower. 
[5th verse same as 5th verse Hymn 490.] 

* And He shewed that great city the holy Jerusalem, de- 
scending out of heaven from God, having the glory of 

493 Jerusalem, the golden ! 

With milk and honey blest; 


Beneath thy contemplation 
Sink heart and voice opprest. 

1 know not, oh ! I know not 
What joys await us there; 

What radiancy of glory. 

What bliss beyond compare. 

They stand, those halls of Sion, 

All jubilant with song, 
And bright with many an angel, 

And all the martyr throng. 
The Prince is ever in them, 

The daylight is serene ; 
The pastures of the blessed 

Are decked in glorious sheen. 

There is the throne of David ; 

And there, from care released, 
The shout of them that triumph, 

The song of them that feast. 
And they, who with their Leader, 

Have conquered in the fight, 
For ever and for ever 

Are clad in robes of white. 

[4th verse same as 5tk verse Hymn 490.] 
" What are these, ichich are arrayed in white robes.' 

494 Who are these in bright array, 
This innumerable throng, 
Round the altar, night and day, 
Hymning one triumphant song ? — 


" Worthy is the Lamb, once slain, 
Blessing, honour, glory, power, 

Wisdom, riches, to obtain, 
New dominion every hour." 

These through fiery trials trod ; 

These from great affliction came ; 
Now before the throne of God, 

SeaPd with His almighty Name : 
Clad in raiment pure and white, 

Victor-palms in every hand, 
Through their dear Eedeemer^s might, 

More than conquerors they stand. 

Hunger, thirst, disease unknown, 

On immortal fruits they feed ; 
Them the Lamb amidst the throne, 

Shall to living fountains lead: 
Joy and gladness banish sighs ; 

Perfect love dispels all fears ; 
And for ever from their eyes, • 

God shall wipe away the tears. Amen, 

" That great city, the holy Jerusalem." 

496 Jerusalem, my happy home, 
Name ever dear to me, 
When shall my labours have an end 
In joy, and peace, and Thee ? 

Then shall these eyes thy heaven-built walls 
And pearly gates behold ? 


Thy bulwarks, with salvation strong, 
And streets of shining gold ? 

Apostles, Martyrs, Prophets, there 

Around my Saviour stand: 
And all I love in Christ below 

Will join the glorious band. 

Jerusalem, my happy home, 

When shall I come to thee? 
When shall my labours have an end? 

Thy joys when shall I see ? 

Jerusalem, my happy home, 

My soul still pants for thee ; 
Then shall my labours have an end, 

When I thy joys shall see. Amen. 

" Jl 'sus said unto him, I am the icay, the truth, and the 

501 Thou art the Way, to Thee alone 
From sin and death we flee ; 
And he who would the Father seek, 
Must seek Him, Lord, by Thee. 

Thou art the Truth, Thy word alone 

True wisdom can impart ; 
Thou only canst inform the mind 

And purify the heart. 

Thou art the Life, the rending tomb 
Proclaims Thy conquering arm, 


And those who put their trust in Thee 
Nor death nor hell shall harm. 

Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life; 

Grant us that Way to know, 
That Truth to keep, that Life to win, 

Whose joys eternal flow. Amen. 

" These confessed that tliey were strangers and pilgrims 
on the earth." 

505 Guide me, Thou great JEHOVAH, 
Pilgrim through this barren land; 
I am weak, but Thou art mighty; 
Hold me with Thy powerful hand : 

Bread of Heaven, 
Feed me now and evermore. 

Open now the crystal Fountain, 

Whence the healing streams do flow ; 

Let the fiery cloudy pillar 

Lead me all my journey through : 

Strong Deliverer, 
Be thou still my Strength and Shield. 

When I tread the verge of Jordan, 

Bid my anxious fears subside, 
Death of death and hell's Destruction, 

Land me safe on Canaan's side : 
Songs of praises 

I w T ill ever give to Thee. Amen. 


•• The ark of the core aunt went hr.furc them." 

506 LEAD us, heavenly Father, lead U3, 
O'er the world's tempestuous sea; 
Guard us, guide us, keep us, feed us, 
For we have no help but Thee : 
Yet possessing 
Every blessing, 
If our God our Father be. 

Saviour, breathe forgiveness o'er us ; 

All our weakness Thou dost know ; 
Thou didst tread this earth before us, 
Thou didst feel its keenest woe ; 
Lone and dreary, 
Faint and weary. 
Through the desert Thou didst go. 

Spirit of our God, descending, 

Fill our hearts with heavenly joy; 
Love with every passion blending, 
Pleasure that can never cloy : 
Thus provided, 
Pardon'd, guided, 
Xothing can our peace destroy. Amen. 

"A people near unto Him." 

507 Xearer, my God, to Thee, 

Xearer to Thee, 
E'en though it be a cross 

That raiseth me; 
Still all my song shall be, 


Nearer, my God, to Thee, 
Nearer to Thee. 

Though, like a wanderer, 

The sun gone down, 
Darkness comes over me, 

My rest a sfcone : 
Yet in my dreams Fd be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee. 

There let my way appear 

Steps unto heaven, 
All that Thou sendest me 

In mercy given : 
Angels to beckon me 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee. 

Then, with my waking thoughts 

Bright with Thy praise, 
Out of my stony griefs 

Bethel Fll raise ; 
So by my woes to be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee. Amen. 

54 Having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ, which 
is far better." 

509 Paradise, Paradise, 
Who doth not crave for rest ? 


Who would not seek the happy land 

Where they that loved are blest ? 

Where loyal hearts and true 

Stand ever in the light, 

All rapture through and through, 

In God's most holy sight. 

Paradise. Paradise, 
The world is growing old; 

Who would not be at rest and free 
Where love is never cold ? 

Where loyal hearts and true, etc. 

Paradise, Paradise, 
? Tis weary waiting here ; 

1 long to be where Jesus is, 

To feel, to see Him near ; 
Where loyal hearts and true, etc. 

Paradise, Paradise, 
I want to sin no more, 

1 want to be as pure on earth 
As on thy spotless shore : 

Where loyal hearts and true, etc. 

Paradise, Paradise, 

I greatly long to see 
The special place my dearest Lord 

In love prepares for me : 

Where loyal hearts and true, etc. 

Lord Jesu, King of Paradise, 
keep me in Thy love, 


And guide me to that happy land 
Of perfect rest above ; 

Where loyal hearts and true, 
Stand ever in the light. 
All rapture through and through, 
In God's most holy sight. Amen. 

" In the day-time also He led them icith a cloud, and all 
the night through with the light of fire." 

512 Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling 

Lead Thou me on : 
The night is dark, and I am far from home, 

Lead Thou me on. 
Keep Thou my feet; I do not ask to see 
The distant scene one step enough for me. 

I was not ever thus, nor pray'd that Thou 

Shouldst lead me on ; 
I loved to choose and see my path ; but now 

Lead Thou me on. 
I loved the garish day; and, spite of fears, 
Pride ruled my will : remember not past years. 

So long Thy power has blest me, sure it still 

Will lead me on 
O'er moor and fen, o'er crag and torrent, till 

The night is gone, 
And with the morn those angel faces smile, 
Which I have loved long since, and lost awhile. 



•• If any man serce me, let him follow me ; and whe n 1 
am, there shall aho my tenant be." 

514 Art thou weary, art thou languid. 
Art thou sore distressed? 
"Come to Me/' saith One, "and coming, 
Be at rest." 

Hath He marks to lead me to Him. 

If He he my Guide ? 
"In His Feet and Hands are wound-prints, 
And His side." 

Is there diadem, as Monarch, 

That His brow adorns? 
" Yea, a crown, in verv surety. 
But of thorns." 

If I find Him, if I follow. 
What His guerdon here ? 
" Many a sorrow, many a labour, 
Many a tear.' 1 

If I still hold closelv to Him, 

What hath He at 'last? 
a Sorrow yanquish'd, labour ended, 
Jordan pass'd." 

If I ask Him to receiye me, 

Will He say me nay ? 
• Xot till earth and not till heaven 
Pass away." 


Finding, following, keeping, struggling, 

Is He sure to bless ? 
" Saints, Apostles, Prophets, Martyrs, 
Answer, Yes." Amen. 

" / will lay me down in peace and take my rest. 11 

516 Through the day Thy love has spared 
Now we lay us down to rest ; 
t Through the silent watches guard us, 
Let no foe our peace molest ; 
Jesu, Thou our Guardian be ; 
Sweet it is to trust in Thee. 

Pilgrims here on earth, and strangers, 

Dwelling in the midst of foes, 
Us and ours preserve from dangers, 
In Thine Arms may we repose, 
And when life's sad day is past, 
Kest with Thee in heaven at last. 


521 Come, let us adore Him; come, bow at 

His feet ; 
give Him the glory, the praise that is meet ; 
Let joyful Hosannas unceasing arise, 
And join the full chorus that gladdens the 

skies. Amen. 





Our Father, etc. 

Minister. Lord, open Thou our lips. 
Answer. And our mouth shall show forth 
Thy praise. 

Minister. God, make speed to save us. 
Answer. Lord, make haste to help us. 

•j" Here all standing up, the Minister shall 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and 
to the Holy Ghost. 

Answer. As it was in the beginning, is now, 
and ever shall be: world without end. Amen. 

Minister. Praise ye the Lord. 

Answer. The Lord's Xame be praised. 

T Tlien shall follow one of the Canticles 
from Evening Prayer. 

% Then a selection from the Psalter. 

% Then shall ie read a lesson from Holy 

1 After ivhich shall be sung the following 


623 Magnificat. 

My soul doth magnify the | Lord: and my 
sp'irit hath re- | joiced in | God my | Sa- 

For — Heh'ath re- | gard-ed: the lo'wliness | 
of His | hand- | maid-en 

For teh 'old from | henceforth : all gene- | ra- 
tions shall | call me | bless-ed 

For He that is m'ighty hath m'agnified | me : 
And | ho-ly [ is His | Name 

And His m'ercy is on th'em that | fear Him 
through- | out all | ge-ne- | ra-tions 

He hath showed str'ength with His | arm 
He hath scattered the proud in the im'- 
agi- | na-tion | of their | hearts 

He hath put down the m'ighty from their 
seat : and hath ex | alted the hum-ble | 
and meek 

He hath filled the hu'ngry with | good things 
and the ri'ch He | hath sent } empty a- | 

He remembering His mercy hath h'olpen His 
servant | Is-raeJ : As He promised to our 
forefathers, A'braham, | and His | seed 
for | ever 

Glo-ry be to the F'ather, a'nd to the | Son, 
and | to the | Ho-ly | Ghost 

As it was in the beginning, is n'ow, and e'ver 
| shall be: w'orld without e'nd. 

A- I - - I -men. 


T Or this. 

524 Nunc Dimittis. 

Lord — now lettest Thou Thy se'rvant de- | 

parr in | peace: ac- | cord-ing | to Thy j 

For — mine | eyes have | seen: Thy — | — sal- 

i va-tion 
Which — Thou | hast pre- | par-ed : before the 

face of | all — | peo — | pie 
To be a light to I lighten the | Gen-tiles : and 

to be the glo ry of Thy j peo-ple | Is-ra | el 
Glo-rif be to the Father. | and to the | Son : 

and | to the | Ho-ly j Ghost 
As it was in the beginning, is now, and | 

e-ver | shall be: world without end. 

A- | - - | men. 

•" Then shall follow the Apostles' Creed. 
1" And after that these Prayers. 


Minister. The Lord be with you. 
Answer. And with thy spirit. 
Minister. Let us pray. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

rist, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, show Thy mercy upon us. 
Answer. And grant us Thy salvation. 
Minister. Lord, save our rulers. 


Answer. And mercifully hear us, when we 
call upon Thee. 

Minister. Endue Thy ministers with right- 

Answer. And make Thy chosen people 

Minister. Lord, save Thy people. 

Answer. And bless Thine inheritance. 

Minister. Give peace in our time, Lord. 

Answer. Because there is none other, that 
fighteth for us, but only Thou, God. 

Minister. God, make clean our hearts 
within us. 

Answer. And take not Thy Holy Spirit 
from us. 

•[ Then shall follow the Collect for the day, 
and other Collects at discretion, ending with 
the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Hymns suitable for both devotional reading 
and for praise, and useful at Missionary 
Gatherings, Mission Services, and other 
meetings in the parish ; as of Communion, 
Confirmation, and Bible Classes; Guilds, 
Confraternities, Sunday- Schools ; Cottage 
Lectures, etc. 

526 8 of 6, 5. 

Saviour, Blessed Saviour, 

Listen whilst we sing, 
Hearts and voices raising 

Praises to our King. 


All we have we offer ; 

All we hope to be, 
Body, soul, and spirit, 

All we yield to Thee. 

Nearer, ever nearer, 

Christ, we draw to Thee, 
Deep in adoration 

Bending low the knee : 
Thou for our redemption 

Cam'st on earth to die ; 
Thou, that we might follow 

Hast gone up on high. 

Great and ever greater 

Are Thy mercies here, 
True and everlasting 

Are the glories there, 
Where no pain, or sorrow, 

Toil, or care is known, 
Where the angel-legions 

Circle round Thy throne. 

Onward, ever onward, 

Journeying o'er the road 
Worn by saint3 before us, 

Journeying on to God ; 
Leaving all behind us, 

May we hasten on, 
Backward never looking 

Till the prize is won. Amen. 


527 8 of 7, 6 

I need Thee, Precious Jesu, 

For I am very poor ; 
A stranger and a pilgrim, 

I have no earthly store ; 
I need the love of Jesus 

To cheer me on my way. 
To guide my doubting footsteps, 

To be my strength and stay. 

I need Thee, Precious Jesu, 

I need a 'friend like Thee, 
A friend to soothe and pity, 

A friend to care for me : 
I need the Heart of Jesus 

To feel each anxious care, 
To tell my every trial, 

And all my sorrows share. 

I need Thee, Precious Jesu, 

I need Thee, day by day, 
To fill me with Thy fulness, 

To lead me on my way ; 
I need Thy Holy Spirit 

To teach me what I am, 
To show me more of Jesus, 

To point me to the Lamb. 

I need Thee, Precious Jesu, 
And hope to see Thee soon 

Encircled with the rainbow, 
And seated an Thy throne • 

There, with Thy Blood-bought children, 

B£y joy shall ever be, 
To sing Thy praises, Jesu, 

To gaze, my Lord, on Thee. Amen. 

528 D. C. M. 

I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

" Come unto Me and rest ; 
Lay down, thou weary one, lay down 

Thy head upon My breast : " 
I came to Jesus as I was. 

Weary, worn, and sad ; 
I found in Him a resting-place, 

And He has made me glad. 

I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

" Behold, 1 freely give 
The living water, thirsty one, 

Stoop down, and drink, and live:" 
I, came to Jesus, and I drank 

Of that life-giving stream ; 
My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, 

4nd now I live in Him. 
I heard the voice 01 Jesus say, 

u I am this dark world's Light ; 
Look unto Me, th % morn shall rise, 

And all thy day be bright : " 
I looked to Jesus, and I found 

In Him my Star, my Sun : 
And in that Light 01 life Til walk 

Till travelling days are done. Amen. 


529 o of 8. 

Jesu, my Lord, my God, my all. 
Hear me, West Saviour, when I call ; 
Hear me, and from Thy dwelling-place 
Pour down the riches of Thy grace ; 
Jesu, my Lord, I Thee adore, 
make me love Thee more and more. 

Jesu, too late I Thee have sought, 
How can I love Thee as I ought ? 
And how extol Thy matchless fame, 
The glorious beauty of Thy Name ? 
Jesu, my Lord, etc. 

Jesu, what didst Thou find in me, 
That Thou hast dealt so lovingly ? 
How great the joy that Thou hast brought, 
So far exceeding hope or thought! 
Jesu, my Lord, etc. 

Jesu, of Thee shall be my song, 
To Thee my heart and soul belong ; 
All that I have or am is Thine, 
And Thou, blest Saviour, Thou art mine. 
Jesu, my Lord, I Thee adore, 
make me love Thee more and more. 


530 6 of 8, 7. 

To the Name of our Salvation 
Laud and honour let us pay ; 


Which for many a generation 
Hid in God's foreknowledge lav, 

Bur with holy exultation 
We may sing aloud to-day. 

Jesus is the Xame we treasure : 
Name beyond what words can tell ; 

Xame of gladness, Xame of pleasure, 
Ear and heart delighting well : 

Xame of sweetness, passing measure, 
Saving us from sin and hell. 

Tis the Xame that whoso preacheth 

Speaks like music to the ear ; 
Who in prayer this Xame beseecheth 

Sweetest comfort findeth near: 
Who its perfect wisdom reacheth 

Heavenly joy possesseth here. 

Jesus is the Xame exalted 

Over every other name ; 
In this Xame, whene'er assaulted, 

We can put our foes to shame ; 
Strength to them who else had halted, 

Eyes to blind, and feet to lame. 

Therefore we in love adoring 
This most blessed Xame revere ; 

Holy Jesu, Thee imploring 
So to write it in us here. 

That hereafter heavenward soaring 

We may sing with angels there. Amen. 


631 6 of 8. 

Lovisi, Who formedst me to wear 
The image of Thy Godhead here ; 

Who soughtest me with tender care 

Through all my wanderings wild and 
drear ; 

Love, I give myself to Thee, 

Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

Love, Who e'er life's earliest dawn 
On me Thy choice hast gently laid ; 

Love, Who here as Man wast born, 
And wholly like to us wast made ; 

Love, I give myself to Thee, 

Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

Love, Who once in time wast slain, 
Pierced through and through with bitter 

Love, Who wrestling thus didst gain 
That we eternal joy might know ; 

Love, I give myself to Thee, 

Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

Love, Who lovest me for aye, 
Who for my soul dost ever plead ; 

Love, Who didst my ransom pay, 
Whose power sufficeth in my stead ; 

Love, I give myself to Thee, 

Thine ever, only Thine to be. 


Love, Who once shalt bid me rise 
From out this dying life of ours ; 

Love, Who once o'er yonder skies 
Shalt set me in the fadeless bowers; 

Love, I give myself to Thee, 

Thine ever, only Thine to be. Amen. 

532 6 of 8. ?. 

Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven, 

To Hi3 feet thy tribute bring; 
Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven, 
.Evermore His praises sing; 

Alleluia ! Alleluia ! 
Praise the everlasting King. 

Praise Him for His grace and favour 

To our fathers in distress ; 
Praise Him still the same as ever, 

Slow to chide, and swift to bless ; 
Alleluia ! Alleluia! 

Glorious in His faithfulness. 

Father-like, He tends and spares us, 
Well our feeble frame He knows ; 

In His hands he gently bears us, 
Rescues us from all our foes ; 

Alleluia! Alleluia! 
Widely yet His mercy flows. 

Angels in the height adore Him ' 
Ye behold Him face to face ; 


Saints triumphant bow before Him ! 
Gathered in from every race ; 

Alleluia! Alleluia! 
Praise with us the God of grace. Amen. 

533 6 of 8, 7. 

Come, ye faithful, raise the anthem, 
Cleave the skies with shouts of praise; 

Sing to Him who found the ransom, 
Ancient of eternal days, 

God of God, the Word Incarnate 
Whom the heaven of heaven obeys. 

Ere He raised the lofty mountains, 
Formed the seas, or built the sky, 

Love eternal, free and boundless, 
Moved the Lord of Life to die, 

Foreordained the Prince of princes 
For the throne of Calvary. 

There for us and our redemption, 
See Him all His life-blood pour ! 

There He wins our full salvation, 
Dies that we may die no more : 

Then, arising, lives for ever, 
Eeigning where He was before. 

High on yon celestial mountains 

Stands His gem-built throne, all bright, 

Midst unending Alleluias 

Bursting from the sons of light; 


Siorrs people tell His praises, 
Victor after hard-won fight. 

Bring your harps, and bring your odours, 
Sweep the string and pour the lay ; 

Let the earth proclaim His wonders, 
King of that celestial day ; 

He the Lamb once slain is worthy. 
Who was dead and lives for aye. 

Laud and honour to the Father, 

Laud and honour to the Son, 
Laud and honour to the Spirit, 

Ever Three and ever One, 
Consul istantial, Co-eternal, 

While unending a^es run. Allien. 

534 G, 0, G, 6, 8, 8 

Rejoice, the Lord is King, 

Your Lord and King adore ; 
Mortals, give thanks and sing, 
And triumph evermore : 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice ; 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. 

Jesus the Saviour reigns, 

The God of truth and love : 
When He had purged our stains, 
He took His seat above : 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice; 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice". 


His Kingdom cannot fail ; 

He rules o'er earth and heaven: 
The keys of death and hell 
Are to our Jesus given : 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice ; 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. 

He sits at God's right hand 

Till all His foes submit, 
And bow to His command 
And fall beneath His feet : 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice; 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. Amen. 

535 6 of 8, 7. 

Light's abode, Celestial Salem, 

Vision whence true peace doth spring. 

Brighter than the heart can fancy, 
Mansion of the Highest King; 

how glorious are the praises 
Which of Thee the prophets sing ! 

There for ever and for ever 

Alleluia is out-poured: 
For unending, for unbroken 

Is the feast-day of the Lord ; 
All is pure, and all is holy 

That within Thy walls is stored. 

There no cloud nor passing vapour 
Dims the brightness of the air ; 


Endless noon-day, glorious noon-day, 
From the Sun of suns is there ; 

There no night brings rest from labour, 
For unknown are toil and care. 

how glorious and resplendent, 

Fragile body, shale thou be, 
When endued with so much beauty, 

Full of health, and strong and free, 
Full of vigour, full of pleasure 

That shall last eternally! 

Xow with gladness, now with courage 

Bear the burden on thee laid, 
That hereafter these thy labours 

May with endless gifts be paid, 
And in everlasting glory 

Thou with brightness be arrayed. 

536 8 of 7. 

Soxgs of thankfulness and praise, 
Jesu, Lord, to Thee we raise, 
Manifested by the star 
To the sages from afar ; 
Branch of Royal David's stem 
In Thy birth at Bethlehem ; 
Anthems be to Thee addrest, 
God in Man made manifest. 

Manifest at Jordan's stream, 
Prophet, Priest, and King supreme; 


And at Cana wedding-guest 
In Thy Godhead manifest : 
Manifest in power Divine, 

Changing water into wine ; 
Anthems be to Thee addrest, 
God in Man made manifest. 

Manifest in making whole 
Palsied limbs and fainting soul ; 
Manifest in valiant fight ; 
Quelling all the devil's might ; 
Manifest in gracious will, 
Ever bringing good from ill ; 
Anthems be to Thee addrest. 
God in Man made manifest. 

Sun and moon shall darkened be. 
Stars shall fall, the heaven shall flee ; 
Christ will then like lightning shine, 
All will see His glorious Sign ; 
All will then the trumpet hear, 
All will see the Judge appear ; 
Thou by all wilt be contest, 
God in Man made manifest. 

Grant us grace to see Thee, Lord, 
Mirrored in Thy holy Word; 
May we imitate Thee now, 
And be pure, as pure art Thou ; 
That we like to Thee may be 
At Thy great Epiphany ; 
And may praise Thee, ever blest, 
God in Man made manifest. Amen- 


637 4 of 6 

Loiu>, Thy word ubideth. 
And our footsteps guideth; 
Who its truth believeth, 
Light and joy receiveth. 

When our foes are near us, 
Then Thy Word doth cheer us. 
Word of consolation, 
Message of salvation. 

When the storms are o'er us, 
And dark clouds before us, 
Then its light directeth. 
And our way protecteth. 

Who can tell the pleasure, 
Who recount the treasure, 
By Thy Word imparted 
To the simple-hearted ? 

Word of mercy, .giving 
Succour to the living ; 
Word of life, supplying 
Comfort to the dying! 

Oh, that we discerning 
Its most holy learning, 
Lord, may love and fear Thee, 
Evermore be near Thee. Amen* 

♦ 158 

538 L. M. 

Take up thy cross, the Saviour said, 
If thou wouldst My disciple be ; 
Deny thyself, the world forsake, 
And humbly follow after Me. 

Take up thy cross ; let not its weight 
Fill thy weak spirit with alarm : 
His strength shall bear thy spirit up, 
And brace thy heart, and nerve thine arm. 

Take up thy cross, and follow Christ, 
Nor think till death to lay it down ; 
For ©nly he who bears the cross 
May hope to wear the glorious crown. 


539 D. C. M. 

The roseate hues of early dawn, 

The brightness of the day, 
The crimson of the sunset sky, 

How fast they fade away ! 
for the pearly gates of heaven, 

for the golden floor, 
for the Sun of Kighteousness 

That setteth nevermore ! 

The highest hopes we cherish here, 
How fast they tire and faint ; 

How many a spot defiles the robe 
That wraps an earthly Saint ! 

for a heart that never sins, 
for a soul washed white, 


for a voice to praise our King, 
Nor weary day nor night ! 

Here faith is ours, and heavenly hope, 

And grace to lead us higher ; 
But there are perfectness, and peace, 

Beyond our best desire. 
by thy love and anguish, Lord, 

And by Thy life laid down. 
Grant that we fall not from Thy grace, 

Xor cast away our crown. Amen. 

540 4 of 10. 

Thee we adore, hidden Saviour, Thee, 
Who in Thy Sacrament dost deign to be ; 
Both flesh and spirit at Thy presence fail, 
Yet here Thy presence we devoutly hail. 

blest Memorial of our dying Lord, 
Who living Bread to men doth here afford ! 
may our souls for ever feed on Thee, 
And Thou, Christ, for ever precious be. 

Fountain of Goodness, Jesu, Lord, and God. 
Cleanse us, unclean, with Thy most cleansing 

Blood ; 
Increase our faith and love, that we may 

The hope and peace which from Thy presence 


Christ, Whom now beneath a veil we see, 
May what we thirst for soon our portion be, 


To gaze on Thee, and see with unveiled face 
The vision of Thy glory and Thy grace. 


541 8 of 8, 7. 

Alleluia, not as orphans 

We are left in sorrow now ; 
Alleluia, He is near us, 

Faith believes, nor questions how : 
Though the cloud from sight received Him, 

When the forty days were o'er, 
Shall our hearts forget His promise, 

" I am with you evermore ?" 

Alleluia, King Eternal, 

Thee the Lord of lords we own ; 
Alleluia, born of Mary, 

Earth Thy footstool, heaven Thy throne. 
Thou within the veil hast entered, 

Eobed in flesh, our great High Priest ; 
Thou on earth both Priest and Victim 

In the Eucharistic feast. 

Alleluia, sing to Jesus, 

His the sceptre, His the throne ; 
Alleluia, His the triumph, 

His the victory alone ; 
Hark, the songs of peaceful Sion 

Thunder like a mighty flood ; 
Jesus out of every nation 

Hath redeemed us by His Blood. Amen. 


642 L. M. 

The wealth of earth, of sky, of sea. 
The gold, the silver, sparkling gem. 

The waving corn, the bending tree. 
Are Thine, to us Thou lendesi them. 

We. Lord, would lay at Thy behest. 

The costliest offerings on Thy shrine. 
But when we give, and give our best, 

We only give Thee that is Thine. 

Father ! whence all blessings come, 
Son! dispenser of God's store, 

Spirit! bear our offerings home, 
And make them Thine for evermore ! 



Blessed be Thou, Lord God, for ever, and 
ever, and ever. For all that is in the heaven 
and the earth is Thine. All things come of 
Thee, Lord, and of Thine own do we give 
Thee. Amen. 


Blessed is He that cometh in the Name 
of the lord : hosaxxa ix the highest. 


Lamb of God, that takest away the sin3 
of the world : have mercy upon us. 


Lamb of God, that takest away the sins 
of the world : have mercy upon us. 

Lamb of God, that takest away the sins 
of the world : grant us Thy peace. 


Lord, I am not worthy that Thou shouldst 
come under my roof; but speak the word 
only, and my soul shall be healed. 

547 12 of 6, 5. 

Forward ! be our watchword, 

Steps and voices joined; 
Seek the things before us, 

Not a look behind : 
Burns the fiery pillar 

At our army's head ; 
Who shall dream of shrinking, 
By our Captain led ? 

Forward through the desert, 

Through the toil and fight: 
Jordan flows before us, 
Sion beams with Light ! 

Forward, flock of Jesus, 

Salt of all the earth ; 
Till each yearning purpose 

Spring to glorious birth : 
Sick, they ask for healing, 

Blind, they grope for day; 
Pour upon the nations 

Wisdom's loving ray. 


Forward, out of error. 
Leave behind the night ; 

Forward through the darkness, 
Forward into Light ! 

Far o'er yon horizon 

Kise the city towers, 
Where our God abideth ; 

That fair home is ours: 
Flash the streets with jasper, 
Shine the gates with gold : 
Flow3 the gladdening river, 
Shedding joys untold : 
Thither, onward thither, 
In the Spirit's might : 
Pilgrims to your country, 
Forward into Light ! 

548 P. It 

We march, we march to victory ! 

With the Cross of the Lord before us ; 
With His Loving Eye looking down from the 
And His Holy arms spread o'er us. 
We march, we march to victory! 
With the Cross of the Lord before us. 

We come in the might of the Lord of Light, 
In surpliced Train to meet Him ; 

And we put to flight the armies of night, 
That the sons of Day may greet Him : 
We march, we march, etc. 


Onr sword is the Spirit of God on High, 

Our Helmet is His Salvation, 
Our banner the Cross of Calvary, 

Our watchword — The Incarnation. 
We march, we march, etc. 

He marches in front of His banner unfurled, 
Which He raised that His own might find 
And the Holy Church throughout all the 
Falls into rank behind Him : 
We march, we march, etc. 

Then onward we march, our arms to prove, 

With the banner of Christ before us, 
With His- Eye of Loye looking down from 
And His Holy arm spread o'er us. 

We march, we march, etc. Amen. 

549 12 of 6, 5. 

Jesus, Thou hast willed it 

That Thy Church should be 
One in faith and spirit, 

Ever One in Thee. 
We the Cross are bearing, 

Once on Jesus laid, 
We the prayer are praying, 

That our Jesus prayed. 
Jesus, Thou hast willed it 
That Thy Church should be 


One in faith and spirit, 
Ever One in Th( 

Though the time be distant, 

Still we watch and pray, 
E'en though faint and weary. 

Waiting for the day. 
When the Church uniting, 

In one host shall fight 
'Gainst the powers of darkness, 

In the Lord's own might. 

Jesus, Thou hast willed it, etc. 

Thou, our heavenly Master, 

Bid contentions cease; 
Thou, true Prince of Salem, 

Give Thy children peace ; 
Peace from God the Father, 

Peace from God the Son, 
Peace from God the Spirit, 

From the Three in One. 

Jesus, Thou hast willed it, etc. 

560 P. It 

Sixg, ye faithful, sing with gladness : 
Wake your noblest, sweetest strain ; 
With the praises of your Saviour 
Let His House resound again ; 
Him let all your music honour. 
And your songs exalt His reign 
Evermore and evermore ! 
Evermore and evermore I 


Offspring of the Father's wisdom 1 , 

Ere the worlds began to be, 
He the Brightness of His glory, 

Image of His Person He, 
Word of God, within His Bosom 

Dwelt from all Eternity 

Evermore and evermore, etc. 

Then the Word came forth from heaven, 
Bowed Himself to Bethlehem's Cave, 

Stooped to w^ear the servant's vesture, 
Bore the Pain, the Cross, the Grave, 

Passed within the gates of darkness, 
Thence His banished ones to save 
Evermore and evermore, etc. 

So He tasted death for all men, 
He of all mankind the Head, 

Sinless One among the sinful, 
Prince of Life among the dead ; 

So He wrought the full redemption, 
And the captor captive led, 

Evermore and evermore, etc. 

Now on high, yet ever with us, 
From His Father's throne the Son 

Rules and guides the world He ransomed, 
Till th' appointed work be done, 

Till He see, renewed and perfect, 
All things gathered into one, 

Evermore and evermore, etc. 


551 P. M. 

In the Christian's home in glory 
There remains a land of rest, 
Where the Saviour's gone before me, 
To fulfill my soul's request. 

There ifi rest for the weary, there is rest 

for the weary, 
There is rest for you. 
On the other side of Jordan, 
In the sweet fields of Eden 
Where the Tree of Life is blooming, 
There is rest for you. 

Sing, sing, ye heirs of glory, 
Shout your triumphs as you go ! 

Zion's gates will open to you, 

You shall find an entrance through. 
There is rest, etc. 

552 P. M. 

Jesu, still lead on, 

Till our rest be won ! 
And although the way be cheerless, 
We will follow, calm and fearless ; 

Guide us by Thy Hand 

To our fatherland ! 

If the way be drear, 

If the foe be near, 
Let not faithless fears overtake us, 
Let not faith and hope forsake us : 


For through many a foe 
To our home we go. 

Jesu, still lead on, 

Till our rest be won ! 
Heavenly Leader, still direct us, 
Still support, console, protect us, 

Till we safely stand 

In our fatherland! Amen. 

553 6 of 8, 7. 

Saviouk, through the desert lead us, 

Without Thee we cannot go, 
Thou from cruel chains hast freed us, 

Thou hast laid the tyrant low, 
Let Thy presence still precede us, 

Comfort us in every woe. 

When we hunger Thou wilt feed us, 
Manna shall the camp surround, 

When w T e thirst, Thyself wilt lead us, 
Streams shall from the rock abound, 

So refreshed, Thou still wilt speed us, 
Till we reach the holy ground. 

Then lead on, Almighty Victor, 

Scatter every hostile band, 
From the cloud be their afflicter, 

Guide Thy people to their land, 
Be our Hope and strong Protector, 

Till on Sion's hill we stand. Amen. 


554 4 of 7. 

God the Father, God the Son, 
Holy Ghost the Comforter, 
Ever Blessed Three in One, 

Spare us, Holy Trinity. 

Christ* whose mercy guide th still 
Sinners from the paths of ill, 
Rule our hearts, our spirits fill ; 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Thou Who, when the angels fell, 
Sparedst not, but down to hell 
Hurledst them in woe to dwell; 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Thou who sentest bitter woe 
Upon hardened Pharaoh, 
Smiting him with tenfold blow ; 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Thou Whose w T ord to David sent, 
When his steps to evil bent, 
Made the sinner penitent ; 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Thou Who bowedst down Thine ear 
Nineveh in prayer to hear, 
Faint with fastings, grief, and fear; 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 


Thou Who, leaving crown and throne, 
Camest here, an outcast lone, 
That Thou mightest save Thine own ; 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Thou Who, hanging on the Tree, 
To the thief saidst, " Thou shalt be 
To-day in Paradise with Me ;" 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Shepherd of the straying sheep, 
Comforter of them that weep, 
Hear us crying from the deep ; 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

From all lack of love and faith, 
From a sudden, evil death, 
Thou Whose Arm delivereth ; 

Save us, Holy Jesu. 

When shall end the battle sore, 
W^hen our pilgrimage is o'er, 
Grant Thy peace for evermore ; 

We beseech Thee, Jesu. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Christ, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy up us. 
Our Father, etc. 

V. Wash me throughly from my wicked- 

R And cleanse me from mv sin. 


Let us pray. 

Almighty and everlasting God, Who hi 
nothing that Thon hast mad'.*, and dost for- 
give the sins of all them that are penitent; 
Create and make in us new and contrite hearts, 
that we worthily lamenting our sins, and ac- 
knowledging our wretchedness, may obtain pf 
Thee, the God of all mercy, perfect remission 
and forgiveness; through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

655 7, s. r. b, ;, :. 

Wilt Thou not, my Shepherd true. 
Spare Thy sheep, in mercy spare me ? 

Wilt Thou not. as shepherds do, 
In Thine arms rejoicing bear me; 

Bear me where all troubles cease, 

Home to folds of joy and peace ? 

See, on earth's wild desert way. 
How my truant steps mislead me : 

Bring me back, no more to stray. 
In Thine own green pastures feed me. 

Gather me within the fold, 

Where Thy lambs Thy light behold- 

With Thy flock I long to be, 
With the flock to whom 'tis given 

Safe to feed, arid praising Thee, 
Roam the happy plains of heaven ; 


Free from fear of sinful stain, 
They can never stray again. 

Lord, I here am sore beset, 
Fears at every step confound me ; 

Lo ! my foes have spread their net, 
And with craft and might surround me; 

Such their snares on every side, 

Safe Thy sheep can ne'er abide. 

Jesu, Lord, my Shepherd true, 
from wolves Thy sheep deliver ; 

Help as shepherds wont to do, 
From fheir jaws preserve me ever ; 

Bid Thy trembling wanderer come 

To his everlasting Home. Amen. 

556 R M. 

Through the love of God our Saviour, 

All will be well ; 
Free and changeless is His favour, 

All, all is well. 
Precious is the blood that heaFd us ; 
Perfect is the grace that seaFd us ; 
Strong the hand stretch'd out to shield us; 

All must be well. 

Though we pass through tribulation, 

All will be well ; 
Ours is such a full salvation, 

All, all is well. 
Happy, still in God confiding; 
Fruitful, if in Christ abiding ; 


Holy, through the Spirit's guiding; 
All must be well. 

We expect a bright to-morrow ; 

All will be well; 
Faith can sing through days of sorrow, 

All, all is well. 
On our Father's love relying, 
Jesus every need supplying, 
Or in living or in dying, 

All must be well. 

557 P. M 

When" the day of toil is done, 
When the gyg of life is run. 
Father, grant Thy wearied one 

Rest for evermore ! * 

When the strife of sin is stilled, 
When the foe within is killed. 
Be Thy gracious word fulfilled — 
Peace for evermore ! 

When the darkness melts away, 
At the breaking of Thy Day, 
Bid us hail the cheering ray ; — 
Light for evermore ! 

When the heart by sorrow tried 
Feels at length its throbs subside. 
Bring us, where all tears are dried, 
Joy for evermore ! 


When for vanished days we yearn, 
Days that never can return, 
Teach us in Thy love to learn 

Love for evermore ! 

When the breath of life is flown 
When the grave must claim its own, 
Lord of Life ! be ours Thy crown — 

Life for evermore ! Amen. 

558 8, 8, 7, 8, 8, 7. 

At the Cross her station keeping, 
Stood the mournful Mother weeping, 

Where He hung, the dying Lord; 
For her soul, of joy bereaved. 
Bowed with anguish, deeply grieved, 

Felt the sharp and piercing sword. 

Oh, how sad and sore distressed 
Now was she, that Mother blessed 

Of the sole-begotten One ; 
Deep the woe of her affliction 
When she saw the Crucifixion 

Of her ever-glorious Son. 

Who, on Christ's dear Mother gazing, 
Pierced by anguish so amazing, 

Born of woman, would not weep ? 
Who, on Christ's dear Mother thinking, 
Such a cup of sorrow drinking, 

Would not share her sorrows deep ? 


For His people's sins chastised, 
She beheld her ^on despised, 

Scourged, and crowned with thorns en- 
twined ; 
Saw Him then from judo-men t taken, 
And in death by all forsaken, 

Till His Spirit He resigned. 

Jesu, may such deep devotion 
Stir in me the same emotion. 

Fount of love. Redeemer kind, 
That my heart, fresh ardour gaining, 
And a purer love attaining. 

May with Thee acceptance find. 

669 8, 6, 8, 4. 

There is an everlasting Home, 

Where contrite souls may hide: ' 
Where death and danger dare not come, — 
The Saviour's side. 

It was a cleft of matchless love 

Opened when He had died ; 
When mercy hailed, in worlds above, 
That Wounded Side. 

Hail ! Rock of Ages ! pierced for me, 

The grave of all my pride ; 
Hope, peace, and heaven, are all in Thee, 
Thy sheltering Side. 


There issued forth the double Flood, 

The sin-atoning tide. — 
In streams of water and of Blood 

From that dear Side. 

There is the only Fount of bliss, 

In joy and sorrow tried, — 
No refuge for the heart like this, — 
A Saviour's Side. 

Thither the Church through all her days 

Points as a faithful guide, 
And celebrates with ceaseless praise 

That spear-pierced Side. 

560 8, 7, 8, 7, 7, 7, 4, 4, 7, 7 

Of Thy love some gracious token 

Grant us, Lord, before we go ; 
Bless Thy word which has been spoken ; 

Life and peace on all bestow ! 
When we join the world again, 
Let our hearts with Thee remain : 
direct us 
And protect us, 
Till we gain the heavenly shore, 
Where Thy people want no more ! Amen. 



561. r. m 

Dayspring of eternity! 

Hide no more Thy radiant dawning! 
Light from Light's exhaustless sea, 

Shine on us afresh this morning 
And dispel with glorious might 
All our night. 

Let Thy mercies' morning dew 
Rouse our conscience from its blindness; 

Gladden life's dry plains anew 
With the rivers of Thy kindness ; 

Water daily us Thy Flock 

From the Rock. 

Let the glow of love destroy 
Cold obedience faintly given, 

Wake our hearts to love and joy 
With the flushing eastern heaven; 

Let us truly rise ere yet 

Life hath set. 

Brightest Star of eastern skies ! 

Grant that at Thy last appearing 
These frail bodies may arise. 

Joyfully Thy summons hearing, 
Strong their heavenward course to run 
As the Sun. 


Through this dark and tearful place, 

Never be Thy light denied us ; 
O Thou glorious Sun of grace, 

To yon world of gladness guide us, 
When to joys that never end 
We ascend ! 


562- 12 of 6, 5. 

Fierce the battle rages, 

Foe succeeds to foe, 
Seething tides of tumult 

Surging to and fro : 
Soul-destroying spirits 

Round us rush and rave ; 
Jesus, to the rescue ! 

His redeem 'd to save : 
Here are toil and tumult, 
Rest and peace above : 
Christ the Lord, — the Leader, 
And His banner — Love. 

Courage, Christian soldiers ! 

Fear not harm or loss, 
Long as ye are fighting 

Round the Holy Cross; 
He who on it suffer'd, 

By it can o'erthrow 
Every inward passion, 


Every outward foe ; 
Here are toil and tumult, <kc. 

Only be ye watchful. 

Only be ye true. 
Only be ye ready 

All His will to do ; 
Only trust, and triumph 

Shall upon you wait ; 
Only be ye gentle, 

God will make you great : 
Here are toil and tumult. &c 

Prayers, -your rudest wrestlings, 
Alms,— your roughest ways, 

Fast and work,— your fightings. 
And your shoutings,— praise ! 

Thus wear through life's battle. 
Till its day shall cease : 

Let, Lord, Thy servants 
Then depart in peace: 

Here are toil and tumult, vScc- 

563« i2ol6, 5 . 

On our way rejoicing. 
As we homeward move. 

Listen to our praises, 
O Thou God of love ? 

Is there grief or sadnes 
Thine it cannot be: 


If our sky be clouded, 

Clouds are not from Thee. 
On our way rejoicing. 
As we homeward move ; 
Listen to our praises, 
O Thou God of Love. 

If with honest hearted 

Love for God and man, 
Day by day Thou find us 

Doing all we can ; 
Thou Who givest seed-time 

Wilt give large increase, 
Crown the head with blessings, 

Fill the heart with peace. 
On our way rejoicing &c. 

On our way rejoicing 

Gladly let us go, 
Victor is the leader, 

Vanquished is the foe- 
Christ without — our safety 1 

Christ within — our joy ! 
Who if we be faithful, 

Can our hope destroy? 
On our way rejoicing, &c« 

Unto God the Father 
Joyful songs we sing, 

Unto God the Savioar 
Thankful hearts we bring, 


Unto God the Spirit, 
Bow we and adore, 
On our way rejoicing, 
Ever, ever more- 

On our way rejoicing &c . 

564. 8 of 7, 6, 

Come ye faithful raise the strain 

Of triumphant gladness! 
God Himself to joy and praise 

Turns the martyr's sadness. 
Hail the day that won their crown! 

Opened heaven's bright portal, 
As they laid the mortal down, 

And put on the immortal. 

Never flinched they from the flame 

From the torture, never, 
Vain the foeman's sharpest aim, 

Satan's best endeavor: 
For by faith they saw the Land 

Decked in all its glory. 
Where triumphant now they stand 

With the victor's story. 

Faith they had that knew not shame, 
Love that could not languish, 


And eternal hope o'ercame 
That one moment's anguish. 

Up and follow Christian men ! 
Press through toil and Sorrow ! 

Spurn the night of fear and then — 
O, the glorious morrow I 

565. 8 of 8, 7. 

Trim the lamp, its light is fading, 

Slowly steals the night away, 
From the blast its flicker shading, 

Round it watch, and near it pray. 
O my blessed Saviour! yearning 

As my spirit doth for Thee, 
May my lamp be bright and burning 

Whet Thou comest unto me ! 

Feed with oil the languid taper, 
Faintly by the night wind fann'd, 

Hide it from the rising vapour, 
In the hollow of Thy hand- 
O my blessed Saviour ! &c. 

Every weight that would encumber 

Lay aside, my soul and rise/ 
Shake off from thy heart the slumber, 
That is stealing o'er thine eyes. 
O my blessed Saviour ! &c. 



Lo! the Bride, in all her beauty, 

Bending toward the eastern gate, 
Clothed in praise and girt with duty, 
Doth upon her threshold wait. 
O my blessed Saviour ! cVc 

Though the Bridegroom be delaying 

Yet His hand is on the door, 
When He comes His second staying 
Will be with us forever more. 
O my blessed Saviour! ^:c. 

566. 6, 6, 6, 6, 8, 8. 

Hidden Saviour, Great High Priest, 

Master of the Royal Feast, 
King enthroned above the skies, 

One and perfect Sacrifice, 
Christ the same and changing never, 

Yesterday, to-day, for ever. 

Yesterday upon the Cross 

Thou didst hang to heal our loss, 
Past are now Thy mortal pains, 

Yet Thy Sacrifice remains, 
Christ the same and changing never, 

Yesterday, to-day, forever. 


This day on Thine Altar-Throne 
Thou art present with Thine own, 

Veiling here Thy light divine 
Under forms of Bread and Wine ; 

Christ the same ana changing never, 
Yesterday, to-day, for ever. 

'Evermore a Priest above, 
Thou art pleading, in Thy love, 

That same Offering of might 
Which we show in bloodless rite, 

Christ the same and changing never, 
Yesterday, to-day, for ever. 

Man of Mary, God of God, 
Sacred Flesh and Precious Blood, 

Thee we offer, Thee adore, 
Till Thou comest here once more, 

Christ the same and changing never, 
Yesterday, to-day, for ever. 


567. 8, 8, 8, 4 . 

O Lord of heaven, and earth, and sea, 
To Thee all praise and glory be: 
How shall we show our love for Thee, 
Who givest all ? 

The golden sunshine, vernal air, 
Sweet flowers and fruits Thy love declare ; 
When harvest ripens Thou art there, 
Who givest all. 

For peaceful homes and healthful days, 
.For all the blesjings earth displays, 
We owe Thee thankfulness and praise, 
Who givest all. 

Thou didst not spare Thine only Son. 
But gav'st Him for a world undone, 
And freely with that Blessed One 
Thou givest all. 

Thou giv'st the Holy Spirit's dower, 
Spirit of life, and love, and power, 
And dost His sevenfold graces shower 

Upon us all. 
For souls redeemed and sins forgiven, 
For means of grace and hopes of heaven, 
What can to Thee, O Lord, be given, 

Who givest all? 
We lose what on ourselves we spend. 
We have as treasure without end 
Whatever Lord to Thee we lend, 

Who givest all. 
To Thee then gladly will we give, 
To Thee, from whom we all derive ; 
O may we ever with Thee live, 

Who givest all, 


568. 7> 7, 7, 7> 3, 8. 

Lord, in all we | of.fer . Thee: 

Let this | rule . our . gui . dance .be, 

They must cost us | loss .or .pain 

i£/jf<? Thou J wilt .not .deem .them .gain 

On Thine Altar laid, we | leave- .them. 

Christ present them* |God . re . ceive — . them. 

Gifts to God are | best .sup .plied: 

Out of | lux . u . ries . de . nied. 

Out of pleasures | we . might . take 

But refuse* | lor — .Je . su's . sake. 

On Thine'Altar laid^we | leave — . them. 

Christ present them*| God . re . ceive- . them. 

569- 6 of 6. 

Thy life was given for me ! 
Thy blood, O Lord was shed 
That I might ransomed be, 
And quickened from the dead. 
Thy life was given for me : — 
What have I given for Thee? 

Long years were spent for me 

In weariness and woe, 

That through eternity 

Thy glory I might know. 

Long years were spent for me : — 
Have I spent one for Thee? 


Thy Father's Home of light, 
Thy rainbow-circled Throne, 
Were left for earthly night, 
For wanderings sad and lone- 
Yea, all was left for me : — 
Have I left aught for Thee? 

Thou, Lord, hast borne for me 

More than my tongue can tell 

Of bitterest agony. 

To rescue me from hell. 

Thou suft'redst all for me : — 
What have I borne for Thee ? 

And Thou hast brought to me 

Down from Thy Home above 

Salvation full and free, 

Thy pardon and Thy love. 

Great gifts Thou broughtest me : — 
What have I brought to Thee ? 

Oh, let my life be given, 

My years for Thee be spent ; 

World-fetters all be riven, 

And joy with suffering blent : 
To Thee my all I bring, 
My Saviour and my King ! 



570. p. M. 

Holy Offerings rich and rare, 
Offerings of praise and prayer ! 

Purer life and purpose high, 
Clasped hands and lifted eye, 
Lowly acts of adoration 
To the God of our Salvation ; 

On Thine Altar laid we leave them 

Christ present them, God receive them. 

Pleasant food and garb of pride 
Put for conscience' sake aside, 

Lawful luxury forgone 
To relieve some little one, 

Loved by Christ, by Him befriended 
And for His dear love attended. 

On Thine Altar laid we leave them 

Christ present them, God receive them. 

Homage of each humble heart, 
Ere we from Thy House depart, 

Worship fervant, deep and high, 
Clasped hands and lifted eye ! 

All that childlike love can render 
Of devotion true and tender; 

On Thine Altar laid we leave them 

Christ present them, God receive them. 

To the Father, and the Son, 

And the Spirit, Three in One ! 
Though our mortal weakness raise 


Offerings of imperfect praise. 
Yet with hearts bowed down most lowly, 

Crying, Holy! Holy! Holy! 
On Thine Altar laid, we leave them, 
Christ present them, God receive them- 


571. i- of 6, 5. 

Jesus, gentlest Saviour, 

God of might and pow'r 
Thou Thyself art dwelling 

In us at this hour 
Nature can not hold Thee, 

Heaven is all too straight 
For Thine endless Glory, 

And Thy Royal State. 
Out beyond the shining 
Of the furthest Star, 
Thou art ever stretching 

Infinitely far. 

Yet the hearts of children 

Hold what worlds cannot, 
And the God of wonders 

Loves the lowly spot. 
Jesus, gentlest Saviour, 

Thou art in us now ; 
Fill us full of goodness 

Till our hearts o'erflow, 


Pray the prayer within us 

That to Heaven shall rise ; 

Sing the song that Angels 
Sing above the skies. 

Multiply our graces, 

Chiefly love and fear, 
And, dear Lord ! the chiefest, 

Grace to persevere. 
Oh, how can we thank Thee 

For a gift like This, 
Gift that truly maketh 

Heaven's eternal bliss. 
Ah ! when wilt Thou always 

Make our hearts Thy home ? 
We must wait for Heaven, 

Then the day will come. 



Ox Week Day Evenings, immediately after 
the Sermon or Address. 

O Lord, We beseech Thee, mercifully to hear our 
prayers, and spare all those who confess their sins 
unto Thee, that thev whose consciences bv sin are 


accused, by Thy merciful pardon may be absolved ; 
through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Out of the deep have I called unto Thee, O | 
Lord : Lord hear my | voice- 

let Thine ears consider | Well : the voice of my 
com | plaint. 

If Thou Lord wilt be extreme to mark what is 
done a | miss : O Lord, who may a | bide it. 

For there is mercy with | Thee : therefore shalt 
Thou be | feared. 

1 look for the Lord, my soul doth wait for | Him : 
in His word is my | trust. 

My soul fleeth unto the | Lord : before the morn- 
ing watch, 1 say before the morning | watch. 

( ) Israel trus* in the Lord, for with the Lord theie 
is | mercy: and with Him is plenteous re | demption. 

And He shall redeem lsra | el: from all his | sins. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the j Son : and to 
the Holy | Ghost. 

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall | 
be : world without end, A I men. 

Turn Thou us, O good Lord, and so shall we be 
turned. Be favorable, O Lord, Be favourable to Thy 
people, Who turn to Thee in weeping, fasting and 
praying. For Thou art a merciful God, Full of com- 
passion, long-suffering, and of great pity. Thou spar- 
est when we deserve punishment. And in Thy wrath 
thinkest upon mercy. Spare Thy people, good Lord, 


spare them, And let not Thine heritage be brought 
to confusion. Hear us, O Lord, for Thy mercy is 
great, And after the multitude of Thy mercy look 
upon us, Through the merits and mediation of Thy 
blessed Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 


P My sins have taken such an hold on me, 
I am not able to look up to Thee ; 
Lord, I repent; accept my tears and grief; 
f But Thou hast taken all my sin away, 

And I in Thee dare now lookup and pray; 
/ Lord I believe; (/>) help Thou mine*unbelief. 

p Of nights unhallowed, and of sinful days, 

Of careless thoughts and words and works and ways. 
Lord, I repent/ accept my tears and grief: 
f And in the Life which doth within me live, 

And the Forgiveness which can all forgive, 
f Lord, I believe ;(/)help Thou mine unbelief. 

p Of selfishness which makes the soul unjust, . 
Envy and strife and every sinful lust, 
Lord I repent; accept my tears and grief 
And in the Blood, which doth my pardon plead 
The Truth and Love, which for me intercede, 
f Lord, I believe ;(/>)help Thou mine unbelief. 


Of sins that as a cloud have hid Thy K 
,)[ Thy care slighted, and Thy grieved grace, 
Lord, 1 repent; accept my tears and grief: 
In love which puts sin's envious veil aside, 
Rending the veil of flesh which for me died, 
f Lord, I believe ;(/>)help Thou mine unbelief. 

Sin is my sorrow, passion is my pain, 
To Thee their vileness, and in me their stain ; 
Lord I repent, accept my tears and grief: 
cres. Christ is my joy and out of all distress 
He dcth deliver with His righteousness : 
f Lord, I believe, (/jhelp Thou mine unbelief. 

O Saviour of the world, Who by Thy Cross and 
precious Blood hast redeemed us/ Save us and help 

s. we humbly beseech Thee, O Lord. 
V. Son of God, we beseech Thee to hear us, 
R. Son of God we beseech Thee to hear us. 
V. O Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of 

the world, 
R. Have mercy upon us. 

Full. O Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of 
the world. 
Grant us Thy peace- 

The Lord bless us, and keep us. The Lord 
make His face to shine upon us, and be gracious 
unto us. The Lord lift up His Countenance upon 
us, and give us peace, both now and evermore. 




Reminding us of God's unwearied love, and man' 
sore ingratitude, and that his only answer can be ut 
tered in a cry for r ercy. 


V. {Priest.) O, My people, what have I done un- 
to thee? or wherein have I wearied thee? Answer 

Because I brought thee out of the land of Egypt, 
thou hast prepared a Cross for thy Saviour. 
It. {By all.) Holy God, Holy God, Holy and 
Mighty, Holy and Mighty, Holy and Immortal: 
have mercy i{pon us. 

V. Because I led thee through a wilderness forty 
years, and fed thee with manna, and brought thee 
into a land exceeding good, thou hast prepared a 
CrossJbr thy Saviour, 
H. Holy God, dec. 

V. What could I have done more for thee that I 
Lave not done ? I planted thee indeed My choicest 
vine and thou hast turned for Me into exceeding 
bitterness ; thou gavest vinegar to quench My 
Thirst, and piercedst with a lance the Side of thy 
H. Holy God, &r*c. 


f". My people what have I done unto thee/ or 
wherein have I wearied Thee? Answer Me- 

For thy sake I scourged Egypt with its first- 
born: and Thou didst deliver Me to be scourged. 
11. Holy God, &c. 

This response is to be repeated after each of the following Reproaches. 

Y. I brought thee out Egypt, drowning Pharaoh 
in the Red Sea : and thou didst deliver Me to the 
Chief Priests. 

V. I opened the Sea before thee : and and thou 
openedst My Side with a spear. 
Y I went before thee in a pillar of cloud ; and 
thou leddest Me before Pilate's judgment-scat. 
T . I fed thee with manna in the desert : and thou 
didst fall on me with swords and staves . 
Y. I gave thee to drink of the Water of Salvation 
from the Rock : and thou gavest Me gall and vine- 

T . O My people what haye I done unto thee? or 
wherein have I wearied thee ? Answer Me. 

For thee I smote the kings of the Canaanites : 
and thou didst smite My Head with a reed. 
V. I gave thee a royal sceptre : and thou gavest My 
Head a Crown of thorns . 

V. I exalted thee to great honour : and thou didst 
lift Me up on the gibbet of the Cross. 
V. O My people, what have I done unto thee ! or 
wherein have I wearied thee. Answer Me. 


it. Holy God, Holy God, Holy and Mighty, &c. 

Antiphon. (Priest.) We venerate Thy Cross, O 

Lord, and praise and glorify Thy Holy Resurrection.- 

for behold through the wood joy has come to the 


22. (All.) God be merciful unto us and bless .-us 

and show us the light of His Countenance and be 

merciful unto us. 

(/};?!.) We venerate, &c. 

HYMN 75. 




At thy awaking, ascend Calvary 
in spirit and go not from it the whole 
day. Stand nearest to the Cross that 
thou art able. Fix thine eyes upon 
the dying Jesus. Make thyself one 
sacrifice with Jesus. Deprive thyself 
of all other pleasure but that of think- 
ing of Jesus, crucified upon the Cross 
for thv sake. 


Mattins 9 00 a. m. 

Altar Service and Sermon 10 30 

The Reproaches 1 1 45 

The Three Hours Agony 12 _\i. 

The Litany 5 p. M- 

Even-Song 7 3o 


u . Is it nothing unto | you jj all ye 
that pass | by || Behold and | see || if 
if there be any sorrow like unto My \ 
sorrow, " 

The Three Hours will be occupied 
in meditation, silent prayer, singing, 
and short addresses upon The Seven 
Words spoken by our Blessed Lord on 
the Cross. 

After each Address there will be, first, 
the Meditation until the signal given 
by the Organ when the Litany ofeach 
of the The Seven Words, will be sung, 
all still kneeling ; then the Congrega- 
tion will arise to sing the appointed 

During each Meditation while kneel- 
ing, say the Veni Creator, and make the 
Thanksgii'ing, Acts and Prayers fullou'- 


ing it. 

575. 6 of 8. 

Come Holy Ghost our souls inspire, 
And lighten with celestial lire; 

Thou the anointing Spirit art, 

Who dost thy sevenfold gifts impart ; 

Thy blessed unction from above 
Is comfort, life, and fire of love. 

Enable with perpetual light, 

The dullness of our blinded sight ; 

Anoint and cheer our soiled face, 
"With the abundance of thy grace ; 

Keep far our foes, give peace at home, 
Where thou art guide no ill can come. 

Teach us to know the Father, Son, 
And thee of both to be but one ; 

That through the ages all along, 
^his still may be our endless snng; 

Praise to thy eternal merit, 
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

Be Thou praised and blessed for- 
ever, O crucified Lord, for the pardon 
of our sins, which Thou hast obtain- 
ed for us- 

O Saviour of the world, Who by Thy 
Cross and Precious Blood hast re- 
deemed us, save us and help us, we 
humbly beseech Thee, O Lord. 

Act of Faith, — O my God, I be- 
lieve in Thee, help Thou mine un- 


Act of Hope, — my God, I hope 
in Thee, enkindle my hope. 

Act of Love, — my God, I love 
Thee above all things, O make me 
love Thee more and more. 

Act of Contrition, — O my God, I 
grieve from my heart for having offend- 
ed Thee, because Thou art an Al- 
mighty and All gracious God, I firmly 
resolve never to offend Thee any 

Prayer, — Open, O my soul, ihine 
ears to hear, since Jesus opens His 
mouth to speak to thee from the pul- 
pit of the Cross. 

Speak, Lord, for Thy servant hear- 
eth. Do Thou, O Lord, Who art the 
Word of the Eternal Father, teach me 
some lesson which I may keep in my 
memory, ponder in my heart, and ac- 
cept and embrace with all my heart 
and soul. Amen. 

Soul of Christ, sanctify me ! 
Body of Christ, save me! 
Blood of Christ, inebriate me ! 
Water from the side of Christ, wash me! 
Passion of Christ, strengthen me ! 
O Good Jesu, hear me ! 


Within Thy wounds hide me! 

Suffer me not to be separated from Thee ! 

From the malicious enemy defend me! 

In the hour of my death, call me ! 

And bid me come to Thee, 

That with Thy saints I may praise Thee 

For ever and ever. 



Preparatory Address and Medi- 
tation. — — — — 12 M. 

576- 4 of 8. 

O come and mourn with me awhile, 

O come ye to the Saviour's Side, 
O come together let us mourn, 

Jesus, our Love is crucified ! 

Have ye no tears to shed for Him 
While soldiers scoff and Jews deride? 
Ah ! look how patiently He hangs, 
Jesus, our Love is crucified ? 

How fast His hands and feet are nailed 
His blessed tongue with thirst is tied, 
His failing eyes are blind with blood, 
Jesus, our Love is crucified ! 

Seven times He spoke, seven words of love 
And all three hours His silence cried 
For mercy on the souls of men, 
Jesus, our Love is crucified J 


Corae, take thy stand beneath the Cross, 
And let the Blood from out that Side 
Fall gently on thee, drop by drop, 
Jesus, our Love is crucified! 

A. broken heart, a fount of tears, 
Ask and they will not be denied, 
A broken heart love's cradle is, 
Jesus, our Love is crucified ! 

Address — Meditation. — 12 22. 
Litany of the First Word. 

u Father forgive them , for they knozo not "what 
they do. " 

Jesu, in Thy dying woes, 

Even while THy life blood flows, 

Craving pardon on Thy foes : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Saviour, for our pardon sue, 
When our sinsTny pangs renew, 
For we know not "what we do : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 
Oh, may we who mercy need. 
Be like'Thee in heart and deed,, 
W T hen with wrong our spirits bleed : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Hymn 378. 
Address — Meditation. — 12 45. 
Litany of the Second Word. 

fc To-day thou shalt be with me in Paradise, w 
Jesu. pitying the sighs 
Of the thief who near Thee dies, 
Promising Him Paradise : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 


May we In our guilt and shame, 
Still Thy love and mercy claim, 
Calling humbly on Thy name : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 
Oh, remember us who pine, 
Looking from our cross to Thine, 
Cheer our souls with hope divine : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Hymn 87. 

Address — Meditation. — 1 07. 
Litany of the Third Word. 

' Woman, behold thy Son" " Son behold thy mother. 1 ' 
Jesu, loving to the end, 
Her whose heart Thy sorrows rend, 
And Thy dearest human friend : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 
May we in Thy sorrows share, 
And for Thee all peril dare, 
And enjoy Thy tender care : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 
May we all Thy loved ones be, 
All one holy family, 
Loving for the lcve of Thee : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Hymn 558. 

Address — Meditation, — 1 30. 
Litany of the Fourth Word. 

1 My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me? " 
Jesu, whelmed in tears unknown, 
With our evil left alone, 
While no light from heaven is shown : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 
When we vainly seem to pray. 
And our hope seems far away, 
In the darkness be our stay : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 


Though no Father seem to hear. 
Though no light our spirit cheer, 
Tell our faith that God is near : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Hymn 252. 

Address — Meditation. — 1 52 
Litany of the Fifth Word 

" " / thirst." 
Jesu in Thy thirst and pain, 
WhileThy wounds Thy life-blood drains, 
Thirsting more our iOve to gain : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 
Thirst for us in mercv still ; 
All Thy holv work fulfil— 
Satisfy Thy loving will : 

Hear us. Holy Jesu. 

May we thirst Thy lore to know ; 
Lead us in our sin and woe 
Where the healing waters flow : 

Hear us, Holy Jest;, 

Hymn 75. 

Address — Meditation. — 2 15. 
Litany of the Sixth Word. 

M // is finished. " 
Jesu,— all our ransom paid, 
All Thy Father's will obeyed— 
By Thy sufferings perfect made : 

Hear us. Holy Jesu* 
Save us in our souls' distress. 
Be our help to cheer and bless, 
While we grow in holiness : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 
Brighten all our heavenward way, 
With an ever holier ray, 
Till we pass to perfect day : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu, 

Hymn 559. 


Address — Meditation. — 2 37. 
Litany of the Seventh Word. 

" Father into Thy Hands I commend My Spirit. '» 

Jesu — all Thy labour vast, 

All Thy woe and conflict past — 

Yielding up Thy soul at last : 

Hear as, Holy Jesu. 

When the death shades rouna us lower, 
Guard us from the tempter's power, 
Keep us in that trial hour: 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

May Thy life and death supply 
Grace to live aud grace to die, 
Grace to reach the home on high : 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Hymn 74. 
577. L. M, 

" Crux Ji del 'is. " 

O faithful Cross ! O noblest tree, 

In all our woods there's none like thee : 

No earthly groves, no shady bow rs 

Produce such leaves, such fruit, such flow'rs. 
* Sweet are the nails, and sweet the wood, 
That bears a weight, so great, so good. 


Sing, O my tongue! devoutly sing 
The glorious laurals of our King : 

Sing the triumphant victory 

Gain'd by the cross erected high; 


Where man's Redeemer yields His breath, 
And, dying, conquers hell and death. 
O faithful cross, &c. ( repeated to the * ) 

With pity our Creator saw 

His noblest work transgress His law, 
When our first parents rashly ate 

The fatal tree's forbidden meat ; 
He then resolved the cross's wood 

Should make that tree's sad damage good. 
Sweet are the nails, <Scc. 

When the full time, decreed above, 
Was come to show this work of love, 

Th' Eternal Father sends His Son, 

The world's Creator, from His throne ! 

Who, on our earth, this vale of tears, 
Cloth'd with a virgin's flesh, appears. 
O faithful cross, &c. ( T**) 

Full thirty years and more were spent 

In this our mortal banishment ; 
And then the Son of man decreed, 

For the lost sons of men to bleed, 
And, on the cross, a victim laid, 

The solemn expiation made. 
Sweet are the nails, <Scc. 

His drink was gall ; His flesh they tear 
With thorns and nails ; a cruel spear 

Pierces His side, from whence a flood 

Streams forth, of water mixed with blood, 


With which the stars, the sea, the earth — 
The world itself — receive new birth. 
O faithful cross, &c. 

On thee alone, the Lamb was slain 
That reconciled the world again : 

And, when on raging seas was toss'd 

The shipwrecked world, and mankind lost. 

Besprinkl'd with His sacred gore, 

Thou safely brought them to the shore. 
O faithful cross, &c. Ame< 

578- C. i 

It is my sweetest comfort, Lord, 

And will forever be, 
To muse upon the gracious truth 

Of Thy Humanity. 

O joy ! there sitteth in our flesh, 

Upon a throne of light, 
One of a human mother born, 

In perfect Godhead "bright : 

Though earth's foundations should be move- 
Down to their lowest deep ; 

Though all the trembling universe 
Into destruction sweep, — 

For ever God, for ever Man, 

My Jesus shall endure ; 
And fixed on Him, my hope remains 

Eternally secure. Amen. 


C. M. 
Christ is gone up : yet ere He passed 

From earth, in heaven to reign, 
He formed One holy Church to last 

Till He should come again- 

His twelve Apostles first He made 

His ministers of grace : 
And they their hands on others laid, 

To fill in turn their place. 

So age by age, and year by year, 

The stream of grace flows on ; 
And still the holy Church is here, 

Although her Lord is gone- 

Whate'er we do, whate'er we say, 

By her we must be led ; 
For though our Lord is faraway, 

His Church is in His stead. 

Let those find pardon, Lord, from Thee, 

Whose faith and love are cold : 
Bring wanderers in, and let there be 

One Shepherd and one Fold. 

To God the Father, God the Son, 

And God the Holy Ghost, 
By Thy whole Church be glory done, 

And by the angel-host. Amen. 


580. L. M 

O Holy Ghost, Thou God of peace, 
Pity Thy Church, now rent in twain ; 

Bid wrath and strife and variance cease, 
And let us all be one again. 

One with our brethren here in love, 
And one with the saints that are at rest, 

And one with Angel hosts above, 
And one with God forever blest. 

Oh ! make on earth all churches one, 
One with the blessed gone before, 

All knit in sweet communion, 

To love Thee, worship, and adore. 

For one the Lord on Whom we call, 
The Spirit one Which He hath given, 

One God and Father of us all, 

One Faith on earth, one Hope of heav 


581. I 

God hath two families of love, 
One is on earth and one above ; 

One is in battle sharp and sore, 
And one at rest forevermore- 

The Church on earth maintains the fight 
Against the devil and his might; 

The Church at rest with war hath done: 
And yet the two are only one. 


For they who loved their Saviour here. 
And died in God's true faith and fear, 

Are waiting now in Paradise 

To join the Church beyond the skies. 

We thank Thee, Saviour, for the grace 

By which they reached that blessed place : 

Oh, teach us so to live that we 

May follow them, as they did Thee. 

Teach us to live in faith and love, 

Until Thou callest us above, 
To see Thee as Thou art, and stand 

Before Thee in the far-off land. Amen. 

82. 7s. 

They whose course on earth is o'er, 
Think they of their brethren more ? 

They before the throne who bow, 
Feel they for their brethren now? 

Yea, the dead in Christ have still 

Part in all our joy and ill : 
Keeping all our steps in view, 

Guiding them, it may be, too. 

We, by enemies distrest, — 

They in Paradise at rest/ 
We the captives, — they the freed, — 

They and we are one indeed ; 


One in all we seek or shun ; 

One, because our Lord is Oney 
One in heart, and one in love; 

We below and they above. 

Those whom many a land divides, 

Many mountains, many tides, 
Have they with each other part ? 

Have they fellowship in heart ? 

Each to each may be unknown, 
Wide apart their lots be thrown ; 

Differing tongues their lips may speak, 
One be strong, and one be weak ; 

Yet in Sacrament and prayer 

Each with other hath a share ; 
Hath a share in tear and sigh, 
Watch and Fast and Litany. 

With each other join they here 

In affliction, doubt and fear; 
That hereafter they may be 

Joined, O Lord, in bliss with Thee ! 

So with them our hearts we raise, 

Share their work and join their praise ; 

Rendering worship, thanks and love, 

To the Trinity above ! Amen. 


583. 7, 6, 7, 6. 

Come, O Creator, Spirit ! 

Visit these souls of Thine; 
These hearts of Thy creating 

Fill Thou with grace divide. 
Who Paraclete art called ! 

The gift of God above J 
Pure Unction ! Holy Fire ! 

And Fount of lite and love! 
Finger of God's right hand ! 

The Father's promise true ! 
Who sevenfold gifts bestowest, 

Who dost the tongue endow. 
Pour love into our hearts; 

Our senses touch with light ? 
Make strong our human frailty 

With Thy supernal might. 
Cast far our deadly foe; 

Thy peace in us fulfil ; 
So Thou before us leading, 

May we escape each ill. 
The Father and the Son, 

Through Thee may we receive ; 
In Thee from both proceeding, 

Through endless time believe. 
Praise to the Father be ; 

Praise to the Son Who rose ; 
And praise to Thee blest Spirit ; 

While age on ages flows. Amen. 

584. 7, 6, 7, 6, d. 

Go forward, Christian soldier ! 

Beneath His banner true : 
The Lord Himself, Thy Leader, 

Shall all thy foes subdue, 
His love f ortells thy trials ; 

He knows thine hourly need, 
He can with bread of heaven 

Thy fainting spirit feed. 

Go forward Christian Soldier, 

Fear hot the secret foe ; 
Far more o'er thee are watching 

Than human eyes can know ; 
Trust only Christ, Thy Captain ; 

Cease not to watch and pray ; 
Heed not the treacherous voices 

That lure thy soul astray. 

Go forw r ard Christian Soldier, 

Nor dream of peaceful rest, 
Till Satan's host is vanquished 

And Heaven is all posesssed ; 
Till Christ Himself shall call thee 

To lay thine armour by, 
And wear in endless glory 

The crown of victory. 

Go f orw r ard, Christian Soldier ! 

Fear not the gathering night : 
The Lord has been thy shelter, 

The Lord will be thy light. 

2 1 8 
When morn His face rt 

Thy dangers all arc past ; 
Oh, pray that faith and virtue 

May keep thee to the last ! Amen. 

585. 75. 

Children of the heavenly King, 

A.S we journey let us sing; 
Sing the Saviour's worthy praise. 

Glorious in His works and wa\ 3 

We are travelling home to God, 

*n the way our fathers trod ; 
They are happy now, and we 

Soon their hapmness shall see. 

Banish 'd once, by sin betray 'd, 

Christ our Advocate was made ; 
Pardon 'd now no more we roam, 
Christ conducts us to ourhome. 

Lord, obediently we go, 

Gladly leaving all below : 
Only Thou our Leader be, 

And we still w ; ll follow Thee. Amen. 

686- 6. 6. 6. 6. 6. 6. 

When morning gilds the skies, 
My heart awaking cries 

May Jesus Christ be praised* 


Alike at work and prayer 
To Jesus I repair : 

May Jesus Christ be praised. 
Whene'er the sweet church bell 
Peals over hill and dell. 

May fesi - Christ be praised : 
O hark to what it s ngs. 
As joyously it rings, 

May fesus Christ be prais 

' - imgue shall never* tire 
* .anting with the choir 
Ma; Christ be prais 

. '. ; 
eei seems I 
Ma praised. 

When sleep her balm denies. 
My siient spirit sighs 

s Christ be praised : 
d evil thoughts molest, 
th this I shield my bre;i-:. 
- Christ be prais, ;'. 

: : .ll my mind? 
s Cace here I find. 
May Jesus Christ be praised: 
Or fa i e s m y earthly bl 
My comfort still is this, 

Jhrist be praised. 


The night becomes as day, 
When from the heart we say 
k . Jesus Christ be praised i 
The powers of darkness fear, 

When this sweet chant they hear, 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 

In heaven's eternal bliss 
The lovliest strain is this, 
May Jesus Christ be praised: 
Let earth, and sea, and sky, 
From depth to height reply 
May Jesus Christ be praised. 

Be this while life is mine, 
My canticle divine, 

May Jesus Christ be praised. 
Be this the eternal song, 
Through all the ages on. 

May hrist be praised. Ameft. 

587. 6s. 

We love the place. O God 

Wherein thine honour dwells, 

The joy of thine abode 
All earthly joy excels. 

It is the House of Prayer. 

Wherein Thy servants meet, 
And Thou, O Lord, art there 

Thy chosen flock to greet- 


We love the sacred Font, 

For there the Holy Dove 
To pour is ever wont 

His blessing from above. 

We love Thine Altar, Lord, 

O what on earth so dear? 
For there, in faith adored, 

We find Thy Presence near* 

We love the Word of Life, 
The Word that tells of peace, 

Of comfort in the strife, 
And joys that never cease. 

We love to sing below 

For mercies freely given, 
But oh ! we long to know 

The triumph-song of heaven. 

Lord Jesus, give us grace 

On earth to love Thee more, 
in heaven to see Thy Face, 

And with Thy saints adore. Amen. 

588. P M. 

Lauda Sion, Salvatorem. 

,aud, O Sion, Thy Salvation, 
Laud with hymns of exultation, 
Christ, thy King and Shepherd true/ 


Bring Him all the praise thou knowest ; 
He is more than thou bestowest ; 
Never canst thou reach His due. 

Special theme of glad thanksgiving 
Js the Living and Life-giving 

Bread, before thee set; 

From His hands of old partaken, 

As we know by faith unshaken, 
Where the Twelve at supper met. 

Full and clear ring out thy chanting* 
Joy nor sweetest grace be wanting, 

From thy heart let praises burst : 
For to-day the Feast is holden 

When the Institution olden 
( U that supper is rehearsed. 

What He did, at supper seated, 
Christ ordained to be repeated, 

His Memorial ne'er to cease, 

And His rule for guidance taking, 

Bread and Wine we hallow, making 
Thus our Sacrifice of peace. 

Here beneath these signs are hidden 
Priceless Things to sense forbidden, 

Signs, not Things, are all we see ; 

Blood is poured and Flesh is broken, 

Yet in either wondrous Token, 
Christ Entire we know to be. 


Whoso of this Food partaketh 

Rendeth not the Lord nor breaketh ; 
Christ is whole to all who taste ; 

Thousands are, as one, receivers; 
^One, as thousands of believers, 
Eats of Him Who cannot waste. 

589. ' Part II. 

Lo, the Angels' Food is given 

To the pilgrim who hath striven ; 
See the children's Bread from Heaven 

Which on dogs may ne'er be spent ; 
Truth the ancient types fulfilling, 

Isaac bound a victim willing; 
Paschal Lamb its Life-blood spilling, 

Manna to the Fathers sent. 

Very Bread, Good Shepherd, tend us, 

Jesu, of Thy love befriend usy 
Thou refresh us, Thou defend us, 

Thine eternal goodness send us 
In the Land of life to see : 

Thou Who all things canst and knowest, 
Who on earth such Food bestowest, 

Grant us with Thy saints, though lowest, 
Where the Heavenly Feast Thou showest, 

Fellow-heirs and guests to be. Amen. 

590. 6 of 8. 7. 
Now my tongue, the mystery telling 

Of the glorious Body sing, 


And the Blood, all price excelling. 
Which the Gentiles' Lord and King. 

In a Virgin's womb once dwelling. 
Shed for this world's ransoming. 

Given for us, and condescending 

To be born tor us below. 
He with men in converse blending 

Dwelt the seed of truth to sow, 
Till He closed with wondrous ending 

His most patient life of woe. 

That last night at supper lying, 
'Mid His twelve and chosen band, 

Jesus, with the law complying, 

Keeps the Feast its rites demand ; 

Then more precious Food supplying. 
Gives Himself with His Own hand. 

Word-made-Flesh true bread He maketh 
By His Word His Flesh to bey 

Wine, His Blood, which whoso taketh 
Must from carnal thoughts be free : 

Faith alone, though sight forsaketh, 
Shows true hearts the Mystery. 

Glory let us give, and blessing, 

To the Father and the Son, 
Honour, might, and praise addressing, 

While eternal ages run ; 
Ever too His love confessing. 

Who from Both with Both is One. Amen. 


591. 8s. 

O Saving Victim opening wide 

The gate of Heaven to man below , 

Our foes press on from every side, 

Thine aid supply, Thy strength bestow. 

All thanks and praise to Thee ascend, 
For evermore Blest One in Three; 

O grant us life that shall not end, 
In our true native land with Thee. 


592- 7s. 

Sinful, sighing to be blest 

Bound and longing to be free, 
Weary, waiting for my rest, 
God, be merciful to me ! 

Goodness I have none to plead, 

Sinfulness in all I see, 
] can only bring my need, 
God, be merciful tome! 

Broken heart and downcast eyes 

Dare not lift themselves to thee, 
Yet Thou canst interpret sighs, 
God be merciful to me ! 

From this sinful heart of mine 
To Thy bosom I would flee. 
I am not mine own- — but Thine, 
God be merciful to me ! 


There is One beside Thy throne, 

And my only hope and plea 
Are in Him and Him alone; — 
God be merciful to me ! 

He my cause will undertake, 

My Interpreter will be, 
He's my all, and for His sake, 

God be merciful to me! Amen. 

593. . .7-6. 7-6. 

Bowed low in supplication, 

We come, O Lord, to Thee ; 
Thy grace alone can save us ; 

To Thee alone we flee. 

We come for this ourparish 
Thy mercy to implore ; 

On church, and homes, and people, 
O Lord, Thy blessing pour, 

Oh ! be Thy house, Lord, hallowed, 
And hallowed be Thy day ; 

Let sin-stained souls find pardon, 
And learn to love and pray. 

With heavenly food snpported, 
O be they firm and strong 

To follow all things holy, 

To flee from all things wrong. 


Lord, banish strife and variance, 
Knit sundered hearts in one; 

And bind us all together 
In love to Thy dear Son. 

O Father bless our parish, 
That all may grow in grace, 

And love Thee daily better, 

Until we see Thv face. Amen. 

594. 6, 6. 6. 6. 

When the world is brightest, 
And our hearts are lightest, 

Blessed Jesu, hear us ! 

Let Thy hand be near us ! 

When life's scene is shaded, 
All its bright hopes faded, 

Blessed Jesu, hear us ! 

Light of heaven be near us ! 

When with blessings sated 

Or by praise elated, 
Blessed Jesu, hear us ! 

Let Thy Cross be near us ! 

When the night of sorrow 
Makes us dread to-morrow, 

Blessed Jesu, hear us! 

Light of heaven, be near us ! 


When our foes surround us, 

When our sins have bound us, 

Blessed Jesu, hear us! 
Let Thy help be near us ! 

When our hearts are grieving, 

O'er the grave bereaving, 
Blessed Jesu, hear us ! 

Light of heaven, be near us ! 

When in sickness lying, 

Dark with fear of dying, 
Blessed Jesu, hear us ! 

Let Thy help be near us ! 

When life slowly waning. 

Shows but Heaven remaining, 
Blessed Jesu, hear us! 

Light of all be near us. Amen. 

595* 8017. 

Holy, holy, holy Lord 

God of host, when heaven and earth, 
Out of darkness, at Thy word, 

Issued into glorious birth, 
All Thy works before Thee stood, 

And Thine eye beheld them good, 
While they sang with sweet accord, 

Holy, holy, holy Lord ! 


Holy, holy, holy ! Thee 

One Jehovah evermore, 
Father, Son, and Spirit ! we 

Dust and ashes, would adore; 
Lightly by the world esteem'd, 

From the world by Thee redeem 'd, 
Sing we here with glad accord, 

Holy, holy, holy Lord ' 

Holy, holy, holy ! All 

Heaven's triumphant choirs shall sing, 
When the ransom 'd nations fall 

At the footstool of their King : 
Then shall saints and seraphim, 

Hearts and voices swell one hymn, 
Round the throne with full accord, 

Holy, holy, holy Lord! Amen. 

596. P. m. 

Hark the sound of the fight hath gone forth. 

And we must not tarry at home ; 
For our Lord from the South and the North, 

Has commanded His soldiers to come. 
We must on with our banner unfurled ; 
We must on : ' tis Jesus Who leads : 
We must hasten to conquer the world, 
With the sign of the Lamb Who bleeds. 

Hark the sound of the fight hath gone forth, 
And we must not tarry at home, 
For our Lord from the South and the North 
Has commanded His soldiers to come. 


We must stand to our colours like men : 

Our Lord is a Leader of love : 
For the wounded He heals ! and the slain 

He crowns in His city above. 
We must march to the battle with speed. 

Upon earth our one duty is strife : 
I ) how blest are the soldiers who bleed 

For the Saviour Who died to give life. 
Hark the sound of the tight, &c . 

There is Jesus in Heaven above, 

There is Jesus on earth below, 
And His the one Standard we love — 

And His the one watchword we know. 
Let us sing the new song of the Lamb — 

Let us sing round our banner so brave, 
Let us sing of that glorified Blood 

Which was shed to redeem and to save. 

Hark the sound of the fight, &c. Amen. 

597. 8. j. 8. 

On the Resurrection morning 
Soul and body meet again ; 
Xo more sorrow, no more weeping, 
No more pain. 

Here awhile they must be parted, 

And the flesh its sabbath keep, 
Waiting in a holy stillness 

Wrapt in sleep. 


For a space the tired body 

Lies with feet toward the dawn ; 
Till there breaks the last and brightest 
. Easter morn. 

But the soul in contemplation 

Utters earnest prayer and strong ; 
Breaking at the Resurrection 
Into song ! 

Soul and body reunited 

Thenceforth nothing shall divide, 
Waiting, sure of final glory 

Oh! the beauty, oh! the gladness, 

Of that Resurrection day ! 
Which shall not, through endless ages, 
Pass away ! 

On that happy Easter morning 

All the graves their dead restore, 
Father, sister, child and mother, 

Meet once more. 

To that brightest of all meetings 

Bring us Jesu Christ at last ; 
To Thy Cross through death and judgment, 
Holding fast. 



598- 8. 8. 6. 

Litany of the Law* 

Eternal Father! I adore 

Thee, and Thee only, evermore, 

I own no God but Thee. 

From every idol that could move 
My heart from Thine enduring Love; 
Good Lord! deliver me. 

From words profane, from praise and prayer 
Without due reverence and care, 

Good Lord, deliver me. 

From thoughts, and words, and deeds of mine 
On that great day so wholly Thine, 
Good Lord, deliver me. 

From pride that will not bow with awe 
To parent, pastor, throne or law, 

Good Lord, deliver me. 

From passion that too often leads 
To bitter words and bloody deeds, 
Good Lord, deliver me. 

From sinful thought and wand'ring eye, 
Words idle, all impurity, 

Good Lord, deliver me. 

From will or deed that would when strong 
Do to a weaker brother wrong, 

Good Lord, deliver me. 


From words that slander or deceive, 
"From aught that could my neighbour grieve, 
Good Lord, deliver me. 

From coveting, which doth let in, 
So much of selfishness and sin, 

Good Lord, deliver me. 

Have mercy on me, Lord incline 
My heart to keep hese laws of thine, 
Thee to obey, and Thee adore 

Forever, and for ever more- 

599. 7- 7 7 6- 

Litany to Jesus in glory. 

God the Father, throned on high, 
Saviour, Who didst come to die ; 
Spirit, Who didst sanctify ; 

Save us, Holy Trinity. 

Jesu, Prince of life and light, 
Dwelling now in glory bright, 
Ruling all things by Thy might, 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Jesu, evermore the same, 
Who didst take our mortal frame, 
Who didst die the death of shame ; 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. ' 


Jesu, Who art glorified, 
In the very flesh that died, 
With the pierced hands and side, 
Hear us Holy Jesu. 

Jesu, though enthroned on high, 
Still for our infirmity 
Touched with human sympathy, 
Hear us Holy Jesu. 

Jesu, in our time of need 
Our High Priest to intercede, 
Living still Thy death to plead, 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

jesu, Who, through bread and wine, 
Blessed by mighty words of Thine, 
Dost impart the Life divine, 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

That when earthly toil is o'er, 
We in rest forevermore, 
May enjoy Thee and adore ; 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. Amen. 

600- 7 7- 7- 6. 

Litany to the Holy Ghost. 

Spirit blest, Who art adored 
With the Father and the Word, 
One eternal God and Lord; 

Hear us, Holy Spirit. 


Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
Dew descending from above, 
Breath of life, and Fire of love ; 
Hear us, Holy Spirit. 

Thou, Whom Jesus from His throne 
Gave to cheer and help His own, 
That they might not be alone; 

Hear us, Holy Spirit. 

Thou Whose grace the Church doth fill, 
Showing Her God's perfect will, 
Making Jesu present still ; 

Hear us, Holy Spirit. 

Coming with Thy power to save, 
Moving on Baptismal wave, 
Raising us from sin's dark grave; 
Hear us, Holy Spirit 

All Thy seven-fold gifts bestow, 
Gifts of wisdom God to know, 
Gifts of strength to meet the foe ; 
Hear us, Holy Spirit. 

Come to aid the souls who yearn 
More of truth divine to learn, 
And with deeper love to burn; 

Hear us, Holv Spirit. 


Keep us in the narrow way, 
Warn us when we go astray, 
Plead within us when we pray , 
Hear us, Holy Spirit 

Holy, loving, as Thou art, 
Come, and live within our heart, 
Never from us to depart , 

Hear us ; Holy Spirit, Amen. 

601- 7 7 7-6. 

Litany for Sai?its Days. 

Father, on Thy heavenly throne, 
Son of*God, in flesh made known, 
Spirit breathing o'er thine own ', 

Hear us, Holy Trinity. 

Jesu, lifted up on high, 
On the Cross in agony, 
O'er the stars triumphantly; 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Thou the Angels* King and Lord, 
Life of Saints, by all adored, 
Jesus Christ, Incarnate Word; 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

That with them who fought the fight, 
And have won the crown of light, 
Thou Thy servants wouldst unite, 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 


That in one communion blest. 
We that war and they that rest . 
May be as Thine own confess'd, 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

That their followers we may be, 
Who themselves have followed Thee, 
Till with them Thy face we see, 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

That where'er Thy goings tend, 
We our wayward steps may bend 
Till we reach Thee in the end, 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

From the grave that we may rise, 
Hailing through the opening skies 
Thee our everlasting Prize, 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. Amen. 

602. 7 7 7 

Litany of the Holy Angels* 

God the Father, God the Son, 
God the Spirit, Three in One, 
While eternal ages run 

Hear us, Holy Trinity. 


That the Hosts who wait on Thee, 
Who Thy love for mortals see. 
May our loving Guardians be, 

Hear us, we beseech Thee. 

That these glorious spirits bright 
May o'ershadow us with light, 
Whilst we daily wage the Tight, 

Hear us, we beseech Thee. 

When we faint, may they defend, 
When we languish may they tend, 
Aid and cherish to the* end; 

Hear us, we beseech Thee. 

When the dews of death fall fast, 

Time of trial all but past, 

May they bring us home at last; 

Hear us, we beseech Thee. 

May they then with holy care 
Into Abraham's bosom bear 
Those who Thine own Image wear; 
Hear us, we beseech Thee. 

That at last, the judgment o'er, 
We may Thee, our Lord adore, 
With the Angels evermore; 

Hear us, we beseech Thee. Amen , 


603. 7- 7- 7 6. 

Litany for the Church. 

Father, Lord of heaven above, 
Son of God, Incarnate Love, 
Holy Spirit, mystic Dove ; 

Hear us, Holy Trinity. 

Thou the Everlasting Word, 
In the highest heaven adored, 
Thou the King, and Thou the Lord ; 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Who from out Thy pierced side, 
By the stream of double tide, 
Form'dst the Church, Thy chosen Bride- 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Thou from Whom, their living Head, 
All Thy members still are fed, 
Knit together, perfected ; 

Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Throned at God the Father's side, 
Shedding forth upon Thy Bride 
Thine own Spirit for her guide ; 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

That to us Thou wouldst increase 
Concord, unity, and peace, 
Making all dissensions cease, 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 


That Thou wouldst our missions bless, 
Turning hearts to righteousness, 
Till the world Thy name confess, 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Jesu, with Thy Church abide, 
Be her Saviour, Lord, and guide, 
While on earth her faith is tried, 

Hear us, we beseech Thee- 

May her voice be ever clear, 
Warning of a judgment near, 
Telling of a Saviour dear : 

Hear us, we beseech Thee. 

May she one in doctrine be, 
One in truth and charity, 
Winning all to faith in Thee : 

Hear us, we beseech Thee. 

All her evil purge away. 

All her doubts and fears allay, 

Hasten, Lord, her triumph day: 

Hear us, we beseech Teee. 

Fit her all Thy joy to share, 

In the home Thou dost prepare, 

And be ever blessed there ! 

Hear us, we beseech Thee. Amen- 

604. ;. 7 7 6. 

Litany of the Blessed Sacrament* 

God the Father, God the Word, 
God the Holy Ghost adored, 
Blessed Trinity, One Lord; 

Hear us, Holy Trinity. 

God for man Incarnate made, 
Price for our redemption paid, 
Lamb upon the Altar laid : 

Hear us. Holy Jesu. 

Spotless Victim, sinless Priest, 
Thou the Giver, Thou the Feast, 
Shared by greatest and by least; 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

From all unbelief in Thee, 
Who dost deign our Food to be 
In this wondrous mystery : 
Save us, Holy Jesu- 

From contempt and proud offence, 
Judging God by human sense, 
From all cold indifference , 
Save us, Holy Jesu. 

From a careless drawing near, 
Unrestrained by love and fear, 
To Thy Presence veiled here ; 
Save us. Holy Jesu. 


From a heart which) fed by Thee, 
Takes Thy Gift unheedingly, 
Leaves Thy Board unthankfully ; 
Save us, Holy Jesu. 

By Thy pleading on the throne 
Thy One Offering for Thine own, 
On the heavenly Altar shewn ; 
Save us, Holy Jesu. 

By the Holy Sacrifice 
Offered here in earthly guise, 
One with That above the skies : 
Save us Holy Jesu. 

Lamb of God, we worship Thee, 
Who from sin hast set us free ; 
Thine all praise and glory be; 

Hear us, we beseech Thee. Amen. 

605. 7 7 7- 

Litany of Hope. 
Lord of mercy and of might, 
Of mankind the life and light, 
Maker, Teacher infinite, 

Jesu, hear and save ! 

Mighty Monarch, Saviour mild, 
Humbled to a mortal child, 
Captive, beaten, bound reviled, 
Jesu, hear and save! 


Throned above celestial kings, 
Borne aloft on angels' wings, 
Lord of lords, and King of kings, 
Jesu, hear and save ! 

Who shalt yet return from high, 
Robed in might and majesty, 
Hear us, help us, when we cry, 

Jesu, hear and save ! Amen. 

606- 7 7 7-6. 

Litany for a Happy Death. 

God the Father, God the Son, 
With the Spirit ever One, 
While eternal ages run; 

Hear us. Holy Trinity. 

Lord, to Whom Thy servants pray, 
Creatures of a fleeting day, 
Having here nor strength nor stay : 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Who one day wilt bring to view 
All we think, or say, or do, 
To be weighed in balance true : 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 

Who didst meekly bow Thy head 
When Thy life-blood had been shed* 
And wast numbered with the dead : 
Hear us, Holy Jesu. 


That Thou wouldst Thine Angel send, 
Constant guardian faithful friend, 
Us from Satan to defend, 

Hear us, we beseech Thee 

That by penitence and prayer, 
Daily searching, watchful prayer, 
We our souls may now prepare: 

Hear us, we beseech Thee. 

That the absolving words be said, 
That the holy Feast be spread, 
Wine of heaven, and living Bread : 

Hear us, we beseech Thee- 

That before our failing eyes, 
Clearer visions may arise 
Of the joys of Paradise : 

Hear us, we beseech Thee. 

That when ends this mortal sirife, 
Thou wouldst guide us, Light of life, 
Through the land with shadows rife: 
Hear us, we beseech Thee- 

That Thou wouldst forever be 
Life to those who trust in Thee, 
Life to all eternity : 

Hear us, we beseech Thee. Amen. 


•' Now it is high time to awake out of sleep " 

4 of 8. 7. 
607 Hark ! a thrilling voice is sounding ; 
" Christ is nigh," it seems to say ; 
" Cast away the dreams of darkness, 
O ye children of the day !" 

Wakened by the solemn warning, 
Let the earth-bound soul arise ; 

Christ, her Sun, all ill dispelling, 
Shines upon the morning skies. 

Lo ! the Lamb, so long expected, 

Comes with pardon down from heaven ; 

Let us haste, with tears of sorrow, 
One and all to be forgiven ; 

That when next He comes with glory. 
And the world is wrapped in fear, 

With His mercy He may shield us, 
And with words of love draw near, 

Honour, glory, might and blessing 

To the Father and the Son, 
With the everlasting Spirit, 

While eternal ages run. Amen. 


L. M. 
" Till ye the daughter of Si on, Beheld^ thy King 
cuiuetli unto thee.''' 

608 The Advent of our King 

Our prayers must now employ, 
And we must hymns of welcome sing 
In strains of holy joy. 

The Everlasting Son 
Incarnate deigns to be ; 
Himself a servant's form puts on, 
To set His servants free. 

Daughter of Sion, rise 
To meet thy lowly King ; 
Nor let thy faithless heart despise 
The peace He comes to bring. 

As Judge, on clouds of light, 
He soon will come again, 
And His true members all unite 
With Him in heaven to reign. 

Before the dawning day 
Let sin's dark deeds be gone ; 
The old man all be put away, 
The new man all put on. 


All glory to the Son 
Who comes to set ub free, 
With Father, Spirit, ever One, 
Through all eternity. Amen. 

" lie hath sent Me to bind up the broken-hearted; 
to proclaim liberty to the captives" 

609 Hark the glad sound ! the Saviour comes, 
The Saviour promised long ; 
Let every heart prepare a throne, 
And every voice a song. 

He comes, the prisoners to release 

In Satan's bondage held ; 
The gates of brass before Him burst, 

The iron fetters yield. 

He comes, the broken heart to bind, 

The bleeding soul to cure, 
And with the treasures of His grace 

To bless the humble poor. 

Our glad hosannas, Prince of peace, 
Thy welcome shall proclaim ; 

And heaven's eternal arches ring 
With Thy beloved name. Amen. 


" Unto you is horn this day in the city of David 
a Saviour which is Christ the Lord y 

C. M. 
610 While shepherds watched their flocks by 
All seated on the ground, [night 

The Angel of the Lord came down, 
And glory shone around. 

" Fear not," said he ; for mighty dread 
Had seized their troubled mind ; 

" Glad tidings of great joy I bring 
To you and all mankind. 

" To you in David's town this day 

Is born of David's line 
A Saviour, who is Christ the Lord ; 

And this shall be the sign : 

" The heavenly Babe you there shall find 

To human view displayed, 
All meanly wrapped in swathing bands, 

And in a manger laid." 

Thus spake the seraph ; and forthwith 

Appeared a shining throng 
Of Angels praising God, who thus 

Addressed their joyful song : 

" All glory be to God on high, 
And on the earth be peace ; 


Good will henceforth from heaven to men 
Begin and never cease." Amen. 

" We have seen His star in the East^ 

L. M. 

611 What star is this, which beams so bright, 
More beauteous than the noonday light \ 
It shines to herald forth the King, 
And Gentiles to His cradle bring. 

See now fulfilled what God decreed, 
u From Jacob shall a star proceed ; " 
And eastern sages with amaze 
Upon the wondrous vision gaze. 

The guiding star above is bright : 
Within them shines a clearer light, 
Which leads them on with power benign 
To seek the Giver of the sign. 

True love can brook no dull delay ; 
Nor toil nor dangers stop their way ; 
Home, kindred, father-land and all 
They leave at their Creator's call. 

O Jesu, while the star of grace 
Allures us now to §eek Thy Face, 


Let not our slothful hearts refuse 
The guidance t)f that light to use. 

All glory, Jean, be to Thee 

For this Thy glad Epiphany, 

Whom with the Father we adore 

And Holy Ghost for evermore. Amen. 

k% Thy name is as ointment poured forth" 

l. to. 

G12 Jesu ! the very thought is sweet ; 

In that dear name all heart- joys meet ; 
JBut oh ! than honey sweeter far 
The glimpses of His Presence are. 

Xo word is sung more sweet than this, 
No sound is heard more full of bliss, 
Xo thought brings sweeter comfort nigh, 
Than Jesus, Son of God most High. 

Jesu, the hope of souls forlorn, 
How good to them for sin that mourn ! 
To them that seek Thee, oh how kind ! 
But what art Thou to them that find '. 

No tongue of mortal can express, 
No pen can write the blessedness, 
He only who hath proved it knows 
What bliss from love of Jesus flows. 


O Jesu, King of wondrous might ! 
O Victor, glorious from the fight ! 
Sweetness that may not be expressed, 
And altogether loveliest ! 

Abide with us, O Lord, to-day, 
Fulfil us with Thy grace, we pray ; 
And with Thine own true sweetness feed 
Our souls, from sin and darkness freed. 


613 Jesus, Master, King of Glory, 8 of 8. 7. 
Still to Thee we turn for life ; 
Conqu'ror when the Battle's sorest, 
O sustain us in the strife. 

When the world is hard upon us, 
And we flinch before its scorn, 

Let us learn an earnest purpose, 

From Thy forehead pierced with thorn. 
Jesus, Master, etc. 

When the flesh is strong, and round us 
All its poisonous vapors roll, 

By Thy lacerated Body, 

Dear Redeemer, save the soul. 
Jesus, Master, etc. 


When the Fiend, with subtlest temptings, 

Lures us to our endless loss, 
Mighty Master, strike the strong one 

With the sharpness of Thy cross. 
Jesus, Master, etc. 

When the last dark storm is gathering, 

And our hearts are swept with fear, 
By the love of Thy dear Passion, 
Master, let us feel Thee near. 
Jesus, Master, etc. 

So, when all at last is ended, 
And the Rest is reached above, 

May we swell Thy Heart's rejoicings 
With the rapture of our love. 
Jesus, Master, etc. 

614 Lord! my heart's desire 4 of 7. 6. 

Is Thy joy to be, 
Ever drawing nigher, 
Nigher, Lord, to Thee ! 

All my will subduing 

To Thy will's control, 
All Thv life renewing 

In my secret soul. 


All the wreck restoring 

Sin hath made in all, 
Until rapt, adoring, 

At Thy feet I fall. 

How my heart can reach Thee 

From a depth so low, 
"Tis not mine to teach Thee, 

Thou alone dost know ! 

All I ask is, take me 

Niglier, Lord, to Thee; 
All I ask is, make me 

What Thy child should be. 

Draw me, draw me nearer, 

Higher, higher raise, 
Let my love grow dearer, 

Purer be my praise! 

Grant my heart's desire, 

All my mind fulfil, 
Till I reach the higher 

Level of Thy will ! Amen. 

" The fellowship of Ills sufferings" 

615 O happy band of pilgrims, 4 of 7. 6. 
If onward ye will tread, 


With Jesus as your Fellow 
To Jesus as your head ! 

O happy if ye labour 
As Jesus did for men ; 

O happy if ye hunger 
As Jesus hungered then ! 

The cross that Jesus carried 
He carried as your due; 

The Crown that Jesus weareth 
He weareth it for you. 

The faith by which ye see Him, 
The hope in which ye yearn, 

The love that through all troubles 
To Him alone will turn, 

The trials that beset you, 
^ lie Arrows ye endure, 
^>,anifold temptations, 
g .at death alone can cure, 

iVhat are they but His jewels, 
Of right celestial worth ? 

TThat are they but the ladder 
Set up to heaven on earth ! 


O happy band of pilgrims, 
Look upward to the skies, 

Where such a light affliction 

Shall win so great a prize. Amen. 

616 P.M. 

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, risen Lord, 
To Thee, O Christ, Victorious King of Kings ! 
Our Easter songs of gladness now we raise ; 

O'er all the earth the joyous strain upsprings 
To hail Thee Victor on this " Queen of Days !" 

Alleluia, Risen Lord ! 

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Lord of Life ! 
Death's brazen gates unbound forevermore 
Are radient now with light that comes from Thee ! 

The darkness pass'd — we see the open door 
Thro' which comes Life and Immortality. 


Alleluia, Alleluia, Allelm^. x>.*n. J g • 
Hail! hail! Thou Victor over de\ x *^ # . nell ! 
All earthly triumphs sink before thine own ; 
All nations now with joy and rapture tell 
Of sealed tomb changed to a glorious throne ! 

Alleluia, Victor King ! 


Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Prince of Peace ! 
O happy day ! thrice welcome to our hearts, 
Long bound with sin and shame before Thy Cross, 

O glorious day! which to the world imparts 
That gift, before which all our wealth is dross. 

Alleluia, Prince of Peace ! 

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Evermore ! 
Bail ! Lion of the tribe of Judah, hail ! 
What gift is this Thy nail pierced hands do bring ? 

Eternal Life ! a life that cannot fail, 
All glory to Thy name, O mighty King ! 

Alleluia, Evermore ! 

" A threefold cord is not quickly broken" 

8 of. 7 6. 
617 The voice that breathed o'er Eden, 
That earliest wedding day, 
The primal marriage blessing, 
It hath not passed away ; 

Still in the pure espousal 
Of Christian man and maid 

The Holy Three are with us, 
The threefold grace is said, 

For dower of blessed children, 
For love and faith's sweet sake, 


For high mysterious union 

Which nought on earth may break. 

Be present, awful Father, 

To give away this bride, 
As Eve Thou gav'st to Adam 

Out of his own pierced side. 

Be present, Son of Mary, 

To join their loving hands, 
As Thou didst bind two natures 

In Thine Eternal bands,. 

Be present, Holy Spirit, 

To bless them as they kneel, 

As Thou for Christ, the Bridegroom, 
The heavenly spouse dost seal. 

O spread Thy pure wing o'er them, 

Let no ill power find place, 
When onward to Thine Altar 

The hallowed path they trace, 

To cast their crowns before Thee 

In perfect sacrifice, 
Till to the home of gladness [Amen. 

With Christ's own Bride they rise. 


"The Child Jesusr 

8. 7. 8. 7. 7. 7. 
118 Once, in royal David's city 
Stood a lowly cattle shed, 
Where a Mother laid her Baby, 

In a manger for His bed ; 
Mary was that Mother mild, 
Jesus Christ her little Child. 

He came down to earth from heaven 
Who is God and Lord of all, 

And His shelter was a stable, 
And His cradle was a stall; 

With the poor, and mean, and lowly, 

Lived on earth our Saviour Holy. 

And, through all His wondrous childhood, 
He would honour and obey, 

Love, and watch the lowly Maiden, 
In whose gentle arms He lav : 

Christian children all must be 

Mild, obedient, good as He. 


For He is our childhood's pattern, 
Day by day like us He grew ; 

He was little, weak and helpless, 
Tears and smiles like us He knew ; 

And He feeleth for our sadness, 

And He shareth in our gladness. 

And our eyes at last shall see Him, 
Through His own redeeming love, 

For that Child, so dear and gentle 
Is our Lord in heaven above ; 

And He leads His children on 

To the place where He is gone. 

Not in that poor lowly stable, 
With the oxen standing by, 

We shall see Him ; but in heaven, 
Set at God's right hand on high ; 

When like stars His children crowned 

All in white shall wait around. Amen. 

" The Love of Christ." 

12 of 7. 6. 
619 I love to hear the story 

Which angel voices tell, 
How once the King of glory 

Came down on earth to dwell. 
I am both weak and sinful, 


But this I surely know, 
The Lord came down to save me, 
Because He loved me so. 
I love to hear the story 

Which Angel voices tell, 
How once the King of glory 
Came down on earth to dwell. 

I'm glad my blessed Saviour 
Was once a child like me, 
To show how pure and holy 
His little ones might be ; 
And if I try to follow 

His footsteps here below, 
He never will forget me, 
Because He loves me so. 
I love to hear the story 

Which Angel voices tell, 
How once the King of glory 
Came down on earth to dwell. 

To sing His love and mercy 
My sweetest songs I'll raise ; 

And though I cannot see Him 
I know He hears my praise ; 

For He has kindly promised 
That even I mav 20 


To sing among His Angels, 
Because He loves me so. 
I love to hear the story 

Which Angel voices tell, 
How once the King of glory 

Came down on earth to dwell. 


While ive were yet sinners, Christ died for us" 

620 There is a green hill far away, 
Without a city wall, 
Where the dear Lord was crucified, 
Who died to save us all. 

We may not know, we cannot tell 

What pains He had to bear, 
But we believe it was for us 

He hung and suffered there. 
He died that we might be forgiven, 

He died to make us good, 
That we might go at last to Heaven, 

Saved by His precious Blood. 
There was no other good enough 

To pay the price of sin, 
He only could unlock the gate 

Of heaven, and let us in. 


Oh, dearly, dearly lias He loved, 
And we must love Him too, 

And trust in His redeeming Blood, 
And try His works to do. Amen. 

u Jesus . . . took a child, cnvl set him by Him." 

S of 7. 6. 
621 There's a Friend for little children 
Above the bright blue sky, 
A Friend who nerer changes, 
Whose love will never die ; 
Our earthly friends may fail us, 

And change with changing years, 
This Friend is always worthy 
Of that dear name He bears. 

There's a rest for little children 

Above the bright blue sky, 
Who love the blessed Saviour, 

And to the Father cry ; 
A rest from every turmoil, 

From sin and sorrow free, 
"Where every little pilgrim 

Shall rest eternally. 

There's a home for little children 
Above the bright blue sky, 


Where Jesus reigns in glory, 
A home of peace and joy ; 

No home on earth is like it, 
Nor can with it compare ; 

For every one is happy, 

Nor could be happier, there. 

There's a crown for little children 

Above the bright blue sky, 
And all who look for Jesus 

Shall wear it by and by ; 
A crown of brightest glory, 

AYhich He will then bestow 
On those who found His favour 

And loved His name below. 

There's a song for little children 

Above the bright blue sky, 
A song that will not weary, 

Though sung continually ; 
A song which even Angels 

Can never, never sing ; 
They know not Christ as Saviour, 

But worship Him as King. 

There's a robe for little children 
Above the bright blue sky; 


And a harp of sweetest music, 

And palms of victory. 
All, all above is treasured, 

And found in Christ alone ; 
Lord, grant Thy little children 

To know Thee as their own. Amen. 

11 He shall give His Angels charge over thee, to 
keep thee in all thy v:ays" L. M. 

622 Around the throne of God a band 

Of glorious Angels ever stand ; [hold, 

Bright things they see, sweet harps they 
And on their heads are crowns of gold. 

Some wait around Him, ready still 
To sing His praise and do His will ; 
And some, when He commands them, go 
To guard His servants here below. 

Lord, give Thy Angels every day 
Command to guide us on our way, 
And bid them every evening keep 
Their watch around us while we sleep. 

So shall no wicked thing draw near, 
To do us harm or cause us fear ; 
And we shall dwell, when life is past, 
With Angels round Thy Throne at last. 



" Thou shalt not delay to offer the first of thy 
ripe fruits ." L. M. 

623 Fair waved the golden corn 
In Canaan's pleasant land, 
When full of joy, some shining morn, 
AVent forth the reaper-band. 

To God so good and great 
Their cheerful thanks they pour, 
Then carry to His temple-gate 
The choicest of their store. 

Like Israel, Lord, we give 
Our earliest fruits to Thee, 
And pray that, long as we shall live 
AVe may Thy children be. 

Thine is our youthful prime, 
And life and all its powers ; 
Be with us in our morning time 
And bless our evening hours. 

In wisdom let us grow, 
As years and strength are given, 
Then we may serve Thy Church below, 
And join Thy Saints in heaven. Amen. 


u My song shall be alway of the loving-kindness of 
the Lord." 8 of 7. 

624 Come, sing with holy gladness, 

High Alleluias sing, 
Uplift your load Hosannas 

To Jesus, Lord and King; 
Sing, boys, in joyful chorous 

Your hymn of praise to-day, 
And sing, ye gentle maidens, 

Your sweet responsive lay. 

'Tis good for boys and maidens 

Sweet hymns to Christ to sing, 
'Tis meet that children's voices 

Should praise the children's King ; 
For Jesus is salvation, 

And glory, grace and rest, 
To babe, and boy, and maiden 

The one Redeemer blest. 

O boys, be strong in Jesus, 

To toil for Him is gain, 
And Jesus wrought with Joseph 

With chisel, saw and plane; 
O maidens, live for Jesus, 

Who was a maiden's son, 


Be patient, pure and gentle 
And perfect grace begun. 

Soon in the golden city 

The boys and girls shall play, 
And through the dazzling mansions 

Rejoice in endless day ; 
O Christ, prepare Thy children 

With that triumphal throng 
To pass the burnished portals, 

And sing the eternal song. Amen. 

"Behold, I have given him for . . . a leader and 
commander of the people." 

12 of 6. 5. 
625 Brightly gleams our banner 
Pointing to the sky, 
Waving wanderers onward 
To their home on high. 
Journeying o'er the desert, 

Gladly thus we pray, 
And with hearts united 
Take our heavenward way. 
Brightly gleams our banner 

Pointing to the sky, 
Waving wanderers onward 
To their home on high. 


Jesu, Lord and Master, 

At Thy sacred Feet, 
Here with hearts rejoicing 

See Tiiy children meet; 
Often have we left Thee, 

Often gone astray ; 
Keep us, mighty Saviour, 

In the narrow way. 

Brightly gleams, &c. 

All our days direct us 

In the way we go, 
Lead us on victorious 

Over every foe ; 
Bid Thine Angels shield us 

When the storm-clouds lour, 
Pardon, Lord, and save us 

In the last dread hour. 
Brightly gleams. Arc. 

Then with Saints and Angels 

May we join above, 
Offering prayers and praises 

At Thy throne of love ; 
When the toil is over, 

Then comes rest and peace, 
Jesus in His beauty, 


Songs that never cease. 

Brightly gleams, &e. Amen. 

" Young men and maidens, old men and chil- 
dren, praise the name of the Lord." 

P. M. 
626 Rejoice, ye pure in heart, 

Rejoice, give thanks and sing ; 
Your festal banner wave on high, 
The cross of Christ your King. 

Bright youth and snow-crowned age, 
Strong men and maidens meek, 
Raise high your free exulting song, 
God's wondrous praises speak. 

Yes, onward, onward still, 
With hymn, and chant, and song, [aisle. 
Through gate, and porch, and colum ie«l 
The hallowed pathways throng. 

With all the Angel choirs, 
With all the saints on earth, 
Pour out the strains of joy and bliss, 
True rapture, noblest mirth. 

Your clear Hosannas raise, 
And Alleluias loud ; 


"Wliilst answering echoes upward iloat, 
Like wreaths of incense cloud. 

With voice as full and strong 
A- ocean's Burging praise, 

Send forth the hymns our father's loved, 
Tin 1 psalms of ancient days. 

V' s, on, through life's long path. 
Still chanting as ye go. 
From youth to age, through night and day. 
In u'ladness and in woe. 

Still lift your standard high, 
Still inarch in firm array, 
As warriors through the darkness toil 
Till dawns the golden day. 

At last the inarch shall end, 
The wearied ones shall rest. 
The pilgrims find their Father's house, 
Jerusalem the blest. 

Then on, ye pure in heart, 
Rejoice, give thanks and sing; 
Your festal bannei wave on high, 
The cross of Christ, your King.